New pit lane exit among Korea circuit changes

2013 Korean Grand Prix

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Korea pit lane exit, 2013The Korea race organisers have made changes to the problematic pit lane exit on the circuit.

Cars used to rejoin the track from the pits on the outside of turn one, leaving them vulnerable if a car entering the corner had to run wide.

This year the pit lane exit will run through the turn one run-off area, moving the flow of pit exit traffic further away from the racing line.

Other improvements have also been made to the track, mainly to the run-off areas and exit kerbs.

Last year Lewis Hamilton’s race was spoiled when a large piece of artificial grass became attached to his car. According to the FIA the material has been replaced at turns one, three, ten, thirteen and fifteen with a “more hard-wearing product”.

Asphalt has been applied to the verges at some corners to make the run-off spaces more durable. And ‘sausage’ kerbs have been installed at turns four, five, nine, eleven, thirteen and fourteen to discourage corner-cutting.

2013 Korean Grand Prix

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    39 comments on “New pit lane exit among Korea circuit changes”

    1. It won’t help.

    2. An improvement, but if someone aquaplanes or locks a break off into turn one, it still has potential for a nasty accident. Better than before though, slightly further out of harms way.

      1. Personally I don’t think any pitlane can be described as more dangerous than the one at Monaco. If two drivers are fighting for position and one goes to the inside as a car is leaving the pits… SLAM!

        1. You maybe the only person I’ve seen who actually brought up the Monaco pit exit. Just a matter of time until that problem rears its ugly head.

      2. I reckon the best solution is an Abu Dhabi-style exit (underground). Silly and a bit supermarket-ish, but safe, IMO.

        1. If not an exiting car crashes in the tunnel and block it.

          1. @eggry that’s why I personally wouldn’t have another like Abu Dhabi’s: it works okay in Abu Dhabi as the tunnel will never get damp, but if it were to rain in Korea and the track on entry to become wet then it could be blocked and that would take a lot of time to clear up properly. It’s impractical, although safer.

      3. As far as I remember @jamesf1, this was actually how the pitlane exit was drawn in the original layout (was it time, or money that got it shortened to the bad way it was before?).

        As you mention, better to be at the end of the runoff area than right at the corner where someone comes storming in.

    3. Didn’t Codemasters F1 2010 had such a Pit lane exit already?

      1. You are correct. It did because it was based on a plan / simulation given to the developers before the race had even taken place. They changed it before the actual race that same year.

      2. Yes, in fact, that was the original plan, and goodness only knows why they changed it…

      3. Codemasters also put a few stands around that area that have never existed, and the pit-lane they used then had a barrier on the left, unlike this one.

    4. Still a stupid pitlane exit.

      Imagine if the problems from the British GP reappeared. It’d be incredibly dangerous. There’s no other word for it.

      1. Exactly, it would be a little bit better if they placed a gravel trap between the track and pitlane exit, but still a stupid exit.

    5. According to the FIA the material has been replaced at turns one, three, ten, thirteen and fifteen was a “more hard-wearing product”.

      Doesn’t really make sense.

      1. It was supposed to be “with” instead of was I think.

        1. Just realised that question has already been answered!

    6. replace the word “was” with the word “with” and it does.

      1. sorry, that was supposed to be a reply to @strontium

        1. Ah right thanks! Don’t know how I didn’t see that!

    7. JP (@jonathanproc)
      2nd October 2013, 21:24

      Trying to stay within the pit lane exit white lines could get interesting, especially if it’s wet!

      1. Good point actually @jonathanproc – they don’t look much wider than a car’s width! I wonder how lenient they’ll be if a driver strays across whilst in the run-off area section of the pit lane.

      2. Crossing white lines is a non-issue as long as drivers are following the general trajectory of the pit road. It becomes a punishable offense from the moment the white line joins the circuit. Going over them at pit entrance or exit sections without consequences is a common occurrence – Alonso-Massa China 2010 pit entrance overtake or Kubica’s pit exit Abu Dhabi 2010, to name a few off the top of my head.

    8. So, instead of exiting into T1, it now exits into the outside of T2, right on the racing line?

      1. Drivers on the circuit will actually be able to see drivers exiting the pits and vice-versa.

      2. what PM writes, and on top of that, the guys will be able to accelerate to get up to speed this way.

    9. Michael Brown (@)
      2nd October 2013, 22:00

      The pits should have been on the other side of the pit straight anyway. It it solves the issue of a horrible pit entry and exit.

      1. Pretty sure it was, until the grandstand was put on the inside to give a sea view.

    10. And ‘sausage’ kerbs have been installed at turns four, five, nine, eleven, thirteen and fourteen to discourage corner-cutting.

      Grrr! I hate these things!

    11. While it spoiled Hammy’s race, watching the McLaren sport a dashing green sash was quite a spectacle.

    12. It looks like this could be often tricky to negotiate if it’s included in F1 2013. I always found Malaysia’s and India’s pit-entries especially tricky!

      1. @deej92 Ya , Sepang’s pit entry is frustrating in f1 2012 aspecially the game glitches and resets you if you get it wrong .

        1. *especially

    13. Surely the pit entry is what needed changing?

      You know, cars pitting required to cut across the racing line?

    14. i rather they make it REAL grass, like to see drivers caught out in REAL grass if they ever make a mistake

      1. They don’t make that anymore, surely you don’t expect F1 to buy it used off ebay do you??

        1. they could get used turfs from Premier League football clubs.

    15. Well, just goes to show you can’t polish a turd.

      Get this gorified car parkoff the calender now, Bernie.

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