Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013

2013 Singapore Grand Prix result

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013

11Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault61
23Fernando AlonsoFerrari6132.62732.627
37Kimi RaikkonenLotus-Renault6143.92011.293
49Nico RosbergMercedes6151.1557.235
510Lewis HamiltonMercedes6153.1592.004
64Felipe MassaFerrari6163.87710.718
75Jenson ButtonMcLaren6183.35419.477
86Sergio PerezMcLaren6183.8200.466
911Nico HulkenbergSauber-Ferrari6184.2610.441
1015Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes6184.6680.407
1116Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault6188.4793.811
1212Esteban GutierrezSauber-Ferrari6197.8949.415
1317Valtteri BottasWilliams-Renault61105.1617.267
1418Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari61113.5128.351
152Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault601 lap1 lapEngine
1621Giedo van der GardeCaterham-Renault601 lap73.976
1723Max ChiltonMarussia-Cosworth601 lap7.156
1822Jules BianchiMarussia-Cosworth601 lap7.124
1920Charles PicCaterham-Renault601 lap0.148
2014Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes547 laps6 lapsAccident
Not classified
8Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault3724 laps17 lapsEngine
19Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso-Ferrari2338 laps14 lapsAccident

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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40 comments on “2013 Singapore Grand Prix result”

  1. I almost turned off the live. This is one of worst(or best?) Vettel has shown. Just SC and battle between 2 and 3 stoppers made the race a little bit interesting. Feel sorry for Grosjean and Webber.

    1. oh, not 3 stoppers but ones didn’t stop under SC.

    2. Come on, the last 20 minutes were great with both Mercedes climbing up in the rankings.

  2. This is shocking pace from RBR.
    What on earth is newey doing!
    Had there not been a SC vettel must have reached yeongnam directly

    1. I love this one :D

  3. Alex shuts off the tele until next season.

    1. Change the channel n watch MotoGP instead.

  4. How on earth does RBR make gap of 10 sec in several laps? It looked like all others are racing in Camry against Porsche 911 Turbo… OK, Vettel is so great as to make 2-3 sec gap in a lap to all other racers.

  5. The more boos Vettel gets, the better he goes :D

  6. Though half of me cringed at the thought of missing the Grand Prix (Singapore’s no less) for an assignment set by a lecturer I absolutely loathe, the other (cynical) half of me was predicting exactly this. Vettel roaring to victory, Alonso the best of the rest.

  7. Adrian Newey really pulled one out of the bag in the summer break.

    I’m praying for Newey to drop the ball in 2014

    1. Looks like Alonso already dropped it

    2. @todfod
      I’m sorry but you would have to be delusional to actually believe that was all down to the car. There’s nothing that suggests that Red Bull is actually 2+ seconds faster. I’m not saying he outperformed his car because obviously that’s impossible but you’d have to consider the fact that the rest of the field just were terribly slow compared to him today.

      Vettel just really outshone and outclassed the whole field.

        1. Yap, because if is not all the car has to be all the driver./

          Really, when you people will grow and accept that Vettel is a superb driver?

          1. @oletros

            I’m not saying he isn’t great … but to say that he was the force behind such a dominating performance is a joke.

            The difference between a great driver and an average driver is the few tenths of extra pace per lap. The 2 secs performance advantage was mostly Adrian Newey.

            Do you honestly believe that Seb is actually that much quicker than everyone else on the field??? Do you even understand that no driver at this level can magically find better racing lines, braking points, etc to make a car go that much faster than anyone else? Do you even understand this sport?

            Its about maximising the car’s potential, and I have to agree that Vettel absolutely juiced that Red Bull this entire weekend.

            Without the car’s potential being that much greater than everyone else’s, Vettel wouldn’t have had such a dominating victory

            So yes.. my congratulations goes to Adrian Newey for provding that potential

          2. >The 2 secs performance advantage was mostly Adrian Newey.

            The 2 sec performance advantage was mostly by running in clear air and pushing like crazy while the other drivers were conserving tires.

            >So yes.. my congratulations goes to Adrian Newey for provding that potential

            While, everyone is entitled to their opinions, delusional but opinions

          3. @todfod I am sure you also congratulate Puma when Usian Bolt wins races because I am pretty sure if he had run bare foot he would not have set the world records !!!!

            of Course I am a big fan of Newey from Good Ol days and I give him a big credit for. But yeah remember Webber’s car is also designed by Newey. Remember a good designer can only design a good car if he has a good driver who not only give good feedback but also drives it the the limit that he expects it to !!!!!!

            Again Where were all these critics when Senna won races in a car which won all the races of the year ?????

          4. @tmax

            I am sure you also congratulate Puma when Usian Bolt wins races because I am pretty sure if he had run bare foot he would not have set the world records !!!!

            What a ridiculous statement. f1 is more about the machine than the man. You should know that by now

            Comparing athletics to f1, is like comparing apples to the white house

          5. @todfod Going by your Apples and White House Theory

            I am sure You always mentioned Senna’s Car Designer everytime when Senna Won and probably praised every designer when a driver won…..

            Maybe going by your apple theory once the race is over we should have the designer’s on the 3 steps of the podium instead of the driver ….

            Going by your Whitehouse theory I am surprised that the Team Principals are paying so much to the drivers instead of paying to the designers !!!!

            f1 is more about the machine than the man.

            Unfortunately I always thought it was the MAN in the machine !!!!

          6. @tmax

            Unfortunately I always thought it was the MAN in the machine !!!!

            Well … I hate to break the news to you. But the machine makes most of the difference. If you think otherwise, you need a reality check.

            I’m merely paying my compliments to the person who designed the car. I’m sorry if I have upset Vettel fanatics , if they feel he is under appreciated. Just get over it

  8. Gutted for Grosjean and Webber, but happy Hulkenberg salvaged a point and showed Sauber who they should be praising..

  9. Today Red Bull’s margin over the rest was bigger than any race I can remember in 2004. Jesus Christ, how on EARTH can you find 2 seconds of performance over Ferrari and Mercedes in today’s tightly regulated Formula 1?

    1. Perhaps the rest were just really incompetent compared to Vettel today? Ever considered that?

      I’m not even a Vettel fan but my God will people ever give credit to the guy for being simply the best and unbeatable right now.

      1. @aced
        No driver can make a 2 second difference to a car, not even Senna. Do you really seriously think that Vettel is 2 seconds faster than Hamilton/Alonso/Raikkonen/Rosberg?

        I never denied that he is a good driver, but that car flatters him.

        1. @kingshark

          Don’t get me wrong, I never said Vettel made a 2 second difference to the car. Obviously in a perfect scenario you can only drive as fast as the car goes and anything better is physically impossible.

          All I’m saying is that the rest just totally sucked and they seriously need to step it up a bit or Vettel is just gonna keep running away with it.

        2. @kingshark exactly ! 2 seconds is bonkers even for vettel . Maybe the Red Bull allows him to drive it absolutely to the limits while the others have to cruise to make sure they save their tyres . Again , it makes me so disappointed that the tyre change affected teams so badly .

    2. The two second difference was due to the other teams startegy of saving tyres. They hoped to get to the end of the race after the SC. Vettel just went all out while the others did not follow suit. It was a strategy mistake by Mercedes not to pit during the SC. Thay made another mistake by not following, at least one of them, Vetttel in his strategy after the SC. Lotus and Maclaren as well as Ferrari with Alonso committed to a non-stop startegy and worked well for them, even though the Maclarens faced problems with tyre degradation and were overtaken by the Mercedes and Massa. It would have been interesting to see a Fernado-Kimi fight for second if Kimi was not stuck behind Button for a lot of rounds. His tyres were in better shape and he would have probably caught up to Alonso.

      1. I believe Lewis could have gone for some options at SC . But he had just pitted and it is so difficult to overtake here which we just saw at the end

    3. You surely like playing the simpleton when it suits your point of view. At the time of the race those 2sec a lap started appearing Seb was pushing, the others were speculating on preserving their tyres more. That’s all there is to that BS. Your 2004 memory needs a refresh as well (guess you didn’t complain then too). I suspect you know that very well, so stop being bu**hurt and roll on.

      1. He was 2 seconds a lap quicker starting on the first lap, you can’t say everyone was in tire save mode already.

  10. Michael Brown (@)
    22nd September 2013, 15:47

    Vettel’s performance today was better and more dominant than any race of 2011. Surely it’s not just the car doing it?

    1. wow i think that was the biggest margin from 1st to 2nd since 2010 cataluyna, wasnt it?

      1. Michael Brown (@)
        22nd September 2013, 16:46

        Webber won the 2010 Spanish Grand Prix 24 seconds ahead of Alonso.

  11. wow I just cant stand to see all those people keep booing Vettel, i wonder if they even know what respect means,
    I hope it will be stopped from the next race…

    1. Michael Brown (@)
      22nd September 2013, 15:56

      He’s a German guy that wins a lot.

      1. they probably cant stand to see Alonso and Raikkonen not being able even to close on him , I’m sorry for them…

  12. Vettel does it again, and in a commanding way. It just goes to show that he is one of the best grand prix drivers nowadays, and his success isn’t just down to the car. Pulling away at such a rate from the rest of the field was just incredible to watch.
    Great races from Raikkonen and Alonso too, maximising their chances of a good result.
    Well done to Hulkenberg too by finishing ninth and collecting 2 points for Sauber.

  13. I decided to support F1 because it is normal to support drivers you admire rather than because they are your nationality. I do not understand all this anti Vettel business and why the varous TV companies seem to avoid mentioning Rosberg who gets on with the job and survived Schumacher as his team mate and looks like he will get pushed inoto the background by Hamilton. Let’s face it, Vettel’s drive today was commanding and Alonso (another one people like to hate apparently) and Raikkonen were brilliant. Pity Button’s tyres were degrading so fast becaue I think he did very well – and condolences to the whinging Aussie, pity his engine couldn’t hang on to the end

  14. From the radio, it seems Nico Rosberg was arguing with his pit wall about the need to push. The pundits on NBC (US broadcaster) speculated it might be a question of fitness and NRs ability to handle the heat and and G forces. Obviously, the on track performance seemed incongruent with the actions of a struggling driver as he was able to fend off an aggressive (attacking?) Lewis Hamilton.

    @keithcollantine, do you have any of your superb insights into this?

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