2013 Hungarian Grand Prix grid

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Hungaroring, 2013

Row 11. Lewis Hamilton 1’19.388
2. Sebastian Vettel 1’19.426
Red Bull
Row 23. Romain Grosjean 1’19.595
4. Nico Rosberg 1’19.72
Row 35. Fernando Alonso 1’19.791
6. Kimi Raikkonen 1’19.851
Row 47. Felipe Massa 1’19.929
8. Daniel Ricciardo 1’20.641
Toro Rosso
Row 59. Sergio Perez 1’22.398
10. Mark Webber No time
Red Bull
Row 611. Adrian Sutil 1’20.569
Force India
12. Nico Hulkenberg 1’20.58
Row 713. Jenson Button 1’20.777
14. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’21.029
Toro Rosso
Row 815. Pastor Maldonado 1’21.133
16. Valtteri Bottas 1’21.219
Row 917. Esteban Gutierrez 1’21.724
18. Paul di Resta 1’22.043
Force India
Row 1019. Charles Pic 1’23.007
20. Giedo van der Garde 1’23.333
Row 1121. Jules Bianchi 1’23.787
22. Max Chilton 1’23.997

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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    85 comments on “2013 Hungarian Grand Prix grid”

      1. Maybe it was a clever trick, and shocking meant shockingly fast :P

        I jokes of course, I imagine it just came good again at the end. The guy knows how to pull out speed from seemingly no where.

      2. Hamilton’s lap “didn’t even feel that great”.

        He’s going to be quick when he finally gets to grip with the Mercedes.

        1. Or then it’s just this same bs talk as in the round-up which Broom linked.

    1. Lewis is the king of pace. Gud luck for the race.

      1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
        27th July 2013, 14:41

        @alokin Was that a 2-line poem? Lol

      2. When his tyres overheat, he won’t look so fleet.

      3. For one flying lap
        He cuts through the … difficulties;
        But when he gets passed,
        He won’t look so fast.

        1. cuts through the crap

      4. oh how those pirelli tires
        don’t perform to his desires
        it’ll be two laps into the race
        when his tires’ll lose pace
        and he’ll have to come to the pits
        where his faithful dog, Roscoe, sits
        the wheels will be changed in the blink of an eye
        but the rest of the field would roar by
        and so poor lewis would find himself at the rear of the pack
        hoping that he would eventually bounce back
        hoping that if he tried in vain
        he would, one day, stand on the podium again.

        1. @chinghi how long were you thinking that up for? ;) Nonethless, absolutely fantastic. COTD right there!

            1. @vettel1 That took about 15 minutes. I’ll be doing another one for the race. :)

        2. BRAVO BRAVO

        3. nice one ching

      5. My information
        Is his transportation
        Suffers retardation
        Due to tyre granulation,
        Degradation, and disintegration.

        1. brilliant

    2. I come to conclude today:
      Hamilton is a better qualifier than vettel.

      1. I think I’d agree with that. I’d love to see a Vettel and Hamilton in the same team to find out for real !

      2. Ryan (@ryanisjones)
        27th July 2013, 15:19

        Thus, Hamilton is quicker than Vettel.

        1. Quicker does not necessarily equal better though: Trulli was very quick over one lap yet he wasn’t as quick in a race situation…

      3. The data available does not support that conclusion. The Merc’s have been faster in qualifying all season long. In fact every single Saturday it has been dry, a Mercedes car has ended up in pole position. A Merc finished top today in Q1 and Q2 as well as Q3.

        To use a line people are so fond of throwing at Vettel but which definitely apples here – ir’s the car, not the driver.

        1. Yes, the data supports the fact that the Merc is fast – but mainly in the hands of Lewis. In Silverstone, he beat his teamate by almost half a second; and with the kinds of margins we saw in qualifying today, The Red Bull of Vette,l and Mercedes of Hamilton are evenly matched on qualifying pace. Remember, Rosberg was beaten by 3 drivers.

          1. And you might also remember how many poles Rosberg has gotten himself also this season? = Merc is fastest, that’s the conclusion to make.

      4. @svarun it’s not a great idea to come to such conclusions on one race (which also happens to be one of Hamilton’s form tracks): that’d be a bit like concluding Vettel was better based on purely his record at Suzuka.

        1. But it has been happening in the last 3 quali sessions now,and out of those 4, 2 were those in which hamilton was feeling “horrible to drive! ” whereas vettel sits in a rocket which just has KERS failure here and there.
          The point i am trying if we Vettel and Hamilton were put in a matched car, 99% Hamilton will triumph.

    3. I thought Vettel had it and then Hamilton pulled a blinder, great stuff Lewis! Annnnd now Vettel wins tomorrow, probably overtaking Hamilton at the start as per.

      1. Annnnd now Vettel wins tomorrow, probably overtaking Hamilton at the start as per.

        Or not.

        1. @klaas I’m willing to put a wager on that Hamilton won’t win ;)

          1. @vettel1 Too easy, better put the wager on Vettel for the win and I’ll take it.

      2. Ill be rooting for Alonso or Kimi tomorrow . Can lewis take the top 5 . Top 3 would be off limits unless something drastic happens tomorrow which in usual circumstances won’t . @vettel1 Don’t read between the lines . I am not implying anything :P

        1. @hamilfan the start is crucial I think: if Vettel can nab the lead into turn one and Alonso & Kimi don’t make up places I think he’ll be safe but it’s all about those early positions: I’d expect Hamilton to fall back at the first stops.

          1. P1 and P3 should mess up the start big time for P2 to nab the lead into turn one at this circuit.

            1. @klaas actually isn’t the dirty side of negligeable hindrance due to the whole track not having huge amounts of grip? Also, the man in P2 hasn’t lost a place on the first lap at any race this season…

          2. PS Given RBR current dominant pace, everyone around Vettel don’t have too much to lose and will be extra agressive. Alonso wants the WDC while Mercs aim for the WCC so they’ll throw everything at Sebastian.

            1. @Klaas @vettel1 I remember a quote from roddick on federer ” I threw the kitchen sink at him(federer) but he had other ideas and threw a bathtub back ” . Don’t underestimate vettel . He has very good starts …….so far…

            2. @Klaas @vettel1 I remember a quote from roddick on federer ” I threw the kitchen sink at him (federer) but he had other ideas and threw a bathtub back ” . Don’t underestimate vettel . He has very good starts so far…

            3. sorry for the double comment

    4. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
      27th July 2013, 14:39

      Great quali by hamilton – had a big laugh when he was like “whhhaatt??” when he learned he was on pole on radio :-P and god Grosjean is on fire! Out-qualifying a world champion team-mate comfortably! Hoping he will have a good race tomorrow! Reasonable p5 by Alonso keeping in mind his machinery and the people he is up against!

      1. Not difficult job to do when the other car has problems (and not to mention old floor vs Crashjeans new one). And it doesn’t even matter tomorrow, he will either crash or bow to the champs.

    5. I conclude today that:
      Hamilton is a better qualifier than Vettel.

      1. Sorry for a second post.looks i clicked twice

    6. Stunning lap by Lewis… but still it is going to be Vettel’s race to lose… I think Vettel and the two lotus guys will make the podium unless Romain decides to do a Spa again… :) Hope Alonso can somehow get into the podium…

    7. Hallelujah!!

    8. The first one to pass Hamilton tomorrow is going to win the race. Hoping it’ll be Grosjean, afraid it’ll be Vettel. Vettel does start on the dirty side of the grid however, which means DIRTY on the Hungaroring. Can’t forget about Alonso either, starting on the clean side of the grid as well.

      1. Rumor has it they gonna break the gearbox seal on Grosjean’s car so Kimi gets promoted to the clean side.

        1. They’d be better off letting Grosjean pull one his famous T1 moves on Vettel.

          1. Gorjean KERS setting 5 please and PUSH PUSH ! LOL . No ,seriously I hope he has a good race tomorrow after all the stick he got so far.

        2. Nah, that’s Ferrari to do, Lotus has their own tricks. They just say “Don’t hold Kimi up”, no Ferrari-style bs. :) Also there’s a big chance Crashjean will get aquinted with the tyrebarriers on his own so they don’t even need that, but I hope he doesn’t and that he’d actually get some pts to help out Lotus.

    9. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      27th July 2013, 14:45

      He could win this tomorrow.
      He just has to keep the pesky Vettel and Loti (and possibly Ferrari) behind on the DRS zones, as it’s too tough to overtake anywhere else on the track.

      Should be an exciting race.

      1. There is also the small matter of fitting in an extra stop.

      2. Cant see Ham for the win tomorow to be honest, they were way off the pace in race sims, and they suffered alot in Germany with overheating and that was only in mid 20 degree heat, this race is going to be pushing 40C..

      3. I think that the Merc will suffer as it has previously, driving to delta times so that it doesn’t chew through its tyres trying to keep Vettel at bay.

        I hope that I am incredibly wrong so that it closes up the points gap to Vettel and make the championship closer, but this season looks more and more like a 4th consecutive title for Vettel/Red Bull.

      4. @tophercheese As much as I’d love to agree with you , I have been hoping for the same thing since eternity and Vettel just storms past . Usually the mercs last till the first stop . In Germany , vettel pounced on him before the first corner . To make matters worst hamilton will lock his brakes up and then a flurry of cars will pass him in the pits for him to end up 5th or odd.

        I don’t want that tomorrow …………. ……….. ……. ….. … .

        1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
          27th July 2013, 16:40

          Neither. I wish Mercedes race pace was better, but this intense heat seems to exacerbate things for them.

    10. If anything, this qualifying session has actually solidified the notion that Lewis Hamilton IS the fastest man over a single lap in Formula 1. No arguments.
      There were 4 other drivers with cars good enough for pole today, and even though he wasn’t comfortable with the car, even though the lap didn’t feel that “great”, when it mattered, it was Lewis Hamilton who came up with the goods. An amazing pole lap given the competition he faced.

      1. +1. I was as shocked as he was to be honest… but then again, nobody else has the Q3 prowess that Lewis has (Vettel’s close, IMO). If he makes it through to Q3 in one piece… no matter the glitches, tantrums & lock-ups on the way there… on that final Q3 hot lap, Lewis Hamilton will usually get the best out of the package he’s got.

      2. Hamilton actually had 2 other drivers who didn’t have any problems and had a car that had potential to get pole. And given the Merc qualifying pace this year, it really was only his teammate who had the best chance beating Hamilton but failed this time. Nevertheless, amazing lap from Hamilton, not taking that away.

    11. Great job by Lewis. Redbull clearly was the quickest and best handling car today and still Lewis beats the Redbull. Hope Lewis and Mercedes get rewarded this time. As it is very unusual (and unlucky times for Lewis and Mercedes that suddenly pole is not that important) to take pole after pole and then struggling so much in the race and finishing so far behind the podium. Good luck Lewis and Mercedes.
      I hope Monaco without barriers’ lives up to the name.

      1. Mercedes is still the fastest on Saturdays.

        1. Only in the hands of Lewis.

      2. Lotus tops the time sheets in FP3, then Mercedes wins Q1, Q2, and Q3 – and you conclude from this that “Redbull clearly was the quickest and best handling car today”? Good grief.

        1. look at the pattern. From Q1 to Q2 to Q3. Track was improving all the time. And every successive run was significantly faster than the previous. For the last run in Q3, Vettel just improved by a tenth. He should have improved more like other drivers and yet only lost the pole by half a tenth. I mean it looks like Lewis got everything out of the car but there are still 2 or 3 tenths in that Redbull.

          1. What on earth are you talking about? Vettel improved on his Q2 time by 0.57 seconds in Q3, not “a tenth” but nearly six tenths. Hamilton improved on his Q2 time by 0.47 seconds in Q3. Your facts are entirely fictitious.

            Rosberg failed to improve on his Q2 time, due to braking issues.

            1. I am talking about two runs of Q3. First run compare to second run. compare the top 3.

            2. Your assumption is baseless. The Merc’s have been the fastest cars in qualifying in the dry all season long, and today they both were faster in Q1 and Q2. But for Rosbergs brake issues they would have almost certainly have locked out the front row. There is zero evidence that “Hamilton got everything out of the car” (Nico might well have surpassed him) or that there were still several tenths in the Red Bull.

            3. @jugnun

              I am talking about two runs of Q3. First run compare to second run. compare the top 3.

              That is because both of Vettel’s runs were on new sets of soft tyres, Hamilton’s (and I do believe everybody else’s) were scrubbed -> new. That is why they had a greater improvement margin during the session.

            4. What JUGNU is saying is simply untrue. Hamilton did only one “real” run in Q3 – the last one. The same is true for Grosjean.

              Hamilton’s second best Q3 run was a 1:20.324 – that is, a good half second slower than his Q2 time. Grosjean likewise did a run slower then he did in Q2, and then his best Q3 run. The claim that drivers other than Vettel :”improved” as Q3 went on is nonsense. Hamilton and others did only one single run in anger in Q3.

            5. @jonsan exactly, I agree completely. That is explained by Vettel having two new sets and everybody else one, which is why @jugnu ‘s comment has no basis in its attempt to belittle Vettel’s improvement margin: in actual fact, it would appear Vettel improved by the greatest margin between Q2 and Q3 (the important statistic).

            6. “That is because both of Vettel’s runs were on new sets of soft tyres, Hamilton’s (and I do believe everybody else’s) were scrubbed -> new. That is why they had a greater improvement margin during the session.”

              I am just saying that if you compare the two runs of Vettel on new tyres in Q3, he only improved by a tenth. I think he should have improved the time more. At least 2 tenths. He didn’t save/plan two runs for Q3 on new sets just to go half a tenth faster. Also previously we have seen in races, when teams use 2 new sets for Q3, the improvements are much more than just a tenth. Also Christian Horner said afterwards something like ‘Vettel lost tenths in 3 corners’.
              I am not belittling anybody, just saying that Redbull looked set, comfortable and confident for pole for much of the qualifying and Lewis just stunned everyone (even himself) by stealing the pole from Vettel.

    12. Tomorrows podium:
      1. Vettel
      2. Alonso
      3. Grosjean/Räikkönen depending will Lotus use team-orders.

      1. @diceman Exactly my thoughts.

    13. Shame for Webber. Looks like the team don’t give a …. something.. for him. It looked like he wanted to drive though they decided otherwise.
      Vettel for win, no doubt. The dead end of a fighting in the WDC, no doubt.
      Expect Alonso lose 2 or 3 positions at the start.

    14. The only way this is going to be an interesting race is after the first lap with the odd number grid starters getting a big advantage is Ham,Gro,Alo,vet raik.

    15. That’s Lewis’s first time getting 3 poles in a row, something he was able to achieve in a McLaren.

      1. *wasn’t able

    16. it’s so funny when LSH is on pull he is in shock !
      when he lose is place in turn 1 he is shock!
      when nico win he is in shock!
      when he got Puncture he is in shock!

      when i think about it if massa won the wdc in 2008 lowis was the most miserable driver on the grid
      only one merc can win this year and it’s not lowis………

      when vettle win it’s the car………….lol
      when lowis win it’s Talent………lol
      next year seb beat kimi and evrybody Especially lowis will say that kimi pass is prime
      lowis will be wdc again only when he stop envy Drivers that manage to win more than him

    17. 1, 3, 5, on start, could be 1, 2, 3 in the first corner…

      1. Also my lottery numbers could be correct in tomorrows lottery…

    18. Hamilton will cook his tyres, Alonso underperformed in qualifying so will carve his way through the field in a fast car and people will gush over how he gets so much out of a “bad car”, and Vettel will cruise to victory despite no real car advantage.

      Just another typical Sunday. People will give driver of the race to Fred for his samurai-like podium LOL

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