How Vettel can win the championship this weekend

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel can seal a fourth consecutive world championship victory if he wins this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix.

With five rounds remaining Vettel has amassed a 77-point lead over closest rival Fernando Alonso. Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton are both still mathematically capable of claiming the crown.

Vettel won his second title at Suzuka two years ago. In order to repeat the feat this year he will have to win the race – a lower finishing position for him would ensure the title is decided at a later date.

If Vettel wins, he needs Alonso to finish no higher than ninth to be crowned champion. In that event Raikkonen and Hamilton would be out of the running wherever they finishes.

Alonso’s consistent points-scoring makes that unlikely but not impossible. After all last year Vettel won the race and Alonso crashed out at the first corner (pictured) – exactly the kind of scenario which would see Vettel claim the title with four races to spare.

Red Bull are similarly closing on a fourth consecutive constructors’ championship title but they are not able to score enough points this weekend to seal the title.

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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15 comments on “How Vettel can win the championship this weekend”

  1. Potentially Vettel can win Ferrari in the number of points by himself.

  2. Red Bull are similarly closing on a fourth consecutive constructors’ championship title but they are not able to score enough points this year to seal the title.

    I think that should be “this race.” Unless Keith knows something we don’t!

    1. How many more Points RBR need to seal the WCC?

      1. @harsha

        probably 1 point :-)

    2. Changed it, thanks!

  3. It’s almost certain the title will go to Seb. I think most of us would concede the point. Let’s shift our focus to the battles down the gird then, shall we?

    – Battle for 2nd: ALO (195 pts), RAI (167), & HAM (161) — Three former world champions, arguably three of the four best drivers on the grid. I’m especially interested in Raikkonen can close in on and beat Alonso in points this year what kind of tension (or paranoia) that may or may not cause next year at Ferrari.

    – Battle for 11th: DIR (36 pts) & HUL (31 pts) — While di Resta put in some stellar performances with a promising car early in the year, Pirelli’s switch to the 2012 tyre compounds has severely affected his results, not to mention his retirements in the last five races. Former Force India driver, Hulkenberg, has had some outstanding drives in the last few races in his revised Sauber. Could he pass his former team mate?

    – Battle for Points: GUT, BOT, BIA, CHI, VDG, PIC (all 0 pts) — None of the rookies has scored a point yet this season. Caterham and Marussia have not scored a point since they joined F1 in 2010. Will anyone score a point before the year is over?

    – WCC 7th Place: Sauber (31 pts) v. Toro Rosso (31 pts) — Currently, these two teams are tied on 31 points. RIC and JEV have shared the points haul for the Red Bull junior team, and HUL has carried home all 31 for his cash-strapped Sauber team, could really use the extra WCC prize money for 7th place.


    1. I’m a Sauber fan. I been focusing in those kind of battles for the last 20 years.
      F1 can be exiting either if you are not a big team fan.

      The difference between 7th and 8th in the WCC is arroun 3M.
      I think that Sauber can hold the 7th place. Nico will continue with his great driving and Esteban might add a couple of points.
      It’s a shame Force India is so far away…..31 points in 5 races is too much. But…you never know…maybe Sauber can still aim for a 6th place and repeat the great 2012 position.
      And remember Suzuka 2012….great race by Sauber (Kamui). 3rd Place. Huge driving holding back Jenson Button and his Mc Laren (Last year Mc Larens were flying).
      Maybe Suzuka 2013 can be good with Sauber again….Nico 2nd behind Seb.

    2. Toro Rosso vs. Sauber is interesting, and so is Hulk vs. Sulk

      I think Alonso should claim the 2nd spot with relative ease, but the battle for 3rd between Raikkonen and Hamilton will be very interesting. My money is on Kimi to come out on top of that one

      1. Same top 3 for 2 years then!

    3. Maybe even more important is battle for 2nd in WCC: Ferrari or Mercedes?

      I think Sauber vs Toro Rosso will definitely be won by Sauber – I think they may even be able to catch Force India.

      Hulkenberg will also overtake Di Resta based on current form.

      And of the ones with zero points, Gutierrez is the only one with a realistic chance for a point. I guess how he fares will also determine whether Sauber has a chance of catching Force India!

      In the driver’s battle for second, I reckon that Hamilton also still has a good chance.

  4. It’s unlikely to happen I imagine, but the probability of Vettel winning is quite high. Alonso retirements (although very rare) aren’t unheard of, either, but I doubt he’d finish 9th or lower in “normal” circumstances.

  5. Now that its just formality for Vettel….lets just hope that we can see some good racing. Suzuka is a great track, love 130R and Spoon!

  6. Good luck Seb!

  7. Great pace from Webber, good to see him driving well. I dont think he can hold off Seb for too long in the race though. But thats just my hopes as im a fan of seb. I hope too see some good racing, watching him walk away from the rest of the field is not interesting, so i usually pay attention to the closer battles. i like too see good side by side racing and challenge is and i hope someone can bring something to challenge seb.

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