2013 Japanese Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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The first-lap crash between Jules Bianchi and Giedo van der Garde, Jean-Eric Vergne’s fire in qualifying and more were captured on video by fans in Japan.

Pic has a moment

Charles Pic runs wide in second practice as another car slows down in front of him.

Vergne’s brakes fire

Jean-Eric Vergne bring Q1 to a halt with his rear brakes on fire.

Classic Hondas


A selection of classic Honda-powered F1 cars tour the track before the start.


Raikkonen is pushed through the field to his grid slot for the start of the race.


Romain Grosjean and Lewis Hamilton blast alongside the slow-starting Red Bulls as the lights go out.

This view gives a glimpse of how Bianchi and Van der Garde crashed out on the first lap.

A wide view of turn one and two at the start.

Grosjean pits

Lotus’s pit stops were a bit iffy earlier in the year but this one for Grosjean looks super-slick.

Webber passes Grosjean

After several laps of effort, Mark Webber takes second place off Grosjean.

Gutierrez stops


Esteban Gutierrez came to a stop after the race in which he claimed his first ever points for seventh place.

Vettel celebrates fourth Suzuka win



The win went to Sebastian Vettel once again, and afterwards he celebrated with the fans again.

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2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2013 Japanese Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. Some really great videos here. I particularly enjoy the one that sheds light on the van der Garde/Bianchi incident. To me it looks like Giedo goes in too deep on the brakes and collects Bianchi, or possibly Bianchi braked quite early, but even if so it was at the first corner of the entire race, van der Garde should have been anticipating such things.

    1. His version of the story is that he was getting squeezed by the Marussias and he braked early to get out of that, but Bianchi turned in quite earlier and just clipped his front wing.

      I do like how the recovery vehicle starts moving even before the field has passed and before Bianchi has come to a halt.

  2. On the 7th video (wide view of turns 1 and 2 at the start), I really like how quickly the marshals get into action as Bianchi and Van Der Garde crash – basically while the cars are still sliding!

    The video also shows why Webber had to pit earlier than Vettel – from lap 2 onwards, Vettel kept a much greater distance to Webber than Webber did to Grosjean.

    1. @mike-dee yeah , these marshals are truly amazing…. so aware of what happened , so passionate and SO FAST!!! easy the best marshals of the year so far.

  3. The “Webber passes Grosjean” video actually first shows the pass of Vettel on Grosjean, and then the pass of Webber on Grosjean. @keithcollantine

  4. Looking at the back of the grid clash, it would appear to me that Chilton could have given VDG a bit more room and thus more chance of not colliding with Bianchi.

  5. Loooved the MP4/6 vid! Sonic pron!

  6. I particularity enjoyed the Vettel video. THank you!

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