2013 Belgian Grand Prix tyre strategies and pit stops

2013 Belgian Grand Prix

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Ferrari produced the fastest pit stop of the race for Fernando Alonso but there was little to choose between the fastest teams in the pits.

Most drivers chose two-stop strategies for the race. Romain Grosjean was the highest finisher who made a single stop.

Jenson Button rued not committing to a one-stop strategy sooner, saying he should have stayed out long on his first set of tyres. McLaren considered switching him back to a one-stopper later in the race, but he wasn’t able to make it.

Team mate Sergio Perez did make a single pit stop, after an enforced second visit to the pits for a drive-through penalty.

Belgian Grand Prix tyre strategies

The tyre strategies for each driver:

Stint 1Stint 2Stint 3
Sebastian VettelMedium (14)Medium (16)Hard (14)
Fernando AlonsoMedium (13)Medium (15)Hard (16)
Lewis HamiltonMedium (11)Medium (15)Hard (18)
Nico RosbergMedium (12)Medium (13)Hard (19)
Mark WebberMedium (13)Hard (16)Medium (15)
Jenson ButtonMedium (17)Hard (17)Hard (10)
Felipe MassaMedium (9)Medium (17)Hard (18)
Adrian SutilMedium (11)Hard (15)Hard (18)
Daniel RicciardoHard (16)Medium (17)Medium (11)
Romain GrosjeanMedium (22)Hard (22)
Sergio PerezMedium (18)Hard (26)
Jean-Eric VergneMedium (10)Medium (14)Hard (20)
Nico HulkenbergMedium (9)Hard (15)Hard (20)
Esteban GutierrezHard (19)Medium (9)Medium (16)
Valtteri BottasMedium (14)Hard (14)Hard (16)
Giedo van der GardeMedium (15)Hard (14)Hard (14)
Pastor MaldonadoMedium (11)Hard (16)Hard (16)
Jules BianchiHard (14)Medium (14)Hard (15)
Max ChiltonHard (15)Medium (14)Hard (13)
Paul di RestaMedium (10)Hard (15)Hard (1)
Kimi RaikkonenMedium (14)Medium (11)
Charles PicMedium (8)

Belgian Grand Prix pit stop times

How long each driver’s pit stops took:

DriverTeamPit stop timeGapOn lap
1Fernando AlonsoFerrari22.44428
2Jenson ButtonMcLaren22.4650.02117
3Sergio PerezMcLaren22.5970.15318
4Fernando AlonsoFerrari22.6310.18713
5Felipe MassaFerrari22.6340.19026
6Lewis HamiltonMercedes22.6820.23826
7Sebastian VettelRed Bull22.6850.24114
8Esteban GutierrezSauber22.7120.26828
9Esteban GutierrezSauber22.7610.31719
10Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso22.8710.42733
11Felipe MassaFerrari22.8720.4289
12Sebastian VettelRed Bull22.8840.44030
13Nico RosbergMercedes22.8930.44912
14Mark WebberRed Bull23.0040.56013
15Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso23.1440.70016
16Jenson ButtonMcLaren23.3170.87334
17Adrian SutilForce India23.3270.88311
18Nico HulkenbergSauber23.3340.89024
19Lewis HamiltonMercedes23.3970.95311
20Valtteri BottasWilliams23.4110.96714
21Romain GrosjeanLotus23.4451.00122
22Paul di RestaForce India23.4751.03110
23Mark WebberRed Bull23.4771.03329
24Paul di RestaForce India23.5401.09625
25Valtteri BottasWilliams23.5401.09628
26Adrian SutilForce India23.6551.21126
27Nico RosbergMercedes23.7231.27925
28Kimi RaikkonenLotus23.7441.30014
29Max ChiltonMarussia23.9161.47229
30Jules BianchiMarussia23.9611.51728
31Giedo van der GardeCaterham23.9981.55429
32Max ChiltonMarussia24.0131.56915
33Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso24.0701.62610
34Jules BianchiMarussia24.0831.63914
35Nico HulkenbergSauber24.2191.7759
36Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso24.5392.09524
37Giedo van der GardeCaterham24.9682.52415
38Pastor MaldonadoWilliams27.0594.61511
39Pastor MaldonadoWilliams35.22812.78427

2013 Belgian Grand Prix

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  1. Interesting that Maldonado’s 10 second Stop & Go penalty was 12.8 seconds slower than the fastest pit stop. Shouldn’t it be around 7.5 seconds slower?

    1. That wasn’t his stop go, it was his 2nd stop (immediately after the accident) where he needed a new front wing.

      1. I see – the stop & go is not included.

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