2013 Singapore Grand Prix weekend in Tweets

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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Get a glimpse behind the scenes at the Singapore Grand Prix. @AnthonyFrench rounds up what the teams and drivers shared on Twitter during the race weekend.


Singapore’s night-time allure attracted a photoshoot bonanza from fans, team members and drivers alike.


Mercedes looked quick in first practice but Red Bull were in crushing form later in the evening.


Sebastian Vettel added to the tension of qualifying by electing not to make a second run in Q3. His gamble paid off and he beat Nico Rosberg to pole by just over a tenth of a second, while saving a set of super-soft tyres.


Vettel romped to his sixth victory of the year while an absorbing tactical battle played out behind him. McLaren gambled unsuccessfully in an attempt get their first podium of the year, leaving Alonso and Raikkonen to secure the runner-up sports behind the world champion.

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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4 comments on “2013 Singapore Grand Prix weekend in Tweets”

  1. Here’s my personal favorite c/o @Lotus_F1Team: Replays do show Fernando making a stonking start, not only passing our man, but countless others too. Maybe millions.

    I was trackside settling down for what I expected to be a long and predictable race, but whoever was running the Lotus twitter feed provided much needed comic relief. Props to them!

    1. Yes, The Lotus twitter feed is probably the one with the most flair out of all the teams. There were plenty of gems over the weekend, and there was one yesterday as well, a top 10 list on avoiding a penalty.

      I completely missed Barichello being in the garage as well.

  2. Love that Sauber tweet about the fireworks, I was thinking the same thing, especially when the race director decided to focus on them rather than all the last lap battles.

    1. yeah, it perfectly gets my reaction at that moment as well.

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