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Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Korea International Circuit, 2013Pirelli’s choices of tyre compounds for the final three races of 2013 are the same as they were last season.

The hardest available tyres will be used for the United States and Brazilian Grands Prix, while the medium and soft compounds have been chosen for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Here is the 2013 tyre selection in full:

Circuit2013 Option2013 Prime2012 Option2012 Prime2011 Option2011 Prime
MelbourneSuper SoftMediumSoftMediumSoftHard
BahrainSoftHardSoftMediumNo raceNo race
Monte-CarloSuper SoftSoftSuper SoftSoftSuper SoftSoft
MontrealSuper SoftMediumSuper SoftSoftSuper SoftSoft
NurburgringSoftMediumNo raceNo raceSoftMedium
HungaroringSoftMediumSoftMediumSuper SoftSoft
SingaporeSuper SoftMediumSuper SoftSoftSuper SoftSoft
KoreaSuper SoftMediumSuper SoftSoftSuper softSoft
Yas MarinaSoftMediumSoftMediumSoftMedium
Circuit of the AmericasMediumHardMediumHardNo raceNo race

2013 F1 season

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19 comments on “No change to tyre allocation for final three races”

  1. Great for Mercedes, I think. Hamilton is a monster around Yas Marina and his performance at CotA last season wasn’t shabby either ;) so fingers crossed for him being able to challenge for the win at these 2 circuits.

    1. Well, Yas Marina is more traction track and we saw what Vettel in that RB9 can do on traction tracks (Singapore, Monza).

  2. Very conservative choices again. Yas Marina I kind of agree, for Austin I would have probably made soft/hard and Interlagos soft/medium. But then I have not exact info about Pirelli tyres.

    1. Maybe the medium/hard choice for Austin is right given the current tyres but I hope they’ll change the allocations for this track in 2014.

    2. The soft tyres are pretty awful this year, though.

  3. @keithcollantine Is the swich for India normal with inverted prime and option ? (we already had that in the past)

    And there is a mistake above with the America GP not being held, it should be India

    1. Oups my mistake, read the table as if 2013 was far right …

      1. its 2014 where we will not have india!

  4. Hardy Boys for the final 2 races.

  5. correct me if I’m wrong, but…
    The medium / hard combination for US last year really really really conservative (hard) because they didn’t know the circuit. Everyone did one stop only because they had to? … seems an odd choice to me.

    1. Yes I’m 99% sure Hembry said after the 2012 grand prix that he “should have” brought soft and super soft…… Maybe it will be different this year now that the tarmac has had a year to settle down but still, odd.

      1. Maybe Pirelli do not want to risk tyre delamination like what happened to Perez in Korea..So,they are being conservative..

        Also,Pirelli is fed up of the criticism from media and drivers..It was trying to make interesting races and followed what FIA wanted..But it is getting lot of negative publicity..So maybe Hembrey is saying”Look,you wanted interesting races but do not appreciate us when we bring it..Now you take this,and settle for 1 stoppers..We have no problem”

        This is what Seb also wanted..No challenge from other teams.. :( :(

        1. I’m tired of hearing Pirelli and people who defend them making bullcrap excuses like “we only made crappy tires because the FIA told us to”, that’s not a good enough excuse, i’m sorry. In the end it doesn’t change the fact that Pirelli made a conscious decision to agree with the FIA’s terms and essentially make a bad product on purpose. If they weren’t able to foresee that such a brash decision would inevitably result in polemics and complaints from drivers, fans, and the media, then their decision-makers were really short-sighted. Nobody forced Pirelli into doing anything, it was all part of the agreement and it’s time for Pirelli to man up and admit to their share of responsability.

    2. I thought last years race at COTA was one of the best races of the year so never got the whining about tyres been conservative.

      Race long battle for the lead, Some good, hard racing behind & some real overtaking moves into turn 1 (Sadly with DRS there this year there will be no more real overtaking into turn 1).

      1. it was a good race because Vettel had a faster qualifying car, Lewis had a faster race car and there were a few fast paced drivers further down the grid (Alonso, Button and Massa).

        Pirelli’s remit was tyres that degraded providing 2/3/4 stop strategies so it seems odd to choose these compounds for this race. If the grid order isn’t spiced up on Saturday we could see a processional race similar to the Bridgestone days, which would be a shame for what could be a good circuit.

        1. Why do people keep calling the Bridgestone races processional?

          There have always been races where overtaking was difficult regardless of the tyre supplier, Even in the Pirelli days & with gimmicks like DRS there has still been races where overtaking has been difficult.

          The less interesting races during the Bridgestone days were NOT down to the tyres, They were purely down to things like refueling, car design & some circuits not been great for overtaking (Monaco, Hungary, Imola for example).

          In 2010 when refueling was banned we saw a big leap in the amount of overtaking been done on the circuit & lets not forget that 2010 did feature the most amount of overtaking of any season since 1989.

          Jumping back to 2013, Something to remember with the tyre allocation is that all 2013 compounds are a step softer than what we had in 2012 so while the allocation is the same in name (Soft/Medium etc…) the actual compounds are softer.

          1. I referred to a period in time where Bridgestone were in F1, which was statically low in overtaking:
            This is due to many aspects, very much including tyres.

            The ability vary pitstop strategy has a positive correlation with on track action, some thing that the tyres picked for US will not deliver.

            Pirelli have been making a step softer every year since they arrived in F1 to compensate for the teams improving tyre life. Comparing the US to other races in the same year the compounds have not moved, something Pirelli said they would do after the 2012 race.

  6. @keithcollantine I think they used the Mediums at Bahrain this year, not the Softs.

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