Nicolas Prost, Lotus, Young Drivers' Test day one, Silverstone, 2013

Young Drivers’ Test day one in pictures

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Nicolas Prost, Lotus, Young Drivers' Test day one, Silverstone, 2013

Pictures from the first day of the Young Drivers’ Test at Silverstone.

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus/LAT, Williams/LAT, Red Bull/Getty, Force India, Sauber, Caterham/LAT, Marussia

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  • 17 comments on “Young Drivers’ Test day one in pictures”

    1. Am feeling rather deja-vu’ish here. Last time out when Magnussen (also) beat everyone he was barely mentioned. Here he is just about the only driver who didn’t get honored by a photo, yet I believe he is the most likely young driver to make the step up at the moment.

      1. @poul Agree to some extend with you but it is tight between him and Vandoorne in the WSR 3.5, it will most certainly be interesting to see which one of the McLaren young drivers is going to be on top of that come end of the season!

      2. Hopefully Kevin learned from his father, and is way more confident outside the car. Because not taking his own talent into consideration he got some amazing racing genetics from Jan, who destroyed EVERYTHING on his way to F1. But being shy and from a small country with not much sponsor back up did not play out well for him.

      3. @poul I’m pretty sure that’s McLaren’s fault. I think they’re usually pretty late with photos on their media site.

    2. I’m simply outraged Johnny Ceccoto Jnr. is driving an F1 car, especially given the stunts he’s pulled in GP2 the last two years. We’ll I guess as long as you remain one of marcos favorites all is well.

        1. @shena – Presumably Helmut Marko. But if Cecotto isn’t a decent driver, then why would Marko like him?

          1. He’s fast and, despite his uber aggressive style (more aggressive than Maldonado, Hamilton etc!), probably has the backing to get more F1 tests.

          2. @david-a I guessed so, but Cecotto isn’t part of Red Bull young driver program. ( No Red Bull logo on his helmet either. I reckon this has nothing to do with Marko. Possibly he bought STR YDT time along with his Arden seat?

            1. + In GP2, he doesn’t even use the ‘Gives You Wing’ sticker on his visor. Judging by the fact that last year in Abu Dhabi they also ran Razia who wasn’t in RB Junior team, STR YDT seat doesn’t seem to be restricted to their own pupils. Is there any report that Marko gave the seat to Cecotto?

            2. Also note the Venezuela Tourism logos on the car, so Toro Rosso must be earning a bit from giving him a run.

            3. @deej92 Good catch, and why not if they have room for that. STR may not be short of money but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take a chance to make some quid. :p

      1. He is trying to step out of his father’s shadow! Problem is his dad never really cast one! LOLOL

    3. Say what you will about Cecotto, on his day he’s super quick, as this, one of my favorite GP2 races ever, shows: But don’t get me wrong, more deserving drivers could be in the seat, but it’s not like he’s slow, he’s just too aggressive in combat, and has some backing, which always helps. Very happy to see Calado, Ellinas, Rossi, Juncadella and FDC all having a go, real professionals there. Frijns is over hyped, he shouldn’t be proud of how he won the FR championship last year, and he really should not be getting beaten by a pretty average driver like Lancaster.

    4. Forgot to mention what a good job both of the Mclaren juniors are doing this year, they both seem really fast. I must say that some fans are incredibly naive about the “young” driver test. Yeah it would be great to put in some 16 year old Senna golden kid with no money, but having paying drivers, like Sato, Cecotto, keep the team going, and older, real testers, like Prost, Rigon, Paffet, Wolff etc aswell as being very good drivers in there own right, help with the development of the team. Although Paffet and Turvey, but particularly Gary, could have made a very good f1 driver had they got a chance.

    5. Can you imagine if Bruno Senna and Nicolas Prost were prospects to get a Formula 1 seat at the same time, seeing them battle on track in f1, if nothing else but for nostalgia, it would have been epic. I would probably have shed a tear at the sight, Ah well.

    6. Now I get why Cecotto changed his helmet! It doesn’t look good in the Arden, but it looks great in the Toro Rosso!

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