2013 Japanese Grand Prix team radio transcript

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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The Japanese Grand Prix provided a fascinating strategic battle between Red Bull and Lotus, and there was much more going on as well.

Messages during the race revealed Ferrari’s unsuccessful attempt to order Felipe Massa to let Fernando Alonso pass him.

Several drivers collected penalties during the race including Daniel Ricciardo, who was furious about being penalised for going off the track while passing Adrian Sutil.

At the front of the field the battle for the lead eventually resolved itself with Sebastian Vettel using his pace advantage to pass Romain Grosjean using a three-stop strategy, while Mark Webber pitted three times on his way to second, after taking a critical few laps longer to pass the Lotus.

Here’s how the Japanese Grand Prix unfolded in the team radio messages that were broadcast during the race.

2013 Japanese Grand Prix team radio transcript

PRMarco SchupbachNico Hulkenberg15 minutes to go
PRFrancesco NenciEsteban Gutierrez10 minutes
PRAyao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanOK can we have pit lane speed limiter off please. For the formation lap start we’re going to have two static bite point and second gear KERS release. All your procedures. And before the start we do two rolling bite points and then four burnouts. Just keep it short and leave enough time in between.
PRMarco SchupbachNico HulkenbergSo remember step [distorted] as soon as the blankets are off. And then there will be recovery ten at one point during the formation lap, per call, and also to go backeventually. Everything else as per programme.
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonFor your information Nico’s laps to the grid he found it initially on the nose so he took one degree of front wing out, then thought it went a bit too much to understeer balance, but the tyres weren’t in the working window, and that will help the issue a bit. I think we saw on our own laps we’re happy with takinganother half-a-turn off.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonSo has he kept a full hole out, yeah?
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonNegative, he’d come back up, he’s put the hole back in.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonThey overall take two holes out like we did?
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonThey’ve made their standard race adjust which is more than us, obviously they’ve taken more than three, three-and-a-half holes.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonWe’re two-and-a-half holes down.
PRUnknownLewis HamiltonTo Bono and Lewis, I’m just butting in here. Nico’s actiually six-and-a-half turns down from his end of qualifying run. But we are seeing that those top turns don’t really do a great deal. We are three-and-a-half turns down, which is two-and-a-half turns in balance because obviously the front’s lower with this weight on it. We are two-and-a-half turns down on aero balance, three-and-a-half absolute.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonLet’s take another half a hole out as we discussed and I’ll come down on my diff.
PRSimon RennieMark WebberFor your info track temperature is starting to drop a little already. It’s now three degrees cooler than P2 but it is going to get a bit lower, OK? And as usual we’ll assume everyone’s on [medium], I’ll tell you if anyone of interest is on [hards].
PRPaul DavisonJules BianchiBack to P1 for a couple of seconds andthen P2 again.
PRSimon RennieMark WebberEverybody on [mediums] apart from Ricciardo in P16 and Pic at the back. Normal procedure once we’ve fired up, want to go KERS seven, eight, seven. And then when we put you on the ground with 30 seconds to go there’ll be one static bite point. You’ll need to be hard on the brakes.
FLMarco SchupbachNico HulkenbergWarm up tyres and brakes, learn all gears.
FLPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonReminder: We’ve going to be doing two burnouts out of turn 11. So keep working those tyres and getting some energy in the brakes. Rear brakes are still cold.
FLMarco MatassaDaniel RicciardoAll the gears are synchronised.
FLJuan Pablo RamirezGiedo van der GardeCool engine from exit hairpin. So you can get 70% throttle but stay as much high gears and low rev please.
FLUnknownSebastian VettelAll systems are good so usual reminders it’s bite point learn and one burn-out. We need good clutch prep so straight to your box, focus on KERS at the start and KERS eight when you stop.
FLPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonYou’re going to stop in your box, steering straight, brake balance for turn one. You’re going to a bite point find then you’re going to do neutral, then RS modes, and you can hold overtake to keep temps down.
1Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinCheck the front, potential front wing damage, you have to have a look. Front left.
1Jules BianchiPaul DavisonBianchi was hit by Van der Garde at the first corner and both retired.
OK I’m out.
1Paul DavisonJules BianchiNo reply broadcast.
Are you OK, mate?
1Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelAt the moment from data and visually it looks OK. Stay out.
2Tim WrightCharles PicPic had been given a drive-through penalty before the race even started and served it on the first lap of the race.
Box this lap, Charles. Drive through the pit lane this lap. Toggle down.
2Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonHamilton had to pit with a right-rear puncture on the first lap following contact with Vettel at the start.
Right-rear puncture. We’re going to be switching to the [hard] tyre for a long stint. We’re going to go down one-and-a-half turns
3Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonLead pack are in 130R at the moment.
4Tony RossNico RosbergJust controlling those rear temperatures, 16.5
4Gary GannonMax ChiltonTemps are on target. You can look after the front in turn one under the yellow.
4Brad JoyceAdrian SutilRear tyre temperature high. Track is clear turn one.
4Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonWhat happened?
4Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWe’re going to have to review the data, we’ll get back to you.
4Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonYellow, yellow. We are going to lap 19 so target lap 19.
4Tony RossNico RosbergYellow flags were re-deployed at turn one while the Bianchi/Van der Garde crash was cleared.
Gone yellow again in turn one so DRS is disabled again.
5Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneTrack clear.
5Tim WrightCharles PicTrack is clear. Use the race KERS pattern not the qualifying pattern.
6Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaAlonso was immediately pressuring Massa to pass him after the DRS zone was enabled.
Fernando should have the DRS.
6Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonHow bad is my pace? Car doesn’t feel right.
6Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonLooks like we’re missing some aero performance so looks like we’re about a second down.
6Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonYeah, the car’s all over the place.
6Simon RennieMark WebberBrake balance one click forwards.
6Tim WrightCharles PicYou are 16 seconds behind Chilton but you are nearly two seconds a lap quicker at the moment.
6Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelFrom an early stage Vettel began saving his tyresso he could attack later on.
You’re currently plus four to Rosberg. It’s worth dropping back to save your tyres. Two second gap is good.
7Tony RossNico RosbergTarget five at the end of this lap. Continue trying to get a gap to Massa, gap is 1.5 at the moment.
7Romain GrosjeanAyao KomatsuThere’s too much rear.
7Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanOK, copy that.
7Simon RennieMark WebberWe need to start looking after the rear tyres. If you cannot pass Grosjean, make a two second gap, we’ll close it up closer to the pit stops.
7Tim WrightCharles PicWe need to use the race KERS pattern. Turn 11 25%, turn 14 50%, turn 18 25%.
8Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaThis was a coded message telling Massa to let Alonso past. It was repeated the second time with very clear enunciation. But Massa didn’t obey and it took until lap 20 for Alonso to find a way past his team mate.
Multifunction strategy A. Multifunction strategy A. Now, please.
8Dave RobsonJenson ButtonBox this lap.
8Jenson ButtonDave RobsonBox this lap, up one turn.
9Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonThe garage is clear so you can pull straight into the garage. The guys will guide you in.
9Tony RossNico RosbergLike Pic, Rosberg appeared to be not using the ideal KERS deployment pattern for the race.
You are in your Safety Car window and do not boost out of turn seven, not in the race schedule, not good.
9Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonHamilton pulled into the pits to retire due to the damage sustained at the start.
Sorry guys.
9Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonNot your fault Lewis, looks like you got tagged by Vettel’s front wing.
9Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanYour lap time is good. Target plus minus zero.
10Mark TempleSergio PerezHow are the tyres and balance?
10Sergio PerezMark TempleAt the moment it’s OK. I am starting to lose the rears. But at the moment it’s OK. I think we stick to plam.
10Mark TempleSergio PerezOK, understood Checo. We’ll monitor the cars that have pitted behind. We may decide to swap to Plan B but at the moment we’re still on Plan A.
10Brad JoyceAdrian SutilMaldonado pitted and came out ahead of Sutil.
You’ll be racing Maldonado.
10Simon RennieMark WebberEngine 21.
11Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergNo reply broadcast.
Nico I go minus three clicks for [hard], OK?
11Tony RossNico RosbergWe’re thinking of going Plan B at the moment.
11Nico RosbergTony Ross[Distorted] I need to know what to do.
11Tony RossNico RosbergThis interesting coded message was heard more than once during the race.
So target three, important to pull the gap to Massa, currently 1.8 seconds. So Nico if you’re feeling comfortable like some hoagie 25s, just to help on fuel.
12Simon RennieMark WebberBox, Mark.
12Mark SladeKimi RaikkonenBox this lap, please Kimi. Clutch 11. It will be tight with Button on the exit.
12Simon RennieMark WebberYou’ll be close to Ricciardo at pit exit.
12Mark SladeKimi RaikkonenButton’s behind you.
12Sergio PerezMark TempleOK, box.
12Mark TempleSergio PerezAnd let’s give it everything, let’s really push on the in-lap.
13Simon RennieMark WebberGrosjean is in this lap.
13Dave RobsonJenson ButtonRacing Checo at the exit.
13Simon RennieMark WebberGaps are safe. Start to look after the rear tyres now.
14Sergio PerezMark TempleRosberg left the pits in front of Perez who had to avoid the Mercedes. Rosberg later got a penalty.
What happened with that Mercedes?
14Mark TempleSergio PerezI don’t know Checo, we have spoken to the FIA.
14Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergCould race Alonso out of the pits… OK, he’s behind.
14Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelAlright Sebastian keep going, good job. That’s extending your window, that’s very helpful, good job.
14Mark WebberSimon RennieWhat’s the multi, mate?
14Simon RennieMark WebberToggle KERS, multi two.
15Tony RossNico RosbergRear tyres worn down to 40% at the end of that stint.
15Paul di RestaGianPiero LambiaseThe front’s locking.
15GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaKERS three and rearward brake balance if you need to, Paul.
15Simon RennieMark WebberLook for the two-second gap again.
16Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelObviously Sebastian, Grosjean and Webber got the undercut, they’re still ahead of you. But you’re creeping up on them, OK. It’s all working to plan. Good job.
16Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinLet me know the pace, please.
16Guillaume RocquelinSebastian Vettel37.7.
16Gary GannonMax ChiltonMax two and try diff mid seven.
16Tony RossNico RosbergWe need you to box this lap for a drive-through.
16Mark TempleSergio PerezRosberg has been given a drive-through for the pit exit. Let’s keep going, make sure we get to our target lap. Use the same plan as we did in the last stint.
17Brad JoyceAdrian SutilHow is the car, Adrian?
17Adrian SutilBrad JoyceUndersteer in the high speed.
17Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaAs you saw, so, Rosberg got a drive through so we are in sixth position.
17Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYou’re -3 Webber, Webber 38.1, Grosjean 38.1. So you can just sit there for a while.
18Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezRicciardo in front with [hard tyres] might make a train.
18Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYou’re currently +12 Ricciardo. He hasn’t stopped yet. Next car back is Hulkenberg right behind him.
20Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachCensored by FOM. Hulkenberg was feeling pressure from Alonso while also trying to pass Ricciardo who hadn’t pitted yet.
**** he’s quick on the straight. Same **** as last year.
20Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergNico our position is not in danger. Keep calm, keep racing.
20Tony RossNico RosbergSituation is Ricciardo has not stopped yet, he is holding up P4 backwards to you.
20Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezPush for the Ferraris. Watch Raikkonen behind.
21Tony RossNico RosbergTarget five at the end of this lap. Use the tyres for target five.
21Daniel RicciardoMarco MatassaShould I box this lap?
21Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoOne more lap Daniel.
22Tony RossNico RosbergRosberg passed Button on lap 22.
Important to get past Jenson. Push the tyres to do that, if we need to stop earlier it’s not a problem.
22Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneBox, Jev.
23Simon RennieMark WebberMulti three and engine 22. Press the reverse button once and toggle KERS.
23Jenson ButtonDave RobsonGot a lot of vibration again but it’s not from the front ’cause I haven’t locked these tyres up. It must be coming from the rears.
23Dave RobsonJenson ButtonOK, understood.
23Jonathan EddolllsValtteri BottasGive me feedback on the tyres and do you want front wing adjustment next stint? Same tyre.
23Valtteri BottasJonathan EddolllsSame flap. How many more laps?
23Jonathan EddolllsValtteri BottasCopy front wing. Target seven more laps,
24Jenson ButtonDave RobsonReally struggling. Got a bit more front end in the car now but no rear. Still lot of understeerbut nor rear.
24Nico RosbergTony RossToo much understeer in the car. Plus point four.
24Tony RossNico RosbergCopy. Try torque five for understeer.
25Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergYou’re doing well. They’re opening on the rear.
25Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachHow many laps to target?
25Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergEight or nine Nico.
25Jenson ButtonDave RobsonIs it strategy A or B? I’m busy but let me know.
25Dave RobsonJenson ButtonThis is going to have to be B.
25Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelExcitingly, for the second weekend in a row the word “bananas” appears in the radio discussion.
This is good pace, don’t go bananas, Mark is right behind Grosjean now so his pace will calm down. Watch out for Pic.
25Dave RobsonJenson ButtonNeed to watch the rears in turn seven.
26Simon RennieMark WebberWebber is told to pit unless Grosjean comes in.
Box, Mark, opposite Grosjean.
26Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelGrosjean 37.9. Close the gap progressively. Default 17.
26Tony RossNico RosbergStill no management at the moment. Rear temperatures are 15, that’s the only thing we need to be careful with, they’re 15 at the moment, still under control.
27Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanMix three and Webber just pitted, he’s converting to three stop.
27Romain GrosjeanAyao KomatsuOK.
27Mark TempleSergio PerezThere is a lot of traffic behind still so pitting early will not help at the moment so let’s make sure threse tyres are good at the end of the stint, or if you can, get past Gutierrez if he struggles more.
27Sergio PerezMark TempleWhat do you think on the [hard] tyres? I don’t like it too much.
27Mark TempleSergio PerezOK Checo understood. Which tyre we fit will depend on how many laps to go. At the moment we’re still on Plan A. Let’s see when we have to make the stop.
27Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelClose the gap progressively. We’re not racing Mark, we’re racing Grosjean.
27Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanWe are on target, look after rears
28Tony RossNico RosbergRicciardo is the next car in front. He is on [hard] tyres.
28Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoKeep pushing like this.
28Felipe MassaRob SmedleyThe rears start to go away.
28Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaUnderstood.
29Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinPut pressure on Grosjean.
29Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergConfirm -3 for [hard] but we stay out.
29Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachYeah getting quite understeery as well. Maximum -2.
29Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergCopy Nico -2, looks good, we stay out.
29Tony RossNico RosbergRear tyre temperatures completely under control.
30Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanBox, Romain.
30Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelAs with Webber earlier, Vettel is told not to follow Grosjean in.
Opposite to Grosjean now, this lap.
30Simon RennieMark WebberGrosjean has just pitted, you are clear.
30Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneDiff entry five,
30Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachHow many laps are left?
30Marco SchupbachNico Hulkenberg23. We need to push quick before Alonso.
31Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelGood job, Sebastian. Same plan as the previous stint. Margin behind. We goes as far as we can.
32Mark SladeKimi RaikkonenIt’ll be tight with Ricciardo on the exit.
32Mark TempleSergio PerezWe did 18 laps on the last set of tyres, let’s try and close up on Gutierrez ahead, make sure we’ve got tyres that are in a good condition at the end of the race.
32Brad JoyceAdrian SutilThere’s still some three-stoppers left that have got stops to make. We’re still in this race so look after those and get them to the end of the race.
33Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaKimi’s out of the pits and four seconds behind. Start managing the tyres now. If we are going to get to the end it’s 21 more laps.
33Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoRicciardo went off on the outside of 130R while passing Sutil on lap 26, which he was penalised for.
Drive-through, Daniel, drive-through penalty this lap.
33Daniel RicciardoMarco MatassaWhy?
33Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoOvertake on Force India.
34Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelDefault map 12.
34Mark TempleSergio PerezLast tyre set had some damage to the rear-left. Let’s look after the tyres in turn one, two and twelve.
34Mark SladeKimi RaikkonenMassa was also given a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pits, which caused a moment of confusion at Lotus.
Massa has a drive-through penalty.
34Kimi RaikkonenMark SladeWhy do I have a drive-through?
34Mark SladeKimi RaikkonenMassa! Massa has a penalty. Massa.
35Tim WrightCharles PicYou are doing the same lap time as Chilton. He is on new [hards].
35Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanYour pace is good so look after rears. We are just monitoring the gap.
35Nico RosbergTony RossYou need to take one tear-off off my visor at the stop.
35Tony RossNico RosbergWhich side, Nico.
35Nico RosbergTony RossLeft side.
36Tim WrightCharles PicCharles you can push.
36Simon RennieMark WebberIt’s not all over yet. Keep pushing mate, we’ve got some chances to come yet.
36Gary GannonMax ChiltonOne more lap to the blues. Make sure the blue is very clean, let them through and don’t lose any time.
36Nico RosbergTony RossOK don’t worry I managed to remove it. Forget about it.
37Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachHe’s not going to push, maybe I should take some speed out?
37Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergOK Nico copy. Behind Alonso there’s Kimi charging so maybe it’s OK to keep the pace like it is.
37Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesPush two.
37Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneUnderstood Jev. Gutierrez behind you will have DRS this lap. Think about KERS.
37Tony RossNico RosbergPush hard now just to get that gap, pit stop window.
37Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelBox, torque map one and box.
38Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaPerez on the new hard, same as you, and he stopped two laps after us.
38Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelThat’s Grosjean in front of you. Go and get him.
38Mark TempleSergio PerezThere are three cars in front who have much older tyres than ours, they are Rosberg, Jenson and Vergne. Rosberg could pit soon, we might be racing him out of the pits. We definitely expect two more cars to have to pit before the end.
39Mark TempleSergio PerezIn front of Massa is Vergne who is struggling a lot on his [medium] tyres. Could be an opportunity to get Massa as well as him.
39Tony RossNico RosbergTarget one.
39Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergAlonso closing around a tenth a lap. 18 laps to go.
39Gary GannonMax ChiltonBlue flag Alonso and Raikkonen, let them through as easily as you can, don’t lose any time.
39Gary GannonMax ChiltonPerfect.
40Simon RennieMark WebberThis is good stuff, mate, keep it going.
40Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaPick up the pace a little bit now, please. Rosberg in front of you willstop again so at the minute he’s putting enough of a pit stop window so pick up the pace and we can make sure he pits behind us.
40Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelVettel returns to the track following his last pit stop.
Towards the end of the race you’ll come under pressure from Mark. So make sure you’ve got some tyres left.
40Tony RossNico RosbergWe don’t need you to push on the out-lap, you’ll come out ahead of Ricciardo. So just managing the temperatures for the first few laps.
41Jenson ButtonDave RobsonSome information please, Dave.
41Dave RobsonJenson ButtonWe are still Plan B and we are box this lap.
41Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelGood job Sebastian. It’s all about having enough tyres until the end.
41Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelMark has to stop again and he’ll close up the gap after that. Save your tyres.
42Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaAs I said, exit chicane pull later to get a full throttle. Very, very gentle to get to full throttle.
42Mark WebberSimon RennieWebber is on a three-stop strategy and was catching slower cars as he neared his final pit stop.
Lots of traffic coming up ahead, mate.
42Simon RennieMark WebberYes mate we are looking at it.
42Mark TempleSergio PerezMassa in front has been told to look after his rear tyres. There may be an opportunity to overtake him. We’re currently P9. Let’s see if we canget some more places before the end.
42Simon RennieMark WebberBox, Mark, box this lap.
43Tim WrightCharles PicCharles your pace is good. You are seven seconds behind Chilton. He is lapping 39.4 last lap.
43GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaDi Resta briefly had a hold on tenth place but it wouldn’t last.
Button has pitted and passed Adrian so expect Jenson behind. You’ll be racing Jenson. Expecting Ricciardo to pit very soon.
44Sergio PerezMark TemplePerez and Rosberg made contact at the chicane, leaving Perez with a puncture.
I think I have a puncture,
44Nico RosbergTony RossCheck my front wing.
44Tony RossNico RosbergCopy.
44Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelWebber pitted and came out behind Vettel and Grosjean.
Obviously Mark has to pass Grosjean still.
45Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinVettel was held up by Perez while lapping the McLaren.
Tell him to get out of the way [distorted].
46Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaTry to save just one of the lights from exit hairpin so you have one at the chicane. Anyway this is very good just keep him behind.
46Simon RennieMark WebberTo use KERS on the exit of the chicane only use 25 KERS early to get full KERS exit 17.
46Jenson ButtonDave RobsonHow far is ninth ahead?
46Dave RobsonJenson ButtonJenson that is Massa it’s nine seconds.
47Tony RossNico RosbergGood effort, I’ll give you an update in a second.
47Tony RossNico RosbergAt the end of this lap we have seven laps remaining. Gutierrez you are over a second a lap quicker than him, he is five seconds up the road. And we need Hoagie 25s.
47Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelAfter a delay, more of Vettel’s messages about Perez were played on the pit wall feed.
47Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelPerez getting blues.
47Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinGet out of the way! I’m losing time.
47Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelUnderstood. Calm down, he’s still getting blues.
47Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinCharlie, get him out of the way. That is not fair.
47Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinThank you, thanks for that.
47Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelMark is still behind Grosjean. The cars ahead are fighting for position.
48Mark SladeKimi RaikkonenReminder to use the overtake button if you need it.
48Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaDi Resta was about three-tenths quicker, he is fighting with Button, Button has stopped the third time and he’s put on a new medium so he’s fighting with Button. Di Resta a little bit quicker but should be no problem as there are six laps to go now.
49Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergRelease six.
49Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachHaving held Alonso back for several laps Hulkenberg was passed by the Ferrari and later Raikkonen too.
Oh man, Marco, we’re talking about seven places again today.
49Simon RennieMark WebberWebber continued to press Grosjean for second and eventually passed the Lotus on the penultimate lap.
Concentrate on getting a good exit from the chicane.
49Jonathan EddolllsValtteri BottasBehind Vergne is the race-leader Vettel.
49Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneYou’re getting blue flags for Vettel behind you, you have to let him go. Try and follow him through on Bottas.
50Jenson ButtonDave RobsonHow many laps?
50Dave RobsonJenson ButtonFive more laps to go.
50Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaHe’s five seconds behind now and at the end of this lap it’ll be four laps to go.
50Tony RossNico RosbergImportant to get past Gutierrez now, critical on fuel.
51Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaFour seconds behind, he’s got Chilton in front of him.
51Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneJev you can catch Sutil and overtake him, he’s very slow, come on, there’s only a couple of laps left, come on.
52Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaKERS magnettino position plus one for more power. Press the ED, we will have to defend for these next three laps his top speed is not very good.
52Romain GrosjeanAyao KomatsuCensored by FOM. Webber passed Grosjean as the pair lapped Perez and Bottas.
**** blue flags!
53Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelLast lap. Webber’s last lap: 36.2.
53Dave RobsonJenson ButtonJenson, great job with Massa. Car in front is Pic, traffic.
VLChristian HornerSebastian VettelWhat a drive, Seb, great job! You managed that fantastically well, brilliant drive.
VLGuillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelAwesome, mate, awesome.
VLSebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinCensored by FOM.
****, boys! Ichiban! Yes, boys! Unbelievable. You stayed there, patient, great job. Thanks a lot for bringing the car back. Unbelievable. You’re the best team in the world. Thanks very much guys, I love you. Yes! Ichiban
VLGuillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelJust so you know Alonso finished P4, 45 seconds back. That was a very good race, mate, very patient. Better deg, better pit stop, better pace. And then you had to pass for the lead. That’s beautiful.
VLSebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinGood day at the office I’d say. Thanks guys. Great job, great strategy. We managed that well. Yes! I’m so proud.
VLSimon RennieMark WebberNice job today, very good job. We were pretty marginal on wear which is why we switched. I think we’d have been very tight to do a two, which is why we switched mate.
VLChristian HornerMark WebberThat’s a very good drive, Mark, that’s a very good drive. Unfortunately we lost too much time behind Grosjean in the end there. But it’s a really good drive, well done.
VLEric BoullierRomain GrosjeanBrilliant drive Romain, wow!
VLRomain GrosjeanAyao KomatsuFantastic race guys.
VLAyao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanBrilliant Romain, nice job. Let’s remember you were the only one to challenge Red Bull today so great job.
VLMark SladeKimi RaikkonenWell done Kimi, another fantastic race. Just superb. Thank you very much again.
VLMarco SchupbachNico HulkenbergGood job Nico, thank you. They had in front again quicker cars. That’s a decent result, thank you Nico.
VLNico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachYeah that was it, couldn’t hold these guys at the end. The tyres were just giving up too much. But the car felt very good today. Thank you.
VLMarco SchupbachNico HulkenbergCopy, Nico. Behind you Esteban scored another point so he’s P7. Vettel won, Webber, Grosjean, Alonso, Kimi, yourself, Esteban, Rosberg, Jenson, Massa. Good result for the team, thanks a lot. Save fuel, remember end of race procedure.
VLFrancesco NenciEsteban GutierrezGood job, Esteban.
VLEsteban GutierrezFrancesco NenciThank you guys, good job.
VLTony RossNico RosbergPull over, Nico, and find a fire post. Right-hand side so just turn the engine off, find a fire post, should be end of the pit lane.
VLDave RobsonJenson ButtonNice job, I know that’s not quite what we hoped for but after a little tricky start that’s a really good race, some great overtaking at the end. So another couple of points and another classy drive, well done mate.
VLJenson ButtonDave RobsonYeah I’m sorry about the first stint I don’t know what was going on there I couldn’t find any grip out there. The front lock-up hurt me quite a bit. Good job finding me pace, guys. Sorry about that but I personally don’t think we were going to do much better than ninth anyway. Good fun in the end, that’s the important thing, couple of points.
VLDave RobsonJenson ButtonYeah absolutely I agree. I think, yeah, that’s a pretty good recovery from the first stint. Plan B actually worked not too bad in the end. Three good moves there on a track where it’s not easy to overtake. Good job, good few points well earned.
VLJenson ButtonDave RobsonCheers. Did a Sauber finish in front of us?
VLDave RobsonJenson ButtonYep both Saubers finished in front of us Jenson so it’s a Red Bull one-two, Vettel winning the race.
VLJenson ButtonDave RobsonDid they have good pace, the Saubers, or did the strategy just work?
VLDave RobsonJenson ButtonThey had good pace, similar pace to us.
VLGianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaHard luck, Paul. P11. We’ll look into the first round of stops, obviously the second stint behind Bottas cost us in terms of race time. Whether it would have saved us a point or not we’ll have to look a bit closer. Hard luck.
VLPaul di RestaGianPiero LambiaseYeah, and also our start needs to be better, we lost too many places. But the car was much better obviously last stint. But no tyres to keep Jenson behind, absolutely no way.
VLGianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaCopy that, Paul. We obviously went for an aggressive second stop in order to jump the Williams but I think in the end it’s all gone a little bit too early and we’ve run out of tyres. Hard luck, I think that’s where it is at the moment.
VLPhil CharlesJean-Eric VergneHard luck, yesterday was a real unlucky thing for you. Recovery one. We’re P12. Daniel P13, he had a drive-through.
VLMarco MatassaDaniel RicciardoRicciardo was very unhappy about his penalty.
P13 Daniel. Hard luck today but very good performance. I’m proud of you, well done today, very good job.
VLDaniel RicciardoMarco MatassaUnderstood. Where would we have ended without the drive-through?
VLMarco MatassaDaniel RicciardoBetween P8 and P10.
VLDaniel RicciardoMarco MatassaJust to clarify, before I go off and kill somebody, was it for the move in turn 15 on the outside of Sutil or Di Resta?
VLMarco MatassaDaniel RicciardoYes, Daniel.
VLDaniel RicciardoMarco MatassaThat’s unbelievable. Alright, understood.
VLBrad JoyceAdrian SutilUnlucky Adrian, P14.
VLAdrian SutilBrad JoyceThe race pace was just not there today. We have to work on that a bit more.
VLBrad JoyceAdrian SutilCopy that Adrian.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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Japanese Grand Prix data

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175 comments on “2013 Japanese Grand Prix team radio transcript”

  1. looks like Jenson is a bit wary of the Saubers pace, maybe he thinks that they can catch McLaren by the end of the year?

    1. @bosley noticed it too. But if we average the points both teams earn by race since the Sauber Monza performance, with four races left, McLaren(4.5/race) would still be in 5th position with 101 points and Sauber(9.5/race) could maybe pass Force India(0.25/race) and end at the 6th position with 76 points. So let’s see in 2014 :)

  2. FOM seem to have become much more willingly to broadcast censored messages – it’s still not ideal, but it’s progress: we’re no longer missing out on as much of the juicy content!

    1. Or maybe drivers are not doing enough message with out the **** words :)

  3. Why do I not understand radio messages? – Raikkonen, haha!

    Before I go off and kill somebody – Ricciardo, wow it’ll boil at Red Bull next year!

  4. JB to Robson ‘Is it strategy A or B? I’m busy but let me know.’

    Classic :)

  5. The amount of typos on this site in the articles have increased dramatically…

    1. In my job (I’m a lawyer) I spend my time looking though very thoroughly, looking at them in incredibly pedantic levels of detail. As a result I often spot typos in books, magazines and on the internet. When I spot one, I just move on because it really isn’t the end of the world. Even if our documents, the cornerstones of multi billion dollar transactions, have typos in them it isn’t the end of the world. The world isn’t going to implode because Keith wrote “and bother retired” instead of “and both retired”.

      Take this article and the other articles on this site for what they are: fantastic resources and fantastic summaries of current events in the sport.

      1. I love the fact that my first sentence makes no sense! ;)

        1. I noticed but didn’t want to point out. :)

          The article does have one error though – that should be fixed; in the 4th paragraph (I also added a correction for a typo):

          “At the the front of the field the battle for the lead eventually resolved itself with Sebastian Vettel using his pace advantage to pass Romain Grosjean using a threetwo-stop strategy, while Mark Webber pitted three times on his way to second, after taking a critical few laps longer to pass the Lotus.


        1. @celeste – Was that intentional? ;)

          1. @david-a no, it was international :D

    2. Naturally I never want to publish anything that has a mistake of any kind in it. But this is a 5,547 word article and it’s always going to be tricky to weed out every error in that much copy. I’m always happy to correct mistakes and have amended the two typos above. Of course it is much easier for me to do this when people point out what the mistake is, rather than just complain there’s a mistake without saying what it is and where.

      1. Hi Keith, terrific article, and IMO the odd typo/grammar mistake is a part of life. To complain about them (without helping to correct them) is pretty petty and pointless, and a failure to understand the process of ‘passionate’ digital communication, where access to specialised information with the greatest of speed is more important than anal levels of spell/grammar checks. Along with the many, many others who enjoyed your article, you have my gratitide ;-0) (of course, gratitude ;-0)

  6. Multifunction strategy ALONSO

  7. I’m amazed by the amount of people who thought (and still believe) Vettel requested team orders regarding Webber, considering how clear it who he was talking about.

    1. Everyone knows very clearly that Vettel meant Perez, not the least because Webber was still behind Grosjean and nowhere near Vettel at the time. But a lot of them prefer to spread the rumour that Vettel as talking about Webber knowing full well that it wourld be taken-up and spread further with glee by the like-minded.

      1. @loup-garou You may be right. In the time I’ve been posting on forums about F1 (about two months or so) I’m constantly amazed by the amount of misinformation that is spread around.

        Like that Pirelli changed the tyres because Red Bull asked them to. I’ve read at least fifty times, not exaggerating. Or that the FIA favors Red Bull, even after all the regulations change especially made to ban some of RB’s advantages. It’s uncanny.

        Either some (a lot of) people don’t follow F1 at all, or they really need to make up reasons to dislike Vettel/Red Bull.

        1. I would agree with you if people would stop blaming Schumacher for everything he did. Even reading Keiths description of a driver made me feel sick (The first half of the 2000s in Formula 1 was the story of total dominance by Ferrari and Schumacher – whether in terms of driving brilliance, technical innovation, reliability – or politics; But late in the season a controversial change in the rules forced Michelin – rival to Ferrari’s tyre supplier Bridgestone – to change the construction of their tyres. After that decision Ferrari won the next eight races in a row, and Schumacher collected title number six.) I just wonder if same kind of statements will be written after Vettel clinches this title.

          1. @thorpedo you can be sure that this season will be remembered for two things: the testgate and the mid-season tyre change.

      2. I think he meant Webber. Perez would have got blue flags why would he moan about someone he would lap.

        1. Because F1 drivers are forever complaining that lapped traffic hasn’t got out of their way quickly enough. Such as Grosjean in the very same race.

          Vettel clearly wasn’t referring to Webber as his race engineer responded to his complaints by telling him Perez was getting blue flags.

        2. Why would he need to get Webber out of the way when Webber is behind him. I cannot find any logic to that.

      3. Ooor, they indeed misunderstood it. Like me. I don’t like Vettel, true, but I’d never do the thing you wrote deliberately. Nevermind.

    2. @silence @loup-garou @keithcollantine @atticus-2 @ialtair Even if Vettel was regarding Perez, who was on new tyres and was matching his pace, it was hardly necessary. At that point he had the win gift wrapped and topped with shaved almonds and a cherry, so to effectively throw a tantrum wasn’t necessary. I genuinely believe that because of the rather leisurely way Vettel normally wins races, he hasn’t developed the kind of mental rigidity needed for actually fighting for a win; take Canada 2011 as a case in point. Would Button have flipped out like that? No. Alonso? No. Hamilton? No. Raikkonen? Definitely no. Do any of those drivers engineers actually have to give their driver therapy if things don’t go to plan, like Rocky does. I wonder if Rocky is available to do a spot of counselling, it’s not been a good week…

      Regarding the race as a whole, I think there was certainly a split strategy going on to cover both eventualities. Now when I try to suggest that Red Bull favoured Vettel by putting him on what was on paper the better strategy, you will roll your eyes, but let me inject some cold, hard, cynicism; Vettel is their superstar and Webber is disillusioned by everything that F1 is at the moment, so who do you think they were going to favour. I don’t even think that is cynical, that is just realistic. Red Bull quite rightly woke up on Sunday in Japan with the intention of winning the race, not giving the guy who is leaving a nice send off present, and although there is plenty of genius going around at Red Bull, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that by giving their best driver the best strategy, they are in with the best chance of winning the race.

      However, this is where I throw a double six. Did Webber really need to pit that final time? With a 14 second lead at the time of his pit-in, and with less than ten laps to go, I genuinely believe Webber could have held out for the win. Webber’s second stint wasn’t as fast as it was meant to be, and I think Webber was under some illusion that he was going to the end and was saving tyres. And even if Vettel did catch Webber, the worst he would’ve finished was second. Red Bull aren’t stupid, they remember Malaysia. They didn’t want a desperately defending Webber coming together with an over-aggressive Vettel in the final laps, and to make sure that neither cars ended up in the fence, they removed Webber from Vettel’s path to victory. I don’t blame them for doing it, do you think Webber would’ve shown quarter? Would a broken steering arm on the #1 car weigh all that heavily on the Australian’s conscience?

      1. Blue flags are blue flags. Vettel is already very patient with FIA not waving the blue flags. In fact, the blue flags were super late and the race leaders have the rights to call it.

        And regarding Webber’s pit strategy, he has to pit. The way he uses his tyres won’t last him to the finish line.

        As above, I would like to add on that you are just basically not crediting Vettel’s win and blaming Redbull once against for pulling Webber out for a gifted win.

        1. once again*

      2. Oh and with the 3rd pit stop for Webber, he can catch Vettel at the end of the race. He just couldn’t get past Grosjean easily.

        Bottomline is, Webber needs that 3rd pit stop no matter what.

  8. if Sauber could hold on their pace relatively against the grid, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hulk on the podium in Brazil

  9. I remember Vettel saying something like “don’t let him near me” in the last few laps, I don’t see that above (possible I missed it, not easy to read on phone).

    1. I think you don’t remember very well

    2. @gdog

      It’s amazing how people insist on this even after the transcript has been made public.

    3. @gdog
      45 Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Vettel was held up by Perez while lapping the McLaren.
      Tell him to get out of the way [distorted].
      “don’t let him near me” is how Brundle and Crofty translated that message in their minds

      1. It was quite clear what Vettel said and did even the very first time I saw it on TV. He was approaching Perez who had swung back onto the racing line after going a bit wide earlier. Vettel must have seen that and simply said “Get him out of my way” which is fair enough since he was about to lap Perez.

        A similar situation arose in the Chinese GP this year. Vettel on fresh tyres was rapidly closing-in on third-placed Hamilton in the last lap. Driving defensively, Hamilton realised that there was a back-marker ahead and yelled “Blue flag! Blue flag!” on the radio. Again, given the situation, fair enough.

    4. I certainly heard that one too.

    5. W (@yesyesyesandyesagain)
      17th October 2013, 15:09

      I couldn’t believe the Sky announcers immediately pounced on this incorrectly. It was clear to me on the broadcast that Vettel was being held up by Perez, who had just pitted and came out ahead of Vettel. Vettel said that he didn’t care if Perez was on new tires, he still needed to get out of the way. Brundle immediately starts in with the “Oh oh, he asked them to keep Mark off of him!” and kept mentioning it for the rest of the race. The announcers clearly wanted to see Mark storm back and take the lead and it was sweet hearing their disappointment when Mark struggled to clear Grosjean and it became obvious he had no chance of catching Vettel. I would also be happy to see Mark win one more race, but it is clear that he just does not have the pace to do it on merit so I doubt it will happen unless Vettel breaks down. I also don’t think he is the kind of driver that wants to be gifted a pity win so I can’t imagine we’ll see Vettel stepping aside for Webber.

      1. And this is when I find hypocritical that Sky “trying” defend Vettel to the haters, when is clearly they are the ones feeding the hate the most…

        1. I doubt they even follow the race from their commentry box, in korea bundle and crofty took for every to realise alonso had passed jenseon(think it was jenson) it was funny cos they thought the replay was in real time and started commentating on that..lol.. and they made a couple of other mistakes, and crofty usually shouts some nonsense anyway.

          1. lol crofys commentry sytle heres how it goes….

            [statement relating to a driver or some random thing he blabers about]
            [exact same statement but reversed, and put in another drivers name]

            lewis hamilton struggling on his tyres, and one man who’s not struggling on his tyres is sebastian vettel who now does the fastest lap of the race, and then somemore nonsense.. lol

    6. @gdog Watch the race again and let me know if you spot it again and, if so, what lap it was.

      1. I’m sure I heard “don’t let him near me” as well towards the end of the race, but thought it was for a back marker.

      2. I didn’t record the race this week but I have been looking for somewhere to watch it again, haven’t found it in the usual places yet.

        However, I have to say that I am amused by the level of defensiveness for Vettel following my comment. At what point did I question what Vettel’s motives would have been for the message “don’t let him near me”? I was merely mentioning I thought I heard that message, maybe it was a Brundle/Crofty translation, but I was expecting to see it in the transcript.

        1. @gdog Yes, Brundle paraphrased it incorrectly. Even then it wasn’t ‘don’t let him near me’. Brundle said ‘Keep him away from me’ and he and Crofty went on to make a big deal as if Vettel called for a team order. Unsurprisingly lots of people, it’s not just you, only remember What Brundle said.
          On the contrary, Ben Edwards immediately picked it up right that it was about a backmarker.

  10. Bianchi was hit by Van der Garde at the first corner and bother retired.

    Rest in peace, bother….:D

    1. nice! hehe

    2. OR, ……..and, bother, retired. very genteel old chap.

  11. Merc pilots didn’t recieve instruction to drink…

    1. Yeah, but that tear off message looks a bit iffy to me…

  12. 38 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel :That’s Grosjean in front of you. Go and get him.
    God I love it when engineers say stuff like that

    1. Much better than: “That’s Grosjean in front of you. Maintain a 2-second gap and easy on the tyres.”

    2. @mnm101 I giggled like a little girl when he said that, because I expected to see Vettel show what he and the car can do. And he did deliver.

      1. W (@yesyesyesandyesagain)
        17th October 2013, 14:58

        This race could serve as an excellent example of why Vettel is a soon to be four times world champion and Webber, in the same car, is not. Vettel got the go ahead and blew right by Grosjean while Webber got bottled up behind the Lotus for lap after lap and blew the race. If the roles were swapped and Vettel was on the three stop strategy I would bet he would have really put the pressure on Mark.

        1. You bet. See the highlights and you’ll see the difference. Vettel planned the pass before getting into the straight, closed-in quickly, opened DRS and whipped past with still quite a bit of the straight left. This did not allow Grosjean to make any defensive move. Webber on the other hand, repeatedly left it too far down the straight before trying to make the overtaking move, thus allowing RG to close the door on him.

          1. No. Webber wasn’t close enough to make the move on the straight. That’s all. He was too far at the beginning of the straight. So he left it down the straight because he was too far to overtake, not because he want to make the overtaking.

          2. He did seem to have planned that move, but not in the way you explain. The trick was having the overspeed out of 130R, and forcing Grosjean to defend in the chicane. This compromised Grosjean’s line and thus acceleration out of the chicane, and allowed Vettel to get alongside early as you noted.

        2. @yesyesyesandyesagain Definitely. I said if before, if Webber had been on a two stop strategy and Vettel on three, Vettel would have passed him and, the result would have been GRO-VET-WEB or VET-GRO-WEB. He simply had not the pace to fight Grosjean on the same tyres, much less Vettel, had Vettel have faster ones.

          If that had happened, we would still be hearing how the team “ruined” his race though…

        3. @yesyesyesandyesagain Webber messed up the chicane a bit , grosjean just got better traction out of it too . I Don’t know whether running too much front wing will reduce traction out of slow corners . Anyone ?

          1. Aero only has effect at speed, so out of the slow chicane, the difference would have been minimal.

            What made the difference is that Webber tried to pass on the main straight alone, and it took him quite a few laps to discover the tactic Vettel used: Attack out of 130R forcing Grosjean to defend into the chicane, and thus compromising his exit onto the main straight.

        4. Yes, I thought it really showed the difference between the two of them.

          There may be other reasons – saving up & timing of KERS, Vettel on sticker tyres v Webber’s scrubbed ones from qualifying, Grosjean a bit wiser by the time Webber caught him. Mostly it was a driver at the height of his powers against a guy who’s lost his edge a bit, but is still quick enough to take on all those sportscar drivers who never quite made it.

        5. You are correct in the assesment of what happened but in Webbers defence he was running less wing so had less traction through, and exiting, the chicane than both Vettel and Grosjean.

          1. @hohum remember, Vettel’s was damaged, so the difference would probably be minimal.

            Also, the traction effect wouldn’t be huge from the aero: they’re only going about 100km/h out of the chicane!

          2. @vettel1, that proves it then, they didn’t give Mark the TC.

          3. I do hope you’re joking @hohum

    3. +1

      Music to the ears.

  13. And again, not a single message to or from Alonso…

    1. That’s what I was thinking…. I was looking for a single one. Maybe rumours bring some truth.

      1. @mike-dee @architrion I think it’s because they speak in Italian, so it makes limited sense to broadcast them.

        1. not just broadcast, its difficult to get transcript if conversation is not in english.

        2. You’re spot on. I never thought about that possibility, which seems more real than a fight between Alonso and Ferrari

    2. @mike-dee
      Samurais do not talk, they do :-).

      1. lol you win!

    3. I’m beginning to see why Kimi wanted to go back to Ferrari…

  14. I have barely seen 2 or 3 messages between Alonso and Stella in the 5 races since the summer break. I think he is quitting Ferrari..

    1. Or maybe there are no messages because there are no messages.

    2. that may be coz its difficult to get transcript if not in english, they usually converse in italian

  15. Either some (a lot of) people don’t follow F1 at all, or they really need to make up reasons to dislike Vettel/Red Bull.

    There does appear to be a large clique of people needing to make-up stories, ranging from the unlikely to totally lunatic, to discredit Vettel’s achievements.

    1. Some of it is indeed lunatic. I mean I get Multi 21 thing (though I don’t agree, considering Webber had done the same at least twice before), but so many of what is said it’s just so nonsensical it’s borderline scary.

      I mean, right now I just read that he asking for blue flags was childish… *sigh*

    2. Yeah, and if he was caught kicking down little old ladies and strangling kittens there would be here a large clique of people saying that’s awesome of him and he has a perfect right to do so.

      1. yay for slippery slopes and imaginary if-scenarios!

  16. “Charlie, get him out of the way. That is not fair.” and “Thank you, thanks for that.” Shows me that Vettel thinks he should get some kind of immunity that other drivers don’t get. Very childish IMO

    1. @dzrhml02 Wow. Are we really this desperate to bash Vettel? Seriously?

      He was fighting for the win, being slowed down by Sergio Perez. Any driver would have called for blue flags in his position. Hamilton did the same thing in Canada.

      Just what I said before, it’s just amazing. He can’t do anything without being bashed. Now asking for blue flags when fighting for the win is childish!

      1. @silence

        I am NOT trying to bash Vettel like everyone else likes to, I honestly think Vettel is the best driver right now and has the complete package.
        I understand that he was fighting for the lead and anyone in that position would be concerned as well. What I meant was how the message was directed to Whiting. Most other drives yell blue flags out of frustration, but not a direct call to Whiting to do something about it. Vettel should know that if he was held up the proper ramifications would be enforced.

        With the amount of people who “bash” and are cynical of Vettel, there is an equal amount ready to stand in front of him for anything that he does…. that’s just the name of the game.

        1. Charlie Whiting is the race director. Who else is anyone going to ask for blue flags?

        2. What I meant was how the message was directed to Whiting. Most other drives yell blue flags out of frustration, but not a direct call to Whiting to do something about it

          That’s not true. We’ve seen drives direct to race controls more than once, like Alonso complaining about Vettel’s red light in Monza.

          You’re being extremely irrational.

          1. Irrational? I just thought it was odd that he seemed to ask all buddy buddy to Whiting. People are blowing this out of proportion thinking I don’t think Vettel should be allowed to call for blue flags. I realize how I stated my first post seemed like this, which is not the case. He has as much right as anyone else on the grid.
            My apologies, I forgot how cut-throat the internet can be

          2. @dzrhml02 Don’t do this. Don’t try to blame us for calling you out.

            You did say something quite irrational. Now, when you’re being called out for that, you A) change your statement (“I just thought it was odd…) and B) shift the blame to us for calling you out.

            Nothing wrong with not liking a driver or making a mistake, but being irrational and then shifting the blame when being called out for it it’s not the way to go.

          3. @silence

            You just said “Nothing wrong with not liking a driver or making a mistake” yet when I try and correct myself you still call me out.
            I already tried to apologize and I am not trying to blame anyone, all I said was the way my first post was perceived was different then intended. Is that fair? If anything the blame is on myself for not clearly stating what I meant in my original post.
            I am not about to start a pissing match with you or @ridiculous so I hope this “issue” I/we have created can be dropped.

    2. Shows me that Vettel thinks he should get some kind of immunity that other drivers don’t get.

      No, what shows is that you’re trying to find anything to bash him even when it is so ridiculous like this.

      Very childish IMO


    3. Asking for blue flags is common among the front-runners, as they don’t want to be held up unnecessarily. Vettel’s requests were nothing unusual at all.

    4. Yeah, its completely incomprehensible that the race leader would want the cars he is lapping to get out of the way without holding him up (NOT meant as a serious statement – warning)

      Sure, I am all for taking away the blue flags, I think it doesn’t really add anything good. But even without them, its not the purpose of a car being lapped to keep the leader behind apart from being just plain faster.

      1. It’s one thing if the blue flags were indeed not a rule, but since they are, you have every right to ask that they are enforced. You can’t fault a driver for a situation that does not exist.

        1. I hope I made it clear, that I am completely in agreement with that @mnmracer, there is nothing strange about Vettel asking race control to show them to backmarkers so they do not hold him up. Its exactly why blue flags were introduced.

    5. So Vettel gets blue flags but other drivers don’t?

    6. After reading the previous comment (now on the previous page), this comment is… stunning.

    7. I guess a lot of drivers must qualify as “childish” in your book, because asking for blue flags isn’t exactly uncommon.

      1. Vettel sounded like a petulant child in his radio messages. Here’s an idea…go AROUND the back markers instead of crying to race control. Oh wait, then you might actually have to race for the win.

        1. I’d sincerely suggest you to check in the dictionary what most of the words you wrote actually mean, because it seems you don’t know.

          Nor much about F1, evidently.

        2. Sigh. Am I going to now have to find an example of Kimi complaining about traffic? OK…brb…


          1. Good job…

        3. I swear sometimes people make comments like this to seek attention

  17. I like how FOM have started beeping out cursing so we get more messages played. Still hardly any messages are played from and too Alonso though, I wonder what that is about.

    1. @bascb
      I’ve just learned that teams charge a fee for every published 6 seconds of radio message published and Alonso’s message are the most expensive…

      I’ve just made it up :)

      1. I can’t imagine Bernie would pay them for the messages. He might ask Keith for royalties for using them in the article here though @jcost :-P

    2. That´s because all the interesting and exciting message are not PG-13

    3. Its because much of Alonso’s radio traffic is in Italian.

      Having said that, There are people at FOM who speak Italian & translating them via on-screen text should not be a problem, In fact I seem to recall they did that during last year’s Brazilian Gp.

      1. That was the title decider, though. Probably too much hassle for every race.

      2. Curious if Ferrari really get away with not getting their messages played just because they generally go Italian.

        As you mention, FOM did play them out at times in the past.

    4. @bascb The persistent shortage of messages from Alonso is odd, verging on suspicious. I can’t imagine he has as little radio traffic as is reflected in the clips broadcast by FOM.

      1. Why “verging on suspicious”?

        1. Hard to think of a good reason for FOM to ignore one of the best and most popular drivers in the sport in this way.

  18. Candidates fo Quote Of The Race

    Rob Smedley

    Fernando should have the DRS.

    Sebastian Vettel

    Charlie, get him out of the way. That is not fair.

    Daniel Ricciardo

    Just to clarify, before I go off and kill somebody, was it for the move in turn 15 on the outside of Sutil or Di Resta?

  19. Hi, sorry for a stupid question, but what does it mean ‘bournout’? I´m not sure if my translator uses the right expression for that.

    Thanks for the answer,

    1. @bohy – I think a “burnout” is defined as when the car’s wheels smoke when spinning.

    2. @bohy yep, a burnout is what the drivers do at the start, when you seem them spinning the rear tyres (it’s to get temperature into them to improve traction at the start).

      1. Thank you, guys.

  20. “Charlie, get him out of the way. That is not fair.” and “Thank you, thanks for that.” Shows me that Vettel thinks he should get some kind of immunity that other drivers don’t get. Very childish IMO

    Murray, if you just see and listen in an unbiased manner, you’ll realise that almost every driver is “childish” in that sense. Gentleman Jenson (I am not being srcastic) told his pit “Tell him to calm down!” when Perez got a bit too aggressive in trying to pass his teammate. Then there was Hamilton’s “Blue flag! Blue flag!” yell in China to get a back-marker out of the way. They all do it, usually understandably so because they don’t want to be held-up by someone about to be lapped. That is what adrenaline-fuelled competitive racing is all about and there is nothing childish about it.

  21. What on earth ” Target plus minus zero” means :P

    1. @puneethvb Does it mean he is on target or does it mean he has to be bang on taget + or – 0 ? No variation . bang on target meaning he has to get his target lap perfect ?hmmmm confusing .

      By the way what is “multi 3 ” what do they mean by multi 1 multi 2 etc etc , is it mutiple rotations of the dial in the wheel ? anybody ?

      1. http://www.motorsport.com/f1/photo/main-gallery/red-bull-racing-rb9-steering-wheel
        @hamilfan This is Mark’s steering wheel. I guess it refers to the MULT dial next to REV and OK buttons. I don’t know what it is for though.

      2. @hamilfan they are instructions on the steering wheel as @shena said, usually used so the drivers can control certain parameters on the car and to give data to the engineers on certain performance-related aspects of the car, hence not having to give out information on the radio feed which would be intercepted by other teams which may help them with strategic calls.

      3. The Multi 3 message was the call to switch to 3 stop. You can deduce this by his question after the early first stop: “What’s the Multi, mate”, with reply “Multi 2” at the time meaning they were still planning a 2 stop then.

      4. @shena @vettel1 @zotje ^ thanks a ton ! . Now, Multi 21 anybody ;-) ?

  22. Are these all the messages? I miss the one in which Redbull is said to have assured Mark that they were still in a two stop strategy after his early first stop. I also miss the part in which he confronts the team via the radio on whether a 3 stop strategy was really the best option. At least that is what I thought Mark was whining about with Lee Mckenzie after the race….. by the way, it was priceless to hear the same Lee Mckenzie ask Mark, after the quali, how he would ensure that there would be no team orders….funny eh? The guy was already 143 points behind, with no mathematical chances to fight for the title, but somehow the beeb lady seems to find it absurd that people would expect him to help Vettel wrap-up the championship. No, not Mark. What would be just normal for anybody else in the same situation is unacceptable when it comes to him.

    1. These are the ones that were broadcasted. Since the message wasn´t Keith doesn´t put it in the transcript.

    2. Mark asks: “What’s the Multi, mate?”, with the reply being “Multi 2”. This was the verification he was still on a 2 stop at the time. A few laps before his second stop he gets the call: “Multi 3”, meaning they now decided to switch to a 3 stop.

  23. Now why would Vettel radio his team and tell them to “keep (perez) away from me” as if the team can do anything about that. No, what he actually said, and I clearly heard his message “keep MARK away from me, keep him away from me” Its not the first time Seb has said the same thing over the radio. Seb is a spoilt brat, if he wants Mark away from him then ‘race’ away from him, don’t tell your team to keep him away..thats not in the spirit of racing thats a dummy spit.

    1. I don’t even know where to begin tearing this logic open.

      The transcript is above for all to read. It’s as obvious as water is wet Vettel was talking about Perez. To even hint at the slightest suggestion otherwise is nothing more than the most vapid and ridiculous perversion of logic and reason.

      If you’re going to hate Vettel and/or Red Bull, try doing so for a real reason, not some deluded excreta that any four-year old can destroy.

    2. @jimmyboy

      Now why would Vettel radio his team and tell them to “keep (perez) away from me” as if the team can do anything about that.

      Because Charlie Whiting and race control hear everything drivers say. Whih I had expected the “Charlie, get him out of the way.” made clear enough. It’s really not that difficult to understand.

      Which makes the rest of your post quite nonsensical.

    3. I clearly heard his message “keep MARK away from me, keep him away from me”

      No, it’s not what Vettel said. It was how Brundle and Croft interpret it. Go and watch the race again, please.

      I expect you’d dismiss this because it’s from Horner though.

      CH: “Sebastian came on the radio and said get [Sergio] Perez out the way because he was coming up to lap him. Perez was running at a reasonable pace and Sebastian knew that sitting behind a car, and he’d done a lap behind Perez, was going to damage those tyres. So he said to Charlie [Whiting] ‘come on this isn’t fair, he’s been there for over a lap’ and then Perez immediately pulled out of the way and he came back on [the radio] and said thank-you very much.”

    4. You’re obviously trolling. Vettel did not mention ‘Mark’ at any time during that broadcast and Webber was not only several seconds behind but still struggling to pass Grosjean. So, why would Vettel wait until he comes-up to lap Perez and then ask that Webber be moved out of the way?

      Yet another example of meaningless “opinion” aimed at venting frustration because someone you don’t like is winning. Let me tell you this: You and your kind can wet yourself calling him names or wildly imagining non-existant “Vettel conspiracies” but it won’t change a thing. The guy is a fantastic driver and will go on winning races and championships no matter what you say.

      1. Seems some of you didn’t hear ALL of the messages. That may have something to do with the broadcast feed that people were watching, infact the feed I was watching didn’t broadcast the messages where he was referring to ‘Charlie’ but he certainly was referring to Mark in when he said keep him away from me. The Perez and Mark comments were obviosuly separate comments.

        1. @jimmyboy

          Seb is a spoilt brat, if he wants Mark away from him then ‘race’ away from him, don’t tell your team to keep him away.

          Vettel won because he “raced” past Grosjean. Webber “sat behind” Grosjean.

        2. Seems some of you didn’t hear ALL of the messages.

          Are you saying that that trasnxript is incomplete?

          That may have something to do with the broadcast feed that people were watching, infact the feed I was watching didn’t broadcast the messages where he was referring to ‘Charlie’ but he certainly was referring to Mark in when he said keep him away from me.

          The broadcasted feed is exactly the same for all the TV’s so yes, you’re just making it up or you just wanted to hear what you wanted to her.

          But stil you’re totally wrong or trolling

        3. @jimmyboy I saw it on Sky and he clearly said “get him out the way”, obviously talking to Perez. It was lap 45, and you hear the Sky narrator misquoting it.

          You have to be quite dense to insist it was directed to Webber, seriously. You are wrong, accept it, move over.

    5. Something I think people are just joking

    6. @jimmyboy like the team would act upon that regardless. Did they in Malaysia? No. So even irrespective of the fact your comment is blatantly wrong, it is still a flawed attempt at an argument.

      1. As a driver, he is an egoist and under immense pressure in the car. So of course he’s going to try and further his own efforts: Rosberg in Malaysia also was trying to get the team to allow him to pass Hamilton, but you’ve conveniently ignored him, haven’t you?

        Don’t let one occasion define a driver.

    7. @jimmyboy I’m going to give you the benefit of doubt that you weren’t your sound self when you watched the race. Also, don’t post on the internet when drunk.
      Spongebob Squarepants
      (Your imaginary friend )

    8. I believe you are suffering from the McGurk effect.

      1. I couldn’t get the link to take, but here’s the text (and you can google it to see actual video of how it works”

        So this week I’m taking it back to a study published in Nature in 1976 to tell you about a freaky auditory illusion called the McGurk effect. However, it also requires some visual input, so I’ll have to send you to a video at http://snipurl.com/sciam-illusion (or simply click to play the video posted below this transcript.)

        If we watch a video of a person mouthing the word “ga,” but have a synced voice-over of that person saying “ba,” what we end up hearing, is a third variation that’s never been said! That word is “da”.

        And even though you now know it’s an illusion—you will still, when you see the video, think you are hearing “da”. But if you close your eyes, and do not see the person’s lips forming the word “ga,” you’ll hear what they are actually saying, which is “ba”.

        We think of speech as dependent on auditory perception. But this study eerily shows just how important visual input is.

        From this, it’s clear that our senses did not develop in isolation, but rather, they work in tandem to form an accurate perception of our world. Here we learn that the position of the lips is key in accurately hearing what someone is saying.

        To experience the McGurk effect, please go to: http://snipurl.com/sciam-illusion

        To experience the McGurk effect, click on the video below. Play the video normally first, then play it a second time with your eyes closed. You will hear two different words.

        1. @uan Very interesting – but it doesn’t work for me! I hear “ba” irrespective of watching the video or closing my eyes. I wonder whether it has to do with growing up watching TV shows, films and cinema that are dubbed.

    9. @jimmyboy

      I clearly heard his message “keep MARK away from me, keep him away from me”

      Can you tell me which lap this was so I can check, please?

      1. They were going backwards on lap 78 when jimmyboy heard that message.

  24. My favourite radio message of the race wasn’t there!
    Rocky to Seb (after his last pitstop): “that’s Grosjean ahead of you. Go and get him! good boy!” oor something to that effect. :))

    1. @ifelix It’s there in lap 38

      1. Thank you @silence!
        This was really the funniest pit radio message that I have heard :)

        1. @ifelix It sure was excellent, I totally giggled when I heard it in the race, even more because Vettel did deliver.

  25. 20 Nico Hulkenberg Marco Schupbach Censored by FOM. Hulkenberg was feeling pressure from Alonso while also trying to pass Ricciardo who hadn’t pitted yet.
    **** he’s quick on the straight. Same **** as last year.
    20 Marco Schupbach Nico Hulkenberg Nico our position is not in danger. Keep calm, keep racing.

    Now this is something new for me… thought hulk was one of the cooler guys… but he has got a temper out on the track
    .. GOOD.

    1. Ever read a movie script first and then watched the movie? You should give that a try

      1. should i watch this one ? ..is it better that way?. I can search for the clip but if there is a link it may help.

    2. @nimba I admire these racing drivers . They shout out swear words when we would have shat in the same scenario :D

      1. Obviously dost, it is a game of temperaments and dodging the mudballs.. I was just pointing out that I thought the Hulk conducts himself more like Kimi or Webber .. but he is more like the Red God Schumacher.
        On another note .. imagine one day having a proper (Hindi Speaking) Indian driver in a #F1 team .. with a hindi speaking engineer.. tab jo gaaliyan sunne ko milengi.. even Alonso would be ashamed of using a different language to evade FoM transcripts.

  26. One thing the radio transcripts show, both from Rocky to Vettel – a couple of times – and then from Vettel to Whiting regarding Perez, they did see Webber as a real threat to Vettel at the end of the race and didn’t want lose time or have unnecessary tire wear.

    These exchanges more than anything should show that RB gave Mark a very real chance at Victory.

    1. @uan Exactly. People ignore the part and instead read too much into Rocky’s message “We’re not racing Mark, we’re racing Grosjean”. We often hear those when drivers are on different strategies. Somehow this time it must be implying something else, a clear evidence that RB put Webber on a strategy that wouldn’t be able to challenge Vettel.

  27. The comments on this page remind me why I like F1Fanatic far more than other F1 sites… that being the fact that the people are (generally) rational and level-headed and not out to bash Vettel for misdeeds that he didn’t even commit, to put it mildly.

  28. 11 Nico Rosberg Tony Ross [Distorted] I need to know what to do.

    The distorted part was “Don’t think”, meaning they should make sure.

  29. are all the people and commentators(sky) who wrongfully accused vettel of requesting team orders going to apologise?…unfortunately no and people who don’t follow articles like this will be none the wiser

    1. Yes, it’s astonishing how quickly Brundle and Crofty make a judgement. Can’t they just consider other scenarios?
      The problem is the conspiracy has a flair that plain truth doesn’t…

  30. Seems some of you didn’t hear ALL of the messages. That may have something to do with the broadcast feed that people were watching, infact the feed I was watching didn’t broadcast the messages where he was referring to ‘Charlie’ but he certainly was referring to Mark in when he said keep him away from me. The Perez and Mark comments were obviosuly separate comments.

    What you heard was not a radio broadcast but the friendly voice inside your head. Don’t worry about it. It will go away if you ignore it.

  31. The Alonso mistery continues……. smart boy.

  32. Denise Johnstone
    18th October 2013, 22:59

    Vettel consistently asks for fellow drivers to get outta his way …. whether it be Webber or the lapped drivers … he needs a helping hand … canna figure it out for himself, he wants it easy … he bores me !!!

    1. So do plenty of other drivers. If Vettel seems to do so more than others it’s probably because he’s spent more time in the lead than anyone else this year by a significant margin.

      he bores me

      People coming up with daft reasons to to slag him off all the time bores me.

    2. Vettel consistently asks for fellow drivers to get outta his way …. whether it be Webber or the lapped drivers … he needs a helping hand … canna figure it out for himself, he wants it easy … he bores me !!!

      He bores you does he? OK, don’t watch the F1 races then! Instead, something like a re-run of Dude, Where’s My Car? might be more up your street.

  33. now i understand that vettel’s message was for perez and not for mark like what the commentators were saying. i hope they will be more careful because F1 has a lot of viewers and they can be heard from around the world.

    i hope they’ll take out the commentators and instead put all the radio broadcasts. i think it would be fantastic

  34. 38 Guillaume Rocquelin to Sebastian Vettel That’s Grosjean in front of you. Go and get him.

    I got so excited when I heard that message. It was like Rocky unleashed a beast.

    40 Guillaume Rocquelin Sebastian Vettel
    Towards the end of the race you’ll come under pressure from Mark. So make sure you’ve got some tyres left.

    This is why Vettel was getting frustrated over Perez. He knows that Mark will be faster than him towards the end and he can’t afford to lose even a little bit of time. Also I think this tells us that Red Bull did give Mark the chance to take the victory, only he didn’t take it.

  35. I think Brundle should clear things up about Vettel’s radio message about Perez. He stupidly misinterpreted is as a call to keep Mark away, on air where millions of people are listening. Obviously a bigger percentage of those people don’t read articles like these and will go on to believe that Vettel did say “Keep Mark away from me” which I think is really unfair. It makes him look so bad and he has enough haters already.

    1. I agree. Brundle is in a responsible position as a commentator and having made that error and soon realising it, it is a poor show on his behalf not to have owned up and apologised. Considering that there are people out there who’ll cry foul if Vettel looks cross-eyed at something, Brundle has added fuel to the fire.

  36. I read all these comments and wonder… who are we to comment on what conversations a driver carries out with his team, and engineer during the course of a GP ? People here would cheer when Kimi undermines his team messages but would attack vettel on his frank and obvious conversations on the pit wall. Seriously guys, if you want to point out the culprits from these transcripts, don’t go after the drivers who are open and fair, try to think about those who don’t give a damn about transparency and go Italian.. hail the scuderia.

    1. Well, F1 is a public exhibition like any other sport and the radio messages are seen as part of the strategy involved. Personally I don’t see anything wrong in fans discussing and analysing them but no one should deliberately distort the meaning even when they know full well what the message reaaly meant. That is what many people do, especially if the driver involved in Vettel – just about every poster here knows full well that Vettel’s message was meant for Perez – one does not have to be a rocket scientist to know that. But unfortunately Brundle gave some of them an opening by his thoughtless remark and they seized upon it like the proverbial large birds and are trying to make an issue of it.
      As for Raikkonen’s “leave me alone!” type messages, everyone sees them as a bit of fun and enjoys them, Lotus pit crew included, I am sure.

      1. Yes! Yes! Yes! … and on these lines just imagine if next year >>
        Engineer : Kimi, Asino spagnolo è più veloce di te..
        Kimi : I would like my pizza with extra cheese , yes!

  37. I watched the race again last night and concentrated hard as Vettel approached Perez. As he closed-in on the Mexican to lap him, Vettel said quite clearly “Tell him to get out of the way” and nothing else. At that time, Webberr, still behind Grosjean, was nowhere near Vettel.

    It was very, very clear that Vettel simply meant to get the backmarker Perez out of the way. Brundle immediately misinterpreted it and siad “mmmm….keep him away from me!” and his colleague took up the cue. I have no idea how and why Brundle could have “heard” that because what Vettel sais did not remotely sould like “keep him away from me”.

    I am surprised that Brundle has not yet issued a public apology.

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