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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend.

Valtteri Bottas, Friday

For the first year of Singapore’s new contract to host F1 a major improvement was made to the track, with the awkward and slow Singapore Sling chicane at turn ten replaced by a quicker corner.

Kimi Raikkonen, Friday

During practice Kimi Raikkonen aggravated a back injury but despite starting outside the top ten mounted an excellent recovery drive to claim his first Singapore podium finish.

Nico Rosberg, Saturday

Nico Rosberg nearly made Sebastian Vettel pay for having the confidence not to do a second run during Q3 – he came within a tenth of a second of snatching pole position while Vettel looked on anxiously from his pit garage.

Esteban Gutierrez, Sunday

The Sauber mechanics had to push Esteban Gutierrez further up the grid than usual as he made his first appearance in Q3. However he wasn’t able to bring the car home in the top ten and is still seeking his first points finish of the year.

Start, 2013 Singapore Grand Prix

Rosberg briefly got into the lead at the start but it didn’t last – Vettel got back around the Mercedes at turn two. Behind them Fernando Alonso vaulted from seventh to third with an excellent start and a daring pass on the outside of Mark Webber.

Paul di Resta, 2013 Singapore Grand Prix

Paul di Resta held Alonso at bay after the Ferrari driver made his first pit stop. He was under pressure from the other Ferrari later in the race when he crashed out.

Pastor Maldonado, Nico Hulkenberg, Sergio Perez, 2013 Singapore Grand Prix

Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez scrapped for position behind Pastor Maldonado’s Williams. Hulkenberg was dismayed to be ordered by the stewards to relinquish the position to Perez after going off the track.

Charles Pic, Jules Bianchi, 2013 Singapore Grand Prix

Unusually both Charles Pic and Jules Bianchi were beaten by their team mates. Pic had to make a late pit stop when his tyres went off and Bianchi made an extra visit to the pits to have his steering wheel replaced.

Sebastian Vettel, 2013 Singapore Grand Prix

With his seventh win of the year Vettel is looking ever more unstoppable in the drivers’ championship.

Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, 2013 Singapore Grand Prix

Alonso gave Webber a lift back to the pits as Webber did for him at the Nurburgring two years ago. But this time they got in trouble and both were reprimanded: Webber for going onto the track without permission and Alonso for stopping in a dangerous position.

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Images © Renault/DPPI, Lotus/LAT, Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Sauber, Force India, Williams/LAT, Caterham/LAT, Red Bull/Getty

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18 comments on “Top ten pictures from the 2013 Singapore Grand Prix”

  1. As boring as the Singapore GP can be the cars do look stunning at night.

  2. A nightrace just spoils the view of the city as it is. All I know of Singapore is darkness, a lightflooded track and a ferris wheel.

    1. Watch the GP2 races, it was held in the day and Singapore looked amazing!

  3. It was interesting watching the difference between Gutierrez and Hulkenberg when they had the Mercs stuck behind them after the safety car, Gutierrez basically let them all through (after being told to fight them), whereas Hulkenberg held them at bay for laps.

    What do you think the reason for this is, lack of confidence? Experienced driver vs rookie? To me it feels like Gutierrez is terrified of making a big mistake, certainly a breath of fresh air after Perez/Grosjean/Maldonado’s kamikaze moves of the last few years but I fear it could be the reason for his below-par performance.

    1. I think Gutierrez knows who he is fighting against and doesn’t waste his race making flashy moves on the front-runners. This isn’t lack of confidence, this is intelligence. He would lose more time defending against these Mercedes than letting them go- A mature attitude displayed by an impressive rookie. How much has he cost his team in time and effort and money when compared to the flashier Guido? Hulk is racing for his career, but Gutierrez seems able to keep his head down and learn. This reminds me of Bottas, the other stand-out rookie this year.

      1. @ferrox-glideh Do you seriously consider Guiterrez one of the “stand-out” rookies this year? I mean… really? Like… seriously?

        1. @roald I don’t see why he wouldn’t be, if anything, none of them are shining very bright. Maybe VDGarde post Canada.

        2. He hasn’t made an ass out himself as much as others. That is encouraging. Bottas is better, I concede.

          1. VDGarde is fast, but he has a nasty habit of destroying cars.

  4. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    24th September 2013, 23:38

    Found my new computer wallpaper on that Kimi shot.

    1. Mine too- What a photo!

  5. New wallpaper for me as Vettel crosses the finish line with “no one” behind.

  6. A few good ones in there: Kimi, Vettel and I particularly like the shot of Rosberg. It looks like there’s something sticking out from the middle of his car though.

  7. Not something I’ve ever really considered before, but, why are the actual cameras of the T-cams offset to the left? Would it not be better to have it centered? I wonder why it’s done like that.

    Also, the shot of MAL-PER-HUL is my new wallpaper, I get one every time this top 10 pictures list comes out.

  8. Surprised this one isn’t in it: it’s on the background rotation and I really can’t take my eyes off it.

  9. I guess I’m the only one to miss the chicane. If only for the spectacular pictures it produced.

  10. This one is my favourite…

  11. You can always rely on the Scot’s to bring a Saltire!

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