Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Korea International Circuit, 2013

Alonso says he’ll go on the attack at the start

2013 Korean Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Korea International Circuit, 2013Fernando Alonso says he will go on the attack at the start of the Korean Grand Prix which may offer his best chance of making up places.

Alonso will line up fifth on the grid following Mark Webber’s penalty and believes the long straights at the start of the lap will help him.

“I think the start is a very short space to turn one so we will do all of our attacks in turn three, turn four – there is always some action in the race,” he said.

“We will see what we can do but we know that we will struggle also tomorrow.”

Alonso has gained more places on lap one than any driver this year apart from Sergio Perez.

However he is pessimistic about his car’s performance over a race stint: “I think this weekend we are not particularly strong.”

“Also in the race pace yesterday we saw some problems in the pace. So a little bit less optimistic in terms of winning the race or podium finishes for tomorrow. But we will try our best.”

2013 Korean Grand Prix

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21 comments on “Alonso says he’ll go on the attack at the start”

  1. When wouldn’t he go?

  2. Not if its raining which the forecast is heavy rain from the effects of the typhoon but they will only get bits of it from the typhoon

    1. Actually, the rain is only forecasted to be “Until race day”. Cooler temperatures follow then after this. haha

      1. I heard different about the weather

    2. current forecast is 30% chance of rain on race day

      1. I don’t believe anything that the forecasters say anymore as they got it wrong twice in a row

        1. i will keep my fingers crossed

          1. Now they are saying cloudy, hazy and windy

  3. Nothing like telling the others where you are going to make your move. Suspect he has a different plan.

  4. Samurai to go banzai ;-) ?

  5. Crazy, I was just thinkin, I bet Alonso tries to get a good start. If only others were so proactive.

  6. Why does this not surprise me? Fernando “obvious” Alonso speaks again ;)

    1. I am surprised. I thought Alonso would take it easy at the start, planning to fall back a few places. On the attack at the start – doesn’t sound like Alonso at all.

    2. I thought he’d try a Webber

  7. Very innovative from Alonso. Attack at the start. The man is a genius. Who else would have thought to go for it from the start? [/end sarc].

  8. Sensible words form Alonso, he knows that Ferrari is fast in S1 and if he makes a good start that will be his only chance of proper racing. That is iff it stays dry of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing a certain Red Bull spinning out off the race just for the sake of making the WDC at least somewhat entertaining for the remainder of the season.

  9. Well if you compare Alonso starts + first lap, it’s like other are not really attacking at all, lol

  10. I would watch out for the Hulk. He was mighty in the first sector during qualy.

  11. I wouldn’t do that if i were u Nando
    U said urself that the tires only last 5km if u attack ;)

  12. Some people just can’t resist taking a dig at Alonso eh? The main point he is trying to get across is that a good start might be the only way for him to reach the podium cos the car isn’t good enough to beat the Mercs and Vettel on merit. Oh and anyone who thinks every driver attacks at the start is being silly. True, everyone tries to get away from the grid as quickly as possible, but when it comes to the first corner, drivers will attack because they have nothing to lose, and will play safe if a crash or damage could make a big impact in the championship. Imagine Gutierrez starting P4. Will he attack and try to take the lead? No, he’ll make sure he gets through turn 1 unscathed, so that he can bring home some valuable points for Sauber. If Vettel was leading by 3 points at the last race, and Fernando was several places down the grid, do you think Seb would fight hard for the lead? The priority would be to finish the race.

    In this case, the championship is almost out of reach now, so Fernando has nothing to lose, if he gets into 2nd and Vettel has a DNF, that will help. There’s no point in playing it safe and bringing home 4th or 5th because that’s not going to get him the title.

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