Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Hungaroring, 2013

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Hungaroring, 2013

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 277
2 Mercedes 208
3 Ferrari 194
4 Lotus 183
5 Force India 59
6 McLaren 57
7 Toro Rosso 24
8 Sauber 7
9 Williams 1
10 Marussia 0
11 Caterham 0

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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43 comments on “2013 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. The tyre changes appear to have really helped Lotus, which is highly ironic. It looks pretty close between Lotus and Red Bull currently so it’ll be interesting to see how that develops after the summer break.

    Alonso I fear is going to fall back in this championship race and Mercedes are coming back into play (in particular for the constructor’s championship) so I’m really looking forward to Spa!

    1. We’ll have to see how the heat played into all of this but overall it seems everyone will have a better chance of executing a strategy that they had planned beforehand instead of suddenly having to change the entire plan because its falling apart for them. If Lotus stay that strong, Kimi could take that next win in a month. Ferrari looked quite slow indeed, but it might be exaggerated by the track, that Ferrari doesn’t seem good around and out of slow corners (looked dreadful in Monaco for example).

    2. It looks highly unlikely that anyone can catch Vettel now… Lotus even though are close to Redbull I dont think Kimi will be able to turn around the deficit unless something dramatic happens… Sadly it’s game over for Alonso .. hope I am wrong…

      1. I think you’re spot on. This was game set match for both championships. VET can win WDC with an average of about 14 points per race as evidenced by below:
        Year Points Average
        2010 256 13.47
        2011 392 20.63
        2012 281 14.05
        2013 172 17.20

        He is well above that at this point. For a driver to catch him, a stunning and consistent performance must be put in over the last 9 races. The closest guy would have to make up 4.33 points per race to win.
        2013 standing after 10 races
        Driver VET Kimi Alo Ham
        Points 172 134 133 124
        Points/race 17.20 13.40 13.30 12.40
        Gap to lead – 39.00 40.00 49.00
        Deficit/race* – 4.33 4.44 5.44
        * 9 races remaining
        Problem is that none of main challengers is very consistent at the moment.

    3. @vettel1 I don’t really see any irony. The temperatures helped Lotus just as expected but it seems rather obvious that the original tires would only have helped the situation.

      1. @poul remember they were very strong in Germany also with a change in tyres (I do believe the rears were essentially as they are now). Compare that to previously (even as recently as Silverstone) and they just didn’t look as competitive.

        1. @vettel1 But you don’t know how much of that is development. Logically longer lasting tires is will eat advantage out of the most nurturing cars which doesn’t mean all the advantage.

          However, there is a much more important factor: It was rather obvious how much cleaner Kimi was compared to Sebastian in the final ten lap chase even before Sebastian’s tires started to fade at all, especially in the technical sector 2.

          1. @poul nonetheless, the change which was expected to hurt them has apalerently not affected or I would say helped them, which is where the irony is.

            That could be partially due to the fact Vettel was in the dirty air of another car for much of the race and hustling for any way past and the slight front wing damage he attained from out-braking himself slightly on that attempted overtake on Button.

          2. @vettel1 And would still say it hurt them – just not enough to take away their competitiveness.

            Or it could be due to the fact that Kimi was just better then Sebastian through that sector :-)

          3. @poul that’s my point though: they had a double podium in Germany and a 2nd & a 6th (with a drive through penalty) in Hungary – that looks like an improvement to me over their past form!

            I think you underestimate how much of an effect the wake of another car has, especially though a very technical sector such as S2 ;)

          4. @vettel1 Actually that is not consistent with the fact that Kimi had serious trouble getting heat into his fronts which directly effected his qualifying. From 3rd he would most likely have emerged as winner.

            Perhaps I do but the gorgeous control through S2 quite nicely underlines the skill of someone who can dance on those tires. Vettel’s style is more aggressive but should he end up with Kimi as team mate I can see a similar scenario to when Senna started to acquire Prost’s immaculate sense of feeling behind the wheel as they partnered in McLaren.

          5. @poul I think that’s just Kimi’s driving style: Grosjean didn’t have those problems.

  2. Great race but still championship is in Vettel’s bag. We need more significant shift…

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      28th July 2013, 15:26

      @eggry what kind of shift? Tyres are now more suitavle to Vettel’s rivals. Its not enough? The best of the tyres is that they are finally not tearing into pieces.

      1. @omarr-pepper don’t get me wrong. I just meant performance shift.

    2. Agree. The championship looks like its in the bag for Vettel.

      Raikkonen doesn’t have the machinery to compete with Red Bull on Saturdays, and Hamilton (generally) , doesn’t have the machinery to match Red Bull on Sundays. Alonso doesn’t have the machinery to match Red Bull any day of the week.

      I’ve pretty much lost interest in this season already.

  3. I can’t see Vettel losing this. People are saying “oh, Alonso had just as big an advantage last year” yeah, but Vettel excels in the 2nd half of the season. I can’t see anyone beating him at India or Suzuka… or Singapore and Korea.

    1. Yes, but after today, considering the temperatures in Spa and the characteristics of Monza, I expect Mercedes (probably HAM) to win them easily

    2. Yeah and hamilton is not very close to vettel either . So I still think this year is vettel’s almost . but ya never know till the end :P! Sad that alonso is slowly but surely loosing out

      1. Lol Ham is the biggest rival man, look at the standings if we believe Merc who last year had a bad car maybe they have more potential, I just hope they can win atleast one because else they will **** focus for next year. Alo wont be winning for sure we can say that for sure their slower than Merc in races for quite a while except Nurb. And Vet and Ham battle will be great such fast drivers the two quickest even.

    3. I agree it looks like Vettel is on his way to the 4th championship.. Though I don’t think he is unbeatable in the Asian races … I expect Hamilton and Kimi to challenge him strongly if Merc and Lotus remain competitive … And Sadly I cant see Alonso getting back at Vettel as the Ferrari is falling behind ..

    4. It’s far from over – the championship seems one sided but 1 DNF can change things quickly.

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        28th July 2013, 15:48

        @tmf42 yes, but that applies to everybody, not only Vettel. And he has already had bad luck in Silvertone, as Alonso in Malaysia, Rosberg every 2 weeks, Raikkonen with his 10th place some races ago…. even more, it can be Kimi who is “owing” some bad result.

        1. @omarr-pepper and don’t forget Lewis having an awful finish at Spain out of the points. So yeah everyone has had bad luck. We will have to see who has more of it the second half.

  4. What a drive by Hamilton and Raikkonen…cant wait to see Raikkonen at Spa..

  5. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
    28th July 2013, 15:18

    Congratulations on Williams 1st point off the season!

  6. David not Coulthard (@)
    28th July 2013, 15:19

    Congratulations, Pastor and Williams!

  7. Ferrari and Alonso have started to drop like a stone.Considering how they started the season – with two dominant wins in four races – it’s remarkable how far back they’ve fallen. I fear Alonso will be outside the top three after Spa, and Ferrari may end up fourth in the Constructor’s in the near future. A disastrous season.

    1. After checking the Stats Alonso last Podium in Spa was back in 2007 and He Never won there. So Its going to be Hard for Ferrari and Alonso. He was Very good at Monza though probably a Win could be possible there

      1. Stats never tell the full story, do they? For instance He was shunted out by a certain french man last year in Turn 1… So purely looking at the stats and telling Alonso cant finish on the podium in spa would be ridiculous… Though Judging by Ferrari’s recent performances it looks a very tall order indeed…

        1. @puneethvb I don’t think Spa is in particular a “Ferrari track” though by their current strengths: it requires good aero efficiency and a very balanced car which in recent years was more McLaren’s strength but now I presume will be Mercedes’ turf.

          The Ferrari seems more suited to high degradation tracks like Catalunya though so that could potentially be a benefit in Spa, where a lot of energy goes through the tyres in terms of lateral loading and compression.

        2. I know that mate @puneethvb but that doesn’t mean that I was missing Facts of races. I was simply highlighting that Alonso wasn’t on Podium for 5 years in row. And I really want to see Him on Podium at SPA.

  8. It’s clear that Vettel will win the championship this year, because I don’t see his nearest rivals matching his pace over the next 9 races. Lotus(Kimi especially) may make a push at Spa and maybe Monza, but Alonso seems to be falling back, which is very ominous.

  9. So it looks like McLaren will catch up Force India not because of any spectacular improvement from the Woking-based outfit, but because Force India are massively dropping off the pace.

  10. Seems to me that RDC is still open and Vettel is not yet sure of a fourth championship. He could still lose even to Hamilton.

    At this point, their 48 point difference can be eaten away, race by race at 7 points a race if Lewis finishes First every time and Seb comes out second every time.
    Lewis would end up with 349 points while Vettel would end up with 334.

    Even if Vettel were to win 2 of the remaining races if Ham manages to get second place at these two races, and wins the other seven he wins by 1 point.

    1. will be a bit unrealistic of vettel not to win anything or to end up behind hamilton every race. But I hope the pole season continues for Merc .. Enjoying it :D

  11. Seems to me that RDC is still open and Vettel is not yet sure of a fourth championship. He could still lose even to Hamilton.

    At this point, their 48 point difference can be eaten away, race by race at 7 points a race if Lewis finishes First every time and Seb comes out second every time.
    Lewis would end up with 349 points while Vettel would end up with 334.

    Even if Vettel were to win 2 of the remaining races if Ham manages to get second place at these two races, and wins the other seven he wins by 1 point.

    1. You have to remember though that the Asian season is where Red Bull and Vettel really start to flex their muscles: Vettel is almost unbeatable at Suzuka, he’s been phenomenal at India and Korea and he’s really not bad round Singapore either. Brazil seems to suit Red Bull also so I definitely wouldn’t count on Hamilton winning 7 races!

      1. India should be named RBR expressway -Noida . Fellow Indians : Don’t kill me just yet :P

        1. * typo* The GP in India *

  12. If Kimi, Alonso, and Hamilton were to split places 1-3 over the last 9 races, and Vettel got all 4ths, Vettel would fall back 66 points to each, which would put Kimi 28 points ahead. I think this is an interesting metric because you perhaps control how well you do, but you can’t do anything about how well your opponent does except to push him down 1 position. Things change fast in F1, but averaging 2nd place over 9 races is very tough, especially when you’re already assuming Vettel is only averaging 4ths. Should be an interesting 2nd half.

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      28th July 2013, 18:54

      Alonso, really? Not for him, but Ferrari is going backwards.

  13. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    28th July 2013, 19:03

    Massa at Ferrari is making them a one-driver team. If they want some recovery, they should hire Hulk for 2014 now. But not to put him in the wheel right away, or he would end up as a “bad driver”. Remember when Fisichella was doing right in Force India in 2009, but switching to Ferrari was depressing to see? Massa made a mistake again today crashing with Nivo (race contact but even so)… Massa is depressing to see, but Hulk, or Bianchi, or whoever Ferrari thinks is the right one to take his wheel, should wait till the start of the next season,

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