Jean-Eric Vergne, Heikki Kovalainen, Hungaroring, 2012

Single detection point for Hungary’s two DRS zones

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Jean-Eric Vergne, Heikki Kovalainen, Hungaroring, 2012Drivers will be able to use an extra burst of DRS during this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

The Hungaroring is the latest circuit to add a second DRS zone for this year’s race. Drivers will be able to activate DRS at the exit of turn one and at the exit of the final corner.

With a single detection point positioned in turn 13, drivers will be able to use DRS on two consecutive straights to increase their chances of overtaking.

The Hungaroring has typically been one of the toughest tracks for overtaking on the F1 calendar.

2013 Hungarian Grand PRix DRS zones

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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31 comments on “Single detection point for Hungary’s two DRS zones”

  1. Drivers will be able to activate DRS at the exit of turn one

    Is this a joke?

  2. On this occasion, one detection point is better than two, else cars might just swap positions on the first two straights (like Abu Dhabi – which isn’t great).

  3. not cool at all…

  4. Surely this will be the shortest DRS zone of the year?

    I can’t imagine this having much effect. The whole of the pit straight saw very few DRS passes last year, and the short straight after T1 is, what, a third of the length of the pit straight?

    I expected them to have DRS on the longer straight between turn 3 and 4, I’m surprised they’ve done it this way, really. Perhaps it’ll be more challenging, though.

    1. I think the reason they did not position the DRS on the run to turn four is because that corner is very fast and the DRS flap only closes when you touch the brake pedal or use the button on the steering wheel. I think the FIA may think some drivers may attempt to go through that corner without braking but only lifting, but this action would leave the DRS open, which might be a safety problem. Although, I would have used DRS on the run between turn 11 and 12…

      1. Ah, yes. Very good point.

      2. Yes, that 11/12 straight was extended in an attempt to make an overtaking spot, but it didn’t work. Might have been a better choice.

        Still, we should see some action into the downhill left-hander, as drivers try to press and release all the correct buttons at the same time as getting the line and speed right!

      3. Hungary should have 3 DRS zones then. I would put the detection point for this 3rd zone on the apex on turn 9.

        do you think they will ever put 3 DRS zones on circuits where it is possible??

        1. Possible paces on each circuit to put a 3rd DRS zone (if FIA wish to) where there isnt one currently;
          AUS – between turns 7/9 or 10/11 or 12/13
          MAL – between turns apex of 3/4 or 8/9
          CHI – between turns 4/6 or 10/11
          BAH – between turns 2/4 or 13/14
          ESP – if i had to put a 3rd one there the only place that it could go is from the apex of turn 3 into turn 4
          MON – little one from exit of tunnel to nouvelle chicane, or between saint-devote to massenet
          CAN – between turns 7/8 or 9/10
          GBR – between turns 18/1 or 8/9 or 15/16
          GER – between turns 6/7 or 9/10
          HUN – short one just after 3, or between turns 11/12
          BEL – between turns 16/19, quite surprised they didnt put it there in the first place
          ITA – apex turn 3 to 4 or between turns 10/11
          SIN – if i had to put a 3rd one there the only place that it could go is from 9/10 or 13/14
          KOR – between turns 3/4
          JAP – just before turn 15 (130R) to 16 or i suppose you might just be able to fit one between the second degner curve (9) to the turn 11 hairpin
          IND – if i had to put a 3rd one there the only place that i could go is between turns 4/5
          ABD – between turns 3/5 (or to the hairpin if they removed the chicane before it) or 21/1
          USA – between turns 9/11
          BRA – only place which maybe is a bit too dangerous is between turns 5/6.

          1. I would only add 3rd zones for Hungaroring’s short straight between turns 11/12, Marina Bay’s straight between 13/14, Sakhir Back Straight, Main Straight of Yas Marina, Short back Straight of Albert park (not necessarily need, becouse melbourne have already good overtaking places) so these are my opinions for possible 3rd activation zones for these few circuits.

  5. This is one of the few tracks I actually support the use of DRS at: it has proved incredibly difficult to pass otherwise and can prove frustrating when one of the real contenders is held back by somebody trying to extend a stint.

    1. Agreed, too many processions in the past at this track. The occasional rain was about the only hope to mix things up in Hungary and that didn’t happen often enough.

  6. map or it didnt happen

  7. Auto Motor und Sport revealed all DRS zone before season started, so if anyone is interested in where DRS will ruin racing, have a look:

    1. Oops, link should work now:

    2. Heh, I forgot to close the link tag :D. OK, here are all DRS zones:

    3. Something is not working, maybe this will work (delete above comments if possible) –

      1. DRS zones on the pit straght into turn 1 at both Austin & Brazil, Seriously?

        They have to be 2 of the most ridiculous DRS placements yet!

        1. @Lee_H I’m not sure why they are ridiculous places to put DRS? Elsewhere on the track would be ridiculous, given that in both Austin and Brazil there are only 2 straights to speak of.

          1. But overtaking into turn 1 in Brazil has never been a problem- putting a DRS zone there surely can’t be considered anything other than detrimental to racing.

          2. Its ridiculous because there doesn’t need to be a 2nd DRS zone on either track & there certainly doesn’t need to be a DRS zone on the straght into turn 1.

            There was a lot of overtaking into turn 1 at Austin last year without DRS, And turn 1 at Interlagos has always been the best overtaking spot where traditionally there has always been a lot of overtaking.

            This is the whole problem with DRS & why I think so many have turned against it, Putting DRS in places where there has always been overtaking just guarantee’s you get the sort of easy DRS generated ‘highway passing’ which people obviously dislike.

            DRS should not ever be placed in places where we already saw overtaking, It should be used to assist overtaking in places where in the past it wasn’t quite possible.

            Looking at Austin last year, Most the passing in the DRS zone was really easy yet the Non-DRS stuff into turn 1 was really exciting & there was a lot of really entertaining/exciting stuff there.
            Make that a DRS zone & it’s just going to make passing too easy & therefore we will not see the sort of really exciting racing we saw there in 2012.

          3. they should shorten those drs zones then so it is only a quick boost, not a long easy pass.

        2. 2 most ridiculous placements for DRS are Kemmel straight and pit straight of interlagos in my opinion.

    4. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      24th July 2013, 3:57

      They’re also on

  8. Am I blind or I dont see a 7th Gear corner in Hungaroring……. strange…

  9. I understand that the need for two DRS zones this year at all tracks is due to the limiting of its use in qualifying. I believe it was McLaren’s Neale who said that if the tracks don’t carry two DRS zones this year, then teams will be better off not having the device on their cars. In other words, the cars will lose time(performance) from carrying the device if only one DRS zone is on most tracks. The 2nd DRS zone may seem ridiculously placed, but its a necessary evil to encourage the teams to carry the DRS device which is meant to reduce processional type races.

    1. Complete nonsense from whoever said that as All 1 zone would do is make DRS less effective.

      The biggest reason DRS has been so ridiculously effective this year (Number of DRS passes have nearly tripled over 2011/2012) so far is because the 2 zones has seen teams optimize there DRS setups because there now running high rear downforce aiming for maximum drag reduction & a larger DRS speed gain (Now usually 20kph+ rather than 6-14kph it was in 11/12).

      Also worth remembering that next year the DRS flap will open more, meaning an even larger drag reduction, even larger speed gain & therefore even more effective DRS which will mean even more of the easier DRS drive-by’s.

      1. @Peter H, The DRS device in its design incurs a performance loss to the cars while it’s shut, this is due to its lower than normal downforce to drag efficiency. Without the device the rear wing is more efficient which will result in a net performance gain over a lap than with the limited use DRS device. So for teams to carry it two zones are necessary to for DRS to have a net performance gain over non-DRS. That’s all he was saying.

  10. This is quite a good idea as the run from turn one to turn two is very short so it will probably keep the cars closer together but we won’t see the ridiculously easy overtakes that DRS zones have produced in some races this year.

  11. Horrible decision, why not have DRS on the straight after turn 11? Perfect to close the gap before attempting the kill on the main straight.

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