2013 Hungarian Grand Prix weekend in Tweets

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Get a glimpse behind the scenes at the Hungarian Grand Prix. @AnthonyFrench rounds up what the teams and drivers shared on Twitter during the race weekend.


Teams and drivers immersed themselves in the sights and experiences of the old Budapest city while preparing for the last race of the first half of the season.

Adrian Sutil became the latest F1 driver to join Twitter ahead of his 100th race start, leaving Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen the only drivers in the current field not using the social network.


Red Bull led the way in first and second practice as Sebastian Vettel set fastest times in both sessions, while McLaren and Williams seemed to have made progress after last week’s Young Drivers Test at Silverstone.


Romain Grosjean headed the times in final practice but it was Hamilton and Mercedes who duly took pole by a slender margin from Vettel.


Lewis Hamilton finally secured his maiden win for Mercedes despite concerns over tyre wear, thanks in part to Vettel getting stuck behind Button. The Red Bull driver finished the race in third place behind Kimi Raikkonen.

Share any other great Tweets you spotted during the Hungarian Grand Prix in the comments.

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2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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11 comments on “2013 Hungarian Grand Prix weekend in Tweets”

  1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    30th July 2013, 10:27

    Lolled so hard at Ricciardo flipping off the Lotus camera guy AHAHAHAH

  2. Κimi hasn’t even stopped his car and says have a nice holiday!!!

  3. To elaborate on Lotus’ childish but admittedly funny tweet… “Alo But Groper! We bros?”

    1. I cringe at a lot of the tweets that Lotus come up with, but I have to admit this one did make me laugh. I think they had it similar a few races ago too.

      1. That one was cool, but the biggest fan one…god kill it with fire

  4. That Sunday night parc ferme pic is awesome! Anyone know what the time for a gp is from first time a team hits the ground to the time they leave? Do they have two sets of gear and leap frog to each gp? Would one car run two races in a row

  5. Vettel has just been asked if he was first into T1, would the race have been different. – Where do these people come from???

    This seems like a fair question to me, they basically asked if he had the speed to beat Hamilton. Cool article as always :)

  6. Loved the little tour Caterham gave us on Thursday afternoon. :)

  7. I swear that I just saw Alex Roy sitting in the cockpit of a Marussia F1 car! Perhaps the NY to LA run can go sub-31 hours now? The trick is where to place the navigation systems and the gyro-stabilized binoculars (nevermind the laser jammers).

  8. I really fail to see why Lewis/Mercedes’s 1st win can due to Vettel being stuck behind Jenson’s McLaren!
    That guy & his team were hungry for the win, they didn’t waste time behind anybody this week-end went for any overtake possible and maximize on the strategy. Kimi got his Lotus up there to second place too, one have to wonder what would happen if he qualifies higher on Saturday. His team-mate Grosjean has had some great overtakes too but also the stewardship was really harsh on him this week-end. Someone’s got too much used to cruise and collect mode from pole to win and hasn’t mastered overtaking skills yet (but running in dirty air didn’t help)!

    1. I would say Hamilton getting past Button and later getting past Webber quickly (2x) gave him that little air to spare the car, to do his own speed etc, so it defenitely was key to winning @ladyf1fanatic, but don’t take that as saying it was Vettels to lose, just that its nice to see how Hamilton made the difference with decisive moves on track, not just being faster and keeping a gap.

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