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2013 Italian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso says there was no substance to rumours connecting him to a Red Bull seat and he wants extend his current contract with Ferrari.

Alonso currently has a deal to race for them until 2016 but that did not prevent speculation he might cut his deal short to join the reigning champions.

“There were rumours about Red Bull, rumours in Italy about sabbatical year, there were so many rumours,” he said during a press conference ahead of the Italian Grand Prix.

“I still have three-and-a-half more years with Ferrari which I intend to respect and hopefully to increase a little bit and, as I say, try to finish my career with the best team in the world, which is Ferrari.”

Alonso joined Ferrari in 2010 and is yet to win the championship with the team, despite coming close on two occasions. “We are not achieving at the moment the results that we want but we are working very hard,” he said.

“Next year will be a completely new rules which obviously open the door for many teams teams to stop the domination that Red Bull seems to have in the last couple of years. So we have high hopes also for next year’s challenge.”

Alonso welcomed the news that Daniel Ricciardo had signed for Red Bull, saying he hoped it gave a chance for another Spanish driver to enter F1.

“About the news that now Red Bull have two drivers is very good news that Daniel signed also four our country because he opened a very good possibility for Carlos Sainz [Jnr] to join Toro Rosso so that was the best news for us.”

2013 Italian Grand Prix

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23 comments on “Alonso wants to extend Ferrari contract”

  1. In a week’s time, we have cleared up two things: Raikkonen is not going to Red Bull and neither is Alonso. I have no idea why these rumours have continued for so long: the Raikkonen thing was obvious about a month ago, and the Alonso rumour was started when he was vague and ambiguous about his manager talking to Horner in Hungary, which was quite obviously related to Sainz Jr. Finally, FINALLY, we’re done with that nonsense.

    1. The Alonso to Red Bull rumour – I had never heard such nonsense.

      1. Just do a ctrl+f ‘Alonso’ in this forum topic and see how much discussion there is about Alonso –> Red Bull.

        1. I think we might be misunderstood. What I meant was that it was such an unrealistic rumour that it could never be taken seriously. But I agree, I’m also happy that these rumours have been put to bed.

          1. @deej92 No, that’s the way I understood it, but I can see why you might have thought that. Maybe I should have responded to myself instead of you for clarity… :P

      2. Good to know I’m not the only one who thought so ;)

    2. @andae23 couldn’t agree more, all that is left is what is going to happen to Massa but seeing as Dominicali is hell bent on keeping him I’m sure he’ll stay put where he is.

      1. @force-maikel
        You really think Domenicali is calling the shots on that? I always got the impression LDM handles the driver selection.

  2. Normal. He needs to win the championship with Ferrari first.

  3. Extend the contract until 2020 and hopefully, at least 2 titles during the period.

  4. If I were Ferrari, I wouldn’t extend contract with Alonso beyond 2016. Of course, he is top class now, but he might not be in 3 years time. I would wait 2016 and then decide.

    1. I wonder if he will become a Massa to Hulkenburg or dare I say DiBesta???? :D

      1. I don’t think Alonso could ever comprehend playing second fiddle to another driver like Massa does.
        “dare I say DiBesta” – He won’t ever get a top drive. We don’t know whether he will even be in F1 next year.

  5. Thanks for adding the “[Jnr]”…

    1. I’d rather see Sr tbh…

  6. Expected news, all the rumors were nothing but BS fabricated by the media. He is good for Ferrari and Ferrari is good for him, now is a question about who will be his teammate.

  7. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    5th September 2013, 15:51

    He wants to try, good for him. That spices things up, but please Ferrari, hire a real deal to replace Massa. It bothers me to see Ferrari trying and failing year after year with their “one spear” policy. I’m happy to see Red Bull and Vettel winning, but I would like to see Ferrari take a WCC to make things even better (pay attention I said WCC, no WDC)

    1. I want Ferrari to replace Massa if only to see how Alonso stacks up against other drivers. Not that I doubt Alonso’s talent; but since his detour into Mclaren we haven’t really seen Alonso against a competitive driver. We could have seen that in Massa, but he has been a shadow of his former self after that spring incident.

      I would love to see Alonso vs Raikkonen, or vs Button, if only to see what is he like against better drivers.

      1. this shadow of his former self is rubbish.

        Remember he out qualified alonso in his first race back. 2010 he wasnt bad really.

        The accident excuse doesnt wash.

  8. I think this just reinforces the Ferrari status quo for 2014 with Fernando’s statements today. Would he be so content to stay with Ferrari and add more time to his contract if another rooster was about to come in and challenge? Don’t think so. The Massa handwriting is on the wall.

    1. If that is true it is so sad, really. First because Ferrari can do better with another driver, secondly this show how much Alonso has to say about the other driver which is very wrong.

    2. I wonder how it would change if Vettel was interested in a 2015 drive with Ferrari, and was bought into the team. Would it be a repeat of Mclaren 2007, would they have a number one driver or would they go with a double pronged attack? Certainly would be an interesting season.

      1. Oh, that would be 1988 and 1989 all over again.

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