2013 Singapore Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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The post-race fireworks weren’t the only pyrotechnics snapped by F1 fans at the Singapore Grand Prix – Mark Webber created some of his own. Here are the best fans’ videos from Singapore.



This static view of the start shows just how incredibly well Fernando Alonso got off the line.

Nico Rosberg also started well but couldn’t make his move on Sebastian Vettel stick.

Massa vs Hamilton

Felipe Massa edged Lewis Hamilton wide at the start: Hamilton passed him at the next corner but had to relinquish the position as he’d gone off the track.


Immediately after the race restarted Vettel began to open up a substantial lead over Rosberg who was coping with severe understeer due to tyre debris in his front wing.

Vettel scorches ahead

This appears to be lap 36, six laps after the restart, as Vettel’s lead is up to 14 seconds over the struggling Rosberg.

Massa vs Button

A dramatic view of Massa chasing Jenson Button through turns eight, nine and ten, as seen from the 43rd floor of Swissotel The Stamford.

Hamilton passes Perez

It’s unusual to see a pass being made into turn 18 – here’s Hamilton passing Sergio Perez.

Webber on fire


Mark Webber’s car caught fire on the final lap, forcing him to retire.

He then made the mistake of walking onto the track to get a lift back to the pits from Alonso, earning himself a reprimand, as seen in this earlier video.


The traditional end-of-race fireworks.

Ricciardo barrier


Spectators take photographs where Daniel Ricciardo crashed into the barrier at turn 18.

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2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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  1. As lovely as the fireworks display was, it would have been better for FOM to show the remaining action on the track after Vettel had won the race.

    1. 100% agree on that one @slr

    2. Yea i agreed. its a distraction
      they shld at least give some respect for the other participants. its not easy to drive so many laps in a hot n humid country!!! i find the fireworks annoying

  2. Yeah, even the BBC commentators where saying ‘there’s still a race going on’.

  3. When watching the race on TV i was a bit bored, but seing these videos in 1080P, shot so close to the track, it remembers me why i watch F1. Thanks!

  4. Here’s a view from T2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4sekAci2_U

    Singapore hasn’t put on the most exciting of TV races but in the past few years when I’ve been at the track it’s all different – good different.

  5. How many inexperienced marshals are around Mark Webber’s car?!

    And, how many guys took a Fly Emirates logo picture with their friends alongside it?!

  6. I was hoping Daniel was gonna be the last person to jump in front of the barrier in the last video.

  7. Are the Massa V Button and Webber on fire videos showing up for anyone? I can’t seem to view them.

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