2013 Korean Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 Korean Grand Prix

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Start, Korea International Circuit, 2013The Korean Grand Prix tends not to attract a huge crowd but enough of them showed with cameras to capture some unusual angles on the action – and the first F1 footage in ultra-high definition 4K resolution.

Here are some more of the best videos shot by F1 fans at the Korean Grand Prix.


The field enters turn one at the start. Gutierrez made a lunge down the inside of the Ferraris but later lost the places in the mayhem caused by Massa’s spin at turn three.


After the antics at turn three Vettel arrives at turn four with a healthy lead while Grosjean keeps Hamilton tucked up.

Vettel pits

Vettel rejoins the track after his first pit stop. Webber briefly led at this point, but he pitted at the end of the lap, putting Vettel back in the lead again.

Alonso pursues Hulkenberg

Alonso kicks up the dirt as he runs wide at turn two while chasing Hulkenberg.

At the second restart Alonso has a look at Hamilton but thinks better of it, then Perez pays the price for trying to put a move on Massa by losing part of his front wing.

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2013 Korean Grand Prix

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    1. Turn 4 (2nd video) looks a good place to watch! Lots of action, and you can’t see any DRS from there…

    2. No videos of Webber’s fire or the deployment of the fire marshal SUV?

      1. @mike-dee Not that I’ve seen yet but keep in mind there weren’t that many people there and viewing opportunities in the area you’re referring to (the straight up to and including turn three) are quite limited.

        1. OK, thanks, this makes sense although it is a pity – would have liked to see those incidents from different angles. (Although the best would be an onboard of Vettel when he turned onto the straight with the marshal vehicle)

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