Hungaroring extends F1 race deal to 2021

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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The Hungarian Grand Prix will remain on the Formula One calendar until 2021 in a new deal.

Bernie Ecclestone announced the new deal ahead of the start of Sunday’s race.

The Hungaroring held its first F1 race in 1986 and has been on the calendar ever since.

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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16 comments on “Hungaroring extends F1 race deal to 2021”

  1. Well, I suppose were stuck with it until 2021 then. In thinking about how to rate this particular Hungary GP, it occurs to me how limiting the track is for a great race. This one rated a 6/10 for me, but some of the processional parades of years past would have scored much lower in my book. The occasional Hungary races with some rain did spice things up a bit. Maybe Bernie’s add water idea is not that bad for a track like Hungary. (insert large winky here)

    1. Fully unfair critics. The track is quite nice i think, and the GPs there not more processional than in Monaco where almost no-one dares to critisize the layout.
      It is though to pass, but we’ve seen nice moves yesterday. Turns 1,2 &3 form a nice overtaking complex, we’ve seen nice moves at turn 4. The middle twisty section is fun too. Only the last sector is a bit bland.
      I rate it higher than valencia, barcelona, korea, singapore and… Monaco.

      Glad it’ll remain part of the calendar. Slot Austria inbetween Germany and Hungary, and you’ll have 3 central european races in a row, easy to get to for us Europeans.

      1. How on earth is this a good thing? It is one of the most boring race tracks on earth with dullest races ever. THe only reason why people are this years race highly is the fact that Hamilton had won it. It is so bad that even DRS could not work and majority of the overtakes were people straight out of the pits passing those with shredded tyres. It was boring when it started and it will always be that way unless they do some major changes to the track.

        1. It is so bad that even DRS could not work

          That’s quite good in my book.
          I’ve always liked it in fact, that’s not due to Hamilton’s win at all. You are just repeting that “it’s boring”, but that won’t convince me. As stated in the previous comment, there are several portions of the track that are very interesting.

        2. It’s not “boring”, it’s a challenging track with a lot of history. Maybe it’s not as exciting to watch as Spa or Monza, but it’s very unique and often throws up unexpected results like we saw this year.

      2. Comparing Hungary to Monaco is difficult because Monaco has history and tradition that Hungary does not have. I think the track could be improved, but doubt that it will be. Doesn’t really matter what I think though, it is on the calendar for some time to come. I will pray for rain at the Hungary GP and continue to watch each year.

  2. Good news. :)

  3. Michael Brown (@)
    29th July 2013, 1:58

    Part of me is happy that this historic track remains on the calendar, and is a decent one to drive as well. The other part is dreading the processions to come.

  4. Wish they’d do something more to improve the layout. They’ve already tried things like extending the straights but it didn’t really work.

    The lap starts well, the first 4 turns always remind me of the “new” section at Spa – but the middle section’s probably more interesting to drive than it is to watch, and at the end of the lap I’d like to see them cut out the long, slow left and right, and just run the straight sharply uphill to a new final turn a bit like turn 1 at Austin. That would mean more laps in the race as well.

    1. @tomsk I agree with the last part: the straight from the exit of turn 11 should just continue on until turn 14, perhaps around the current location of turn 12 curving off to the left therefore allowing for an extended start/finish straight. That would also drastically shorten the lapttime which could make it more interesting.

      1. They could do with having a longer run from turn 1 to turn 2 also to create a more realistic overtaking opportunity there but I’d keep the rest of the section after than until turn 12 as it is, for it’s an interesting technical challenge and characteristic of the circuit.

  5. Cool, this gives me more time to save for a trip :)

  6. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    29th July 2013, 20:03

    Good track to drive on the F1 game, awful track to watch in real life. Good way to make you not miss F1 in the 1 month break.

  7. Joanna Bessey (@bernie-ecclescake)
    29th July 2013, 22:12

    The first part of the track is good but the sections after the first chicane is bad, too slow and tight!

  8. I think this is one of the tracks I would like to go to see a live race. Maybe boring most years for tv, but it looks like a great track to see multiple portions of the track from the bleachers. Good prices and a historical city to visit. Think it will go on my bucket list.

  9. People don’t seem able to appreciate a great track for driving. They only care about number of overtakes and not how the car moves from left to right in amazing speed in a very nice relentless circuit. Why can’t people appreciate the beauty of an F1 car being driven in such a race track?

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