Calado, Kvyat, Sainz and Cecotto get test chances

2013 F1 season

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Force India and Toro Rosso have confirmed their drivers line-ups for this weeks test with four young drivers getting the chance to drive their cars.

James Calado, who was the leading rookie in last year’s GP2 championship, will drive for Force India having previously performed straight-line aerodynamic testing for them.

“As a graduate of the Racing Steps Foundation, his talent and determination have brought him to our attention and this is the ideal occasion to evaluate him further,” said team owner Vijay Mallya.

Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta will conduct tyre testing in the VJM06.

Toro Rosso will evaluate three young drivers including Carlos Sainz Jnr, who will also drive for Red Bull at the test.

Daniil Kvyat will have his first run in a Toro Rosso on Friday afternoon. Johnny Cecotto Jnr will spend all of Wednesday at the wheel of the STR8.

Race drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne will also have runs in the car to test Pirelli’s new tyres for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Ricciardo is also set to test for Red Bull.

2013 F1 season

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26 comments on “Calado, Kvyat, Sainz and Cecotto get test chances”

  1. Johnny Cecotto Jnr will spend all of Wednesday at the wheel of the STR8.

    If Caterham runs Sergio Canamasas, this could well become the most expensive Young Drivers Test to date.

    1. I was just thinking that.

    2. Ηahahaha

    3. I was thinking how lucky it is Sam Bird won’t be on track for Mercedes.

  2. Strange for Da Costa not testing the Toro Rosso…

    1. Hardly any time for that, he already gets 2 mornings of running, as much as Daniel Ricciardo and Cecotto (could it be Cecotto is in the running for the second STR drive – if Daniel replaces Mark Webber)

      1. I think he meant da Costa shoul drive the STR instead of the RB.

  3. I guess the good news for Jean-Eric Vergne is, that he doesn’t find out about having to find something new to do for next year in December …

    Ok, so its between Ricciardo and Kimi then for the RBR seat, with DaCosta and maybe Sainz Jr. at STR next year (or Da Costa and Ricciardo if they can get Kimi)?

    1. @bascb

      with DaCosta and maybe Sainz Jr. at STR next year

      Can’t see that happening, Sainz will probably be taking over from da Costa at Arden Caterham in WSR next year. The Spaniard is only in his rookie year in GP3, to bring him to F1 next year, would be the single worst decision by Red Bull in years..
      Vergne stays, methinks..

      1. @wsrgo

        Vergne stays, methinks..

        Even if Vergne is offered a contract at Toro Rosso, he has to move on. He can’t stand there forever – unless he has reason to believe that there will be an opening at Red Bull again in the near future. Even then, he’d face stiff competition from the likes of da Costa for that seat. The rumour mill puts him at Lotus next year, so he’d be better off chasing that seat (or any other that might be available).

      2. Maybe that is what having Cecotto on the first test day is about?

        I really doubt Vergne would stay on at the team. He will have had 2 years of driving at the end of the year, and if Red Bull find Ricciardo the more promising one of these 2, they will be clearing that seat for another one of the impressive line of talented drivers on their books.

        1. With sources in Venezuela saying Cecotto will be on the grid next year, this is a pretty frightening thought. If Toro Rosso gets Cecotto, I will lose some respect for Franz Tost.

          1. @npf1 – Remember, the penalty points system is coming into effect next year. Given the way he’s behaved on-track in the past, Cecotto probably won’t make it through free practice before he gets a ban. And no amount of money from his sponsors will save his seat.

        2. One thing is to take Cecotto’s family money for a day of testing, and a very different is to give that talentless mug a racing seat. I don’t think Toro Rosso is going there.

  4. I’m very disappointed that Cecotto is getting a run. Why not Mitch Evans?

    1. Money. It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single day of testing.

    2. thatscienceguy
      16th July 2013, 13:49

      Mitch’s time will come, don’t worry.

      There’s no need to rush him in, just because he misses out this year doesn’t mean he’ll never get his shot.

      Mitch Evans is going to be big, just relax and let him get there at the right time.

      1. I’m not even a fan of Evans but out of the two Arden GP2 boys he’s the one who is more impressive. If I was Franz Tost I wouldn’t let Cecotto anywhere near a Toro Rosso. During the test I’ll be waiting for the news that Cecotto has driven into another driver.

  5. Will Buxton was proved wrong then, as it seems what he described as “if you’re doing good in GP2 teams should notice you, but if you’re behaving like a tool, F1 teams definitely will notice that” is nothing more than wishful thinking. What really matters is MONEY and even team sponsored mainly by Red Bull won’t turn down money from Venezuela. Current situation of F1 is a mix of being laughing stock and sad state of affairs, as someone so stupid and dangerous as Cecotto shouldn’t even stand anywhere near F1 car. Pinacle of motorsport my ass.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Cecotto shouldn’t be allowed in a gp2 car right now, much less an f1 car.

      The stewards’ treatment of his driving offences has been a disgrace, but incompetence in the stewards office is to be expected nowadays. This is a joke.

  6. Someone should give Juncadella a chance.

    1. He will test with Mercedes.

    2. thatscienceguy
      16th July 2013, 14:50

      About 3-4 headlines down the front page from this story it says Juncadella is going to get a run with Williams.

  7. Da Costa, Sainz Jr, Calado, Magnussen, Frinjs, Rossi getting fair shots.

    But what the hell is Cecotto doing there? And this Sato guy, he paid $250,000 for the Sauber day.

  8. I’m another who is disappointed to see Cecotto in an F1 car, absolutely disgraceful. It will be a bitter pill to swallow if he gets a drive next year, though surely its very unlikely.

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