2013 Goodwood Festival Friday picture gallery

2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Pictures from the first day of action at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed including Nelson Piquet getting back behind the wheel of his 1983 world championship-winning Brabham-BMW BT52.

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Images © F1 Fanatic / Joris Meuffels

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28 comments on “2013 Goodwood Festival Friday picture gallery”

  1. The Blade Runner (@)
    12th July 2013, 14:22

    Wish I was there. Better than being sat behind this desk!

  2. Alexander (@)
    12th July 2013, 14:26

    Back from the future, the Lotus E30

  3. That’s an F10, not an F60! :)

    1. These cars tend to be a mish-mash, the nose is from the F60

      1. Not this one, you can see the raised sides and the concavity on the nose.

    2. Yes, nose and F-duct show it all.

  4. Brabham BT52, IMHO still the best F1 car ever after so many years, I wish I was there to see Nelson driving it…

  5. Am I the only one around here who freaking HATES when they put current liveries on older cars? Thank god the Spazzaneve doesn’t show any Santander logos!
    Still, I wish so hard I was there, someday I’ll save enough cash for the trip. Someday…

    1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
      12th July 2013, 16:16

      yeah. that’s realy felt wrong.
      and @keithcollantine, are Lotus already create E30? not sure about that, I think it should have been R30 featuring screwed nose.

    2. Yeah can’t stand it either. You can it the picture with the lotus e30, they have done the same with the lotus t127 now painted in the caterham colours and sponsors.

    3. …and here are some missing logos to cut out and stick on that McLaren!

      But it’s ok to write JPS on an old Lotus. Are McLaren just being petty, or is it banned only if you can still buy that brand of cigarettes?

      1. @tomsk @carlitox I believe that it depends on who the owner of the car is. McLaren actually own the cars they run at Goodwood, so they take the Marlboro and West logos off them. If they are owned by private individuals they usually have the original livery on them. But some teams (Williams being one I think) choose to leave the cars in their original liveries, which I far prefer.

        I was at the Donnington Grand Prix Collection recently and all of the McLarens had no tobacco sponsorhip on them at all, but the Williams had their original liveries (the collection has halls dedicated to McLaren and Williams…which is why I mentioned them).

  6. Looks like a good time. And shouldn’t that be an E20, not E30?

  7. So many gorgeous cars…Gordon Murray’s finest, Chapman’s crackpot Lotus 80 – even the tiny-hipped MP4/9 is a thing of beauty.

  8. Heidfeld’s dream came true, he finally drove a McLaren Mercedes.

    I’d love to have every driver’s name for each pictures, as some helmets are difficult to find out.

    1. He did many years before, setting the “lap” record at Goodwood. They stopped timing laps altogether after Heidfeld demonstrated how dangerous it is to challenge a racing driver to go faster than everybody else, no matter the circumstances.


      1. They stopped timing laps altogether

        @roald They still do timed laps (in fact they’ll have a shoot-out between the fastest drivers on Sunday), but they don’t drive the cars that can go as fast as Heidfeld to their limit anymore, for safety reasons. So the cars that eventually top the timing sheets are the 1970s ans 1980s sports cars (currently a Jaguar Silk Cut has set the fastest time) that are driven nearly flat out, though they are still a lot slower than Heidfeld’s run in the McLaren.

  9. Just got back from Goodwood as well! Fantastic event, some legendary cars and drivers… and the best of all, a 956 Rothmans Porsche outbraked himself and hit the hay right in front of me! (minor damage fortunately ;) )

  10. I understand that teams probably “need” to paint current-ish cars with the new liveries and sponsors.

    But they rather not show uo at all, man… watching an old Ferrari in today’s colours is an insult to the exclusive fans that go to Goodwood. It’s not just “that carshow” were people show up and there’s a lot of variation between racing fans and guys that like cars. I guess Goodwood is the mecca of the motorsports nut…

    That sort of thing is really really annoying…

  11. Mark McDonald
    12th July 2013, 22:15

    These photos bring back some memories! He won’t go down as the Nicest Man Whoever Lived, but I sure liked Nelson Piquet and it’s great to see him in that Brabham. How I loved that Alfa Romeo 183. And Rene Arnoux, too. Young drivers take note, Arnoux’s helmet design is perfection.

  12. I really like the ’94 Mclaren, it’s pretty, the #8 was Martin Brundle’s car. I agree that current liveries on older cars can look weird but it’s not so bad, but certainly you’d prefer to see the original. Loved seeing Piquet and Heidfeld! Does anyone know what Sutil was doing? He wasn’t in Force India kit?!

  13. The Tyrell 006 looks about as sleek as a brick, but there is a purposeful and brutal look about it that I’ve always found fascinating. It’s one of my all time favorite F1 cars.

  14. I just noticed the tags on the Martini Brabham are incorrect, Keith – that’s the BT44. The BT42 was the one you identified here.

  15. Was Alfa Romeo what became Benetton?

    1. @sigman1998

      No, that was Toleman. Alfa pulled out as a constructor after the ’85 season. Benetton’s sponsorship switched to Toleman when the company bought the team out.

      1. Ahhh, thanks

  16. I was there yesterday and stood next to the great John Surtees. All the cars and bikes were great

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