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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the Korean Grand Prix weekend.

Thursday press conference

There’s no mistaking how these six drivers felt about having to attend Thursday’s press conference.

Kimi Raikkonen, Friday

The archetypal Korean Grand Prix picture shows the cars heading beneath the track’s distinctive bridge. But after first practice the recovery of Kimi Raikkonen’s damaged Lotus, which he planted in the barrier at turn 18, gave a twist to this particular.

McLaren, Saturday

The McLaren MP4-28s sit beneath their protective covers in parc ferme as the sun goes down on Saturday night.

Mark Webber fans

Mark Webber suffered a luckless weekend but he at least found some support among the modest numbers of fans who attended the race.

Start, Korean Grand Prix

At turn three on the first lap Felipe Massa almost committed the unforgivable act of taking out his team mate. Fernando Alonso’s quick reactions spared Ferrari from deep embarrassment.

Sergio Perez, Korean Grand Prix

At the beginning of lap 31 Sergio Perez had a major lock-up on the way into turn one. Raikkonen, obscured by the tyre smoke, passed the McLaren on the way out of the corner.

That proved fortunate as moments later Perez’s tyre exploded. Webber, seen here exiting the pits, was showered with debris and also suffered a puncture, sending him straight back into the pits again.

Nico Hulkenberg, Korean Grand Prix

It was another strong weekend for Nico Hulkenberg who equalled his career best finish with fourth place after holding off Alonso and, later, Lewis Hamilton.

Romain Grosjean, Korean Grand Prix

After losing second place to Raikkonen, Romain Grosjean was unhappy at being held up and repeatedly asked his team to be let past, but his requests were denied.

On his way back to the pits he was told: “We’ll talk about this in the office after the race of course but for now big ******* smile on the podium please, big ******* smile” (censored by FOM during the broadcast).

Nico Rosberg, Sergio Perez, Korean Grand Prix

For the third race running their was no Mercedes-powered car on the podium.

Nico Rosberg and Perez park up in their grimy cars, Jenson Button having already climbed from his.

Sebastian Vettel, Korean Grand Prix

In contrast to the cars in the previous picture, Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull looks almost pristine as he pulls up after leading every lap of the Korean Grand Prix and claiming his eighth win of the year.

In Korea he wore a helmet with “ten”, “eleven” and “twelve” written on the top, denoting the three years he won his world championships. It looks increasingly likely he’ll need to add “thirteen” to it soon.

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    1. The first picture looks funny with the apt comment. Just shows how the Thursday conferences have become a bore fest. Nowadays, this is the standard.

      Secondly, Korea alongside Abu Dhabi gives some great evening skies.

      1. @neelv27 What is the criteria for selection drivers for the Thursday press conferences @keithcollatine?

        1. @noob – As far as I know, drivers in their home country are the first ones. The rest, I ain’t sure but I know that generally the teams that drivers represent will have their other team personnel on Friday

          1. I imagine that they try and give everyone a go over the course of a season, and that they try and tap into drivers who are a little more current than others – like, for example, Esteban Gutierrez, following his Q3 debut in Singapore.

            1. @prisoner-monkeys – Yes. Every driver is covered over the course of the season like you mentioned. Generally drivers are also selected on the basis of whether they have been in the news between the 2 race weekends. For example, Mark Webber was a repeat at China 2013 after Australia 2013 itself due to the Multi 21 saga or even Perez and Lewis being present at Japan 2012 for their team changes.

              The idea is to give the media more meat to question drivers. Still they come out with weird questions like a comment on fatherhood!

      2. I bet hamilton felt awkward sat in between massa and grosjean, massa because of 2011 incidents betweenn them and grosjean because of spa 2012.

      3. The evening shots are because of the circuit’s location. There is no air or light pollution to affect the sky.

        [/geography teacher]

    2. No korean grid girls?

      1. This is F1 Fanatic, not Maxim.

        1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    3. I like the picture of the three Mercedes-powered cars parked up together. Very silvery! Let’s hope a return to the podium for Mercedes in Japan, as I doubt McLaren will be capable.

    4. The McLaren picture is excellent – tranquility in the hectic world of loud noises, fast cars and frantic competition that is Formula One.

    5. The “Sad Alonso” photo should be in the top 10 from this weekend, even if it was taken on Thursday or Friday.

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