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2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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An eventful qualifying session saw Mark Webber take pole position after team mate Sebastian Vettel was hampered by a KERS glitch.

Proceedings were halted at one stage as Jean-Eric Vergne’s brakes caught fire.

Here’s how the session unfolded in the portions of team radio that were broadcast during qualifying.

2013 Japanese Grand Prix qualifying team radio transcript

PQ02:38Juan Pablo RamirezGiedo van der GardeOK good Giedo. We will not be able to wait too long beacuse of the programme. Please check the brake balance is at 54% which is the brake balance you used for the frst flying lap last time around. And we’ll go from there.
Q120:00Juan Pablo RamirezGiedo van der GardeWind should be similar to this morning although feels a bit gustier over here in the pit wall so just keep an eye on that. And we go out in mix two.
Q119:48Tim WrightCharles PicTrack temperature’s gone up just four degrees from the morning session, plus for. Wind is the same direction, it feels quite strong, it’s a tailwind down to turn one again. We are fuelled for three timed laps, baseline for the second run is one timed lap so we’ll just confirm that with each other after the first run. OK?
Charles PicTim WrightOK.
Q116:55Dave RobsonJenson ButtonButton leaves the pits.
Straight out, drive straight out.
Q116:36Brad JoyceAdrian SutilEverybody is on out-laps. So we can afford to take a gap because our first lap is going to be more of a cruising lap.
Adrian SutilBrad JoyceOK I’ll push for lap two and four.
Brad JoyceAdrian SutilThat’s it, copy that. Hulkenberg and Perez behind both on out-laps Raikkonen and Button ahead also on out-laps.
Q115:39GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaBrake temps looking good.
Q114:15Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoNext car behind Vergne, let Vergne go, he’s on a timed lap and there’s a big gap behind.
Q113:02GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaNot a bad first effort. Kimi 32.8, Jenson 32.6.
Q112:02Mark TempleSergio PerezCurrently we’re P6, we’re five tenths slower than Jenson. Three tenths in sector one, four tenths in sector two and then you’re one tenth faster in sector three.
Q110:20GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaNot clear what this was in reference to.
OK, be cool, be cool.
Q110:05Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoNext one behind is Massa, don’t hold Massa up, let him go.
Q109:38Mark TempleSergio PerezThat’s good we are currently P6. Can we have Yellow G7. You have Sutil and Grosjean, I think Sutil we be on a timed lap, currently five seconds behind you.
Q108:20Romain GrosjeanAyao KomatsuWe can go a bit higher on the front.
Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanOK, copy that.
Q107:57Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonFront temps are approaching the bottom of the window. Rears still in the middle so just cool those rears a little more.
Q107:08Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergTrack seems to be quite quick I have to say. We are looking into having to improve.
Q106:10Juan Pablo RamirezGiedo van der GardeIn the pits Van der Garde compares a trace of his lap time versus his team mate’s.
So just have a look at the compare. Turn six, we need to have a look at that, five and six, braking into the hairpin as well we need to make an effort there, and exit of the chicane still more to gain there.
Q105:25Charles PicTim WrightOK just for your information the front was working much better, so I don’t know what you made with the pressure but it was good so we can…
Tim WrightCharles PicOK copy that it’s the same again for next time.
Q104:40Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaWhat do you think about the understeer level? Traffic is fine, by the way, while you’re telling me. Hulkenberg on an out lap is the car behind. What do you think about the understeer level?
Felipe MassaRob SmedleyI think it’s OK for the other tyres.
Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaUnderstood.
Q103:34Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelSebastian this lap is probably good enough but I suggest you have another go just to get your eye in. You need a little bit in sector one, for you to work on that.
Q103:24Simon RennieMark WebberWe think it’ll be enough but with the change in the wind we’re not sure. So we want to go for one more timed lap.
Q102:55Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesVergne left the pits with his rear barkes locked solid. They quickly caught fire and he pulled over at the exit of the hairpin, causing the session to be red-flagged.
Fire in the brakes on the rear. Rear is on fire, what do I do?
Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneOK Jev you need to park the car, off the track as far as you can Jev, off the track.
Q102:55Dave RobsonJenson ButtonThat is a red flag, red flag.
Q102:55Mark WebberSimon RennieGot turn one and turn two wrong, had a problem with the tear-off. Tear-off shed itself on the straight so I was trying to get rid of that.
Q102:55Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanSo we’re going to go for [hard] tyre. We only got time to do one timed.
Q102:55Tony RossNico RosbergRosberg took up the front of the queue at the pit lane exit waiting for the restart.
So got one minute 20 seconds you’re going to be idling at the end, don’t worry about starts, we just want you to work the tyres straight away to get them up into the window.
Q102:00Dave RobsonJenson ButtonMcLaren weighed up whether to send Button out again and decided not to. It proved the right call.
I think we’re basically racing Gutierrez and Sutil. Gutierrez as you said was slow in the first sector. Sutil if he’s going to beat us needs to find more than a second from his [medium] compared to his [hard]. So we’re in the position where everything, all the tools say we should do the safe thing and run. But clearly we’re going to be very, very close.
Jenson ButtonDave RobsonYeah it’s a difficult decision. Everyone has to get that lap as well which is another thing. Going to be sat around for a little while.
Dave RobsonJenson ButtonWell that’s the thing, I mean yes, it’s going to get very busy out there. OK Jenson so the decision from the pit wall if you’re happy is that we stick this out and we don’t run again.
Jenson ButtonDave RobsonYeah I agree with that.
Q101:11GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaSo you just get the gap to the car ahead as you need to. We need more than five seconds to the car ahead.
Q100:40Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoKeep making space, you’ve still got plenty of time.
Q100:22Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaOK let them all go, Van der Garde and Pic behind are on out-laps so it doesn’t matter, you just have to queue and go when you can.
Q100:00Tony RossNico RosbergJust looking after the tyres.
Q100:00Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaMassa briefly fell into the drop zone at the end of Q1 so Smedley told him to make sure he completed his last flying lap to ensure he reached Q2.
OK mate lap is fine you should finish the lap but like this is OK.
Q100:00Paul DavisonJules BianchiBianchi was eliminted after being slowest in Q1.
Well done Jules wasn’t easy. P22, 34.9. Van der Garde did a 34.8, Pic 34.5, Max is P19, did a 34.3.
Q100:00Giedo van der GardeJuan Pablo RamirezThe tyres were not there, eh?
Q100:00Gary GannonMax ChiltonYou are P19. Pic is P20, Giedo’s 21, Jules 22. Amazing Max, brilliant.
Max ChiltonGary GannonLet’s have them tomorrow as well,
Gary GannonMax ChiltonThat’s the plan buddy! Great job, absolutely brilliant.
Q100:00Brad JoyceAdrian SutilWe are out of the session now. That’s us out in 17th I’m afraid.
Adrian SutilBrad JoyceThere’s something wrong with the car I think, so, no grip.
Brad JoyceAdrian SutilCopy that, Adrian.
Q100:00Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanOK, excellent. Box Romain, box.
Q212:48Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachAlso for the start of the last lap we’ve got to go early, I don’t want to be stuck in traffic.
Q211:14GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaBox and pit confirm please, Paul. Hard in-lap.
Q210:44Tony RossNico RosbergStraight out, brake balance forwards.
Q209:42Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaGutierrez has just finished a timed lap on a scrubbed medium so I guess he will be backing off now.
Q209:10Jonathan EddolllsValtteri BottasSo just give yourself a bit more gap to Bottas, he may slow down, he has three more cars immediately in front.
Q208:45Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergNico front wing for new [medium], do you have a feeling?
Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachEr, difficult. Maybe only plus one. Not more I think.
Q208:00Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachI still have, downshifting to second, I have this DDS problem.
Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergCopy that Nico.
Q207:18Kimi RaikkonenMark SladeIt was pretty OK until the corner six and then I felt a little bit I started to understeer in eighth and nine.
Q205:26Dave RobsonJenson ButtonJenson currently P3 and quickest in the first sector. We’re only missing P1 by 60ms. Very, very tight, that’s a great lap.
Q204:42Jenson ButtonDave RobsonWho are the two cars in front?
Dave RobsonJenson ButtonCurrently not everybody has run yet but the cars in front are Alonso P1 and Hamilton P2. So you’re ahead of Raikkonen, Grosjean, Massa and Rosberg.
Jenson ButtonDave RobsonOK obviously the Lotuses haven’t run [medium] yet.
Dave RobsonJenson ButtonYep that’s correct and the Red Bulls haven’t run yet, they’re on-track now.
Q203:20Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelVettel’s KERS worked in Q2 but not Q1 or Q3.
Right Sebastian no KERS early. That’s quick enough, you can pit this lap, so no KERS for now.
Q202:22Tony RossNico RosbergSo you can select magic six and then try and select the diff magic, we’ll see if we’ve resolved the problem. Brake balance goes forwards.
Q202:02Simon RennieMark WebberWe are happy with that lap, we can go for one more if you want to get more of a feel for the car. Otherwise box this lap.
Q200:52Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSo tyres just below the window, ten degrees, so they should come up OK.
Q200:00Paul di RestaGianPiero LambiaseThere’s not much left in that car. A little bit at Spoon, I just lost the rear, and a little bit at the chicane carrying speed. But that’s about as much as we’re going to get.
Q200:00Mark SladeKimi RaikkonenNice lap, currently P4. Look after the tyres.
Q200:00Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoP16, Daniel.
Q200:00Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoP15.
Q200:00Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezYou miss it for two hundredths, Esteban. Oh maybe not, eight-hundredths.
Esteban GutierrezFrancesco NenciCompared to Nico?
Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezHe was going quicker, sorry, P14.
Esteban GutierrezFrancesco NenciWhat was the time of Nico?
Francesco NenciEsteban Gutierrez31.8.
Q200:00Jonathan EddolllsValtteri BottasP13 Valtteri but great effort, very, very tight, that was a good lap, Pastor P15. Obviously it was a bit difficult with the wind there but good job, Valtteri.
Q200:00Sergio PerezMark TempleWhere did we end up then?
Mark TempleSergio PerezSo we are P11. Jenson finished P9. So we just lost out slightly in sector one, sector two but then you were a tenth faster than him in sector three. I think you did a really good job considering the problem with the tyres in the first run.
Q200:00Dave RobsonJenson ButtonGreat job JB we’re now through.
Q200:00Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoMuch stronger wind, at least in the car, can feel it moving around a lot more.
Q39:06Simon RennieMark WebberOK track is clear, Alonso ahead of you, only three cars on track. And use 30 KERS early. Sync is good.
Q38:00Dave RobsonJenson ButtonStraight out please and once past.
Q37:12Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelVettel is told to move his brake balance rearwards after his KERS fails again.
KERS shutdown, three clicks rearwards.
Q35:00Simon RennieMark WebberBox this lap please. We are currently P1, four-tenths clear of Vettel. Use all KERS and brake balance four clicks rearwards preparing for the next lap. Clear track behind.
Mark WebberSimon RennieKERS has flipped out, mate.
Simon RennieMark WebberUse KERS after turn 14.
Q33:19Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelWhat do you think of front wing?
Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinFront wing was OK. You could argue going up to but it doesn’t really make a difference.
Q33:07Simon RennieMark WebberAlonso ran scrubbed he’s nine tenths behind but he was on scrubbed tyres. OK mate so we’re going to fit a fresh set of tyres, one lap of fuel again, no front wing adjust.
Q32:55Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOnly four runners there, you’re P4 just one-tenth behind Alonso he’s the only other used runner, Vettel and Webber ran new. So one second down to Webber, he’s in P1.
Q32:33Tony RossNico RosbergEveryone is on out-laps so temperatures are dropping, front ten, rear ten-and-a-half.
Q32:05Simon RennieMark WebberWe have the pace to do this, make good space to Rosberg.
Q31:01Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelRed Bull take a chance on a solution for Vettel’s KERS problem but without success.
Alright Sebastian we’ve got a new strategy. If KERS fails on the timed lap, I want you to untoggle then re-toggle KERS, OK? So cycle the KERS to get the KERS back. Don’t go rearward on the bias, just double-toggle the KERS, OK?
Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinSo confirm: should KERS fail, I just toggle.
Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYes, you need to go back and fourth, so toggle twice. Cycle, OK?
Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinConfirm: cycle KERS.
Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYeah, not now, only if it fails.
Q30:00Simon RennieMark WebberOK mate that’s it P1, nice job mate, excellent job.
Mark WebberSimon RennieGood job, boys, good job.
Christian HornerMark WebberGreat lap Mark, well done.
Q30:00Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelOK Sebastian you’re currently P2. Only a tenth away, though.
Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinIt was all I had. Car is quite poor on the braking. Good team effort guys. Thanks for trying to bring the car back. Sure we’ll get it fixed for tomorrow.
Q30:00Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonNice job Lewis that’s P3. So it’s just over three-tenths to Webber who’s in P1. Vettel is in P2, I think we get reports that he hasn’t got KERS.
Q30:00Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanVery good job Romain, P4.
Romain GrosjeanAyao KomatsuGood job, guys.
Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanYep, well done mate.
Q30:00Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaOK mate we are P5. Webber, Vettel, Hamilton, Grosjean, Massa – you managed to put your car in front of a Mercedes which was Rosberg – Hulkenbreg, Alonso, Raikkonen, Button.

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