Alonso to celebrate points record on Indian GP helmet

2013 Indian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso will mark his record F1 points tally with a special helmet design for the Indian Grand Prix.

Alonso became F1’s all-time highest points scorer at the Japanese Grand Prix, reaching a tally of 1,571 points, surpassing Michael Schumacher’s previous record of 1,566.

The two totals don’t bear direct comparison as the value of different finishing positions has changed many times in F1 history. For example a win was originally value at eight points, Schumacher scored ten for each of his 91 victories, and 25 points has been given to race winners since 2010.

Alonso’s helmet also carries a message of thanks to his fans in English, French and Italian.

“To see my name leading the points record for a sport like Formula One is something I never imagined,” said Alonso after claiming the record in Japan. “Thanks to everyone!”

See here for a list of every F1 world champions’ points totals adjusted to the current scoring system:

Fernando Alonso Indian Grand Prix helmet

2013 Indian Grand Prix

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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113 comments on “Alonso to celebrate points record on Indian GP helmet”

  1. Alonso’s helmet also carries a message of thanks to his fans in English, French and Italian.

    Nice touch, even if the overall concept behind the design has it’s basis in a meaningless statistic!

    1. Come now, dont be so sour. Sooner or later Vettel will celebrate the exact same thing.

      1. @joshua-mesh
        How is that sour? Alonso’s points record is meaningless.

        I’m not sure if Alonso is being serious with all this celebrating, but it seems a little pathetic in my opinion. Vettel is winning everything and already has better statistics than Alonso, so Fernando has to cling on something.

        1. I would guess that he has been encouraged to celebrate by his fans on twitter or by his sponsors.

        2. Should he not feel like this is an accomplishment then? I mean, it’s still a significant achievement which reflects the long period during which he’s competed at the sharp end of F1. I wouldn’t say it was any different to a driver, for instance, celebrating his hundredth GP, or some other landmark moment in their career.

          But of course there are plenty of people who think that Alonso is Dick Dastardly and won’t allow even the smallest recognition of what he’s achieved in F1.

      2. It’s pointless because Schumacher has alround 2000 more points than him when assessed on the modern points scheme for his whole career.

        1. Let’s see, Ascari, Fangio, Prost, Schumacher, had this record before. Sounds like good company. If it is totally pointless and meaningless, how come Luca Badoer or Sakon Yamamoto don’t have it? Or why pretty good pilots as Button or Barrichello came nowhere near to get it? Yes, we all know the limitations of this particular stat. But it doesn’t mean it is meaningless and not worth celebrating.

          1. it doesn’t mean it is meaningless

            Yes it does because it values a win by Alonso or Vettel today as being worth more than three times as much as one by Farina or Fangio when the world championship was started.

            Clearly it is unfair to drivers whose careers ended before the current system was introduced. To invest any meaning in it does them a disservice.

            It is quite literally meaningless.

          2. Chris (@tophercheese21)
            23rd October 2013, 9:10


            But it’s also a disservice to say that Alonso’s points achievement is meaningless.

            It’s not his fault the points system has changed.

            To me this whole debate is unbelievably pedantic. He’s an incredible driver who has scored a lot of points.

            Just leave it at that. Why make anything more of it?

            Like others saying “oh he just wants some attention”, that’s just pathetic nit picking (not you Keith, but others).

          3. For what it’s worth, I believe any other driver would have celebrated the record, and probably wouldn’t have catched so much flak.

            Only an ignorant of all things F1 would take the record at face value, i. e., believing Alonso is the top scorer of all time (in fact he is third after Schuey and Prost in equalised points, which is not bad I think). I don’t think you will find many such ignorants here in F1Fanatic, no need to go all over again with the points per race in the early days (and to be fair Farina and Fangio had it relatively easy to get the record as they did, they had no Schuey before them with a mountain of points. In fact Farina got it after just one race).

            When Button hit 1000 points, the line was that the value of the statistic was “rather limited” which is fair enough. Now that Alonso has the points record it is totally meaningless, which I think isn’t. Seems like some drivers are more equal than the others.

          4. @tophercheese21

            But it’s also a disservice to say that Alonso’s points achievement is meaningless.

            No it isn’t, because the points system is horribly skewed in favour of recent drivers when trying to make this kind of comparison.

            If I were making a case for what a great driver Alonso is, I’d say he’s won more races than almost every other driver. I’d say he’s a two times world champion and, for the sake of eight points (or so), could easily have three more titles. I’d say he defeated seven-times champion Michael Schumacher in 2006 with one of the best season-long performances by a competitor I’ve ever seen in F1.

            I wouldn’t try to argue that a points system which used to give eight points for a win and now gives eight points for sixth place is any kind of meaningful basis for comparison.

          5. @keithcollantine the way you said it because of the point change we can also say that Schumacher’s 7WC are meaningless, because of the point change. As I read in one of your articles, if the current system was like this all the time, it would be A.Prost with 7 WC and not Michael…

          6. @stagger
            I don’t know how you can read Keith’s post like that. The point system was the same for everyone every year that Prost and Schumacher won their championships.

            But do you really think that, for instance, Vettel’s 2011 season was more than three times better than Mansell’s 1992 season or four times better than Senna’s 1991 season? I mean, that’s how much more points Vettel got.

          7. @hotbottoms no, Im speaking for the record of Alonso of more points than any other driver. Alonso ,in a way, benefit from the systems point change and came up with more points ever archived. The same way MS benefit from WC points calculation and came up 7 times WC. I dont see the reason why Alonsos record is meaningless on this perspective. (and the point system wasnt the same, it was the time when driver lower points from a race were removed, Keith has a great article about it.. im at work and i dont have time to find it now)

          8. @stagger
            It’s true that during 1950-1990 points from all the races weren’t counted towards a championships. But it doesn’t have anything to do with this, because the system was still the same for everyone.

            We can compare Prost’s points total to Mansell’s in 1986 season, because they both got points according to the same system. For the same reason we can compare Schumacher’s points total to Häkkinen’s in 2000 and Alonso’s points total to Schumacher in 2006. But we cannot compare Alonso’s points total in 2013 to Schumacher’s in 2002, because (among other reasons) the former gets 25 points for a victory while the latter only got 10 points.

          9. @stagger I’m not making any such claim.

          10. @stagger he isn’t saying this at all. What Alonso achieved until now is very, very meaningful. However, celebrating it now in this context is VERY meaningless. He is celebrating this as a record, while the record is flawed into its core. And celebrating such a flawed record, is meaningless. Again, his achievements are very much something to look up to.

            If we backtrack all the driver’s achievements, including Alonso’s pre-2010 finishes, and apply the current point system on it, and Alonso breaks that record, then we have a very meaningful record.

          11. @stagger with the new points system in place Schumacher would still have won all his titles except the 1994 championship. Those championships are therefore clearly more meaningful than Alonso’s points tally, which is a mere half of what Schuey would have racked up under the present system.

            What’s more, with a hat tip to Quora, if the difference in points system would have influenced the outcome of any race itself, it would surely have denied Schumacher the motivation to go kamikaze on Villeneuve in 1997, and he would have got his seventh championship after all.

        2. @nick-uk Way more than 2000. Schumi would be on 3890 points to be exact.

          It’s a nice helmet, at least. After all, this may be the only stat where Alonso finishes ahead of Schumi. 7 world titles is a stretch for Fernando at this point – and that’s before you consider Sebastian Vettel.

        3. @hotbottoms im not compering points per season but as a total, MS and Alonso were both racing in both systems. In the one hand, with different points system you have 7 WC’s and on the other hand you have 1571 points, both acquired in different point systems. I dont say you’re wrong but the whole thing about if he has more points or not, cannot be both right and wrong depends of your perspective.

          1. Cannot can

          2. @stagger – I cannot tell if you are high or thick, or if maybe there is just a language barrier that has led to this. In case it is the latter, I will try to explain.

            MSC’s 7 driver’s titles have nothing to do with the point system. He would have won the titles under any system. Under any system. Yes? Okay.

            To make a comparison, pretend that when ALO won his driver’s titles, the rules stated that each one title was worth three titles. Sounds ridiculous but this is pretend. That would mean ALO would have six titles (and VET would be on the verge of twelve).

            Sounds stupid, right? That is what is happening with points. One year a win was worth 10 pts, the very next year it was worth 25 pts. If Driver A got three wins the first year and Driver B got three wins the second year, do you really think that Driver B is 2.5x better?

          3. @hobo – Not strictly true. With the same race outcomes under the new points system, Hill would have pipped him in 1994. Not that it makes comparing points and comparing championships equivalent.

    2. However, it’s a meaningless statistic that will annoy Seb

      1. Vettel records in F1: 20
        Alonso: 1

        (source wikipedia)
        And in my opinion Vettel has the coolest record in F1:

        shortest time elapsed before gaining a penalty 9 seconds 2006 Turkish Grand Prix (25 August 2006) (9 seconds into his career, for speeding in the pit lane)


      2. Lol Kirk, I hope you’re just kidding…

      3. @prof-kirk – only for a season or two..

    3. Schumacher’s 91 wins brought him 910pts. Had he raced under the current point system the score goes to 2275pts. That’s how meaningless this statistic actually is.
      The white helmet is nice, though.

      1. Exactly.
        I think he is trying to find something to console himself… Nice helmet though.

      2. Now I realized what really annoys me about that thing – the “world record” line. Alonso continue from where McLaren left their world fastest pit stop… Is this another proof he is going to drive for them again? :)

      3. You do realize that Alonso only got 11 wins in the current points system and 21 wins in the old one. Your comment would make sense if Alonso only started winning starting from 2010.

        1. Yes, but those 11 wins would be worth 275 points – his 21 wins only 210. That’s how ridiculously skewed the statistic is.

    4. Ricardo Perez Pandelo
      23rd October 2013, 5:03

      Meaningless why? ’cause it isn’t MS?..I respect Fangio as if I were his contemporary..history is past and present is evolution to make a better history, so 1571 pts are that 1571 pts a RECORD at present and for History

    5. But strange that he didn’t put the Spanish “Gracias” for his Spanish fans

    6. +1. If I was Alonso I wouldn’t give it two cents

    7. @keithcollantine

      Alonso’s helmet also carries a message of thanks to his fans in English, French and Italian.

      You got it wrong! He is not thanking his fans, he is thanking the 3 teams that have allowed him to obatain the points that have him as points leader. merci: RENAULT, thank you: McLaren and Grazie: Ferrari! He said so in his FaceBook and twitter account!

      After reading all the discussion…. Lighten up a bit Max, remember that sooner rather than later, Vettel will hold that one as wel so everything you are saying will revert to him and you might not like it as all the Alonso fans might not like it.

  2. Bit pointless if you ask me!

    1. Great avatar :D

  3. I probably sit somewhere in-between the Vettel and Alonso camps, but let me just say that I cannot believe Alonso is celebrating this as some sort of achievement. I find it utterly bizarre to be honest.

    1. Alonso seems to be quite self conscious and media aware. This is probably his way of thumbing his nose at those who are dismissing the achievement and trying to help the case for himself in the comparisons to other drivers.

    2. Well Vettel had a helmet to celebrate his 50th helmet… so I gonna lay off of Alonso for having a helmet t celebrate his point record. But I don´t like the desing very much

    3. Ah well he’s had precious little to celebrate lately…It’s entirely meaningless but harmless anyway. And I like his helmet design in white!

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        22nd October 2013, 23:54

        @colossal-squid agree on the color. His usual light-blue-and-yellow helmet is so not-Ferrari matching… And before tifosis chase me, some Vettel helmets are garish too. (and some are great!)

      2. Yes, and I guess that is as good a reason to mention it as not @colossal-squid. At least its a bit of a positive for him and the team

    4. Alonso knows most likely vettel will claim the title this weekend, so he’s doing everything he can to keep some media attention on him!

      1. Alonso doesn’t really like the media. You can clearly tell because he always thinks twice before giving an interview and he won’t talk to anybody before the race.

  4. Vettel probably has a better reason to change his helmet design for the gazillionth time this weekend than this.

  5. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    22nd October 2013, 23:37

    If Vettel appears with one helmet showing 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, that will be meaningful!!!
    And BTW, is Alonso planing to stay with the same amount of points after the race? I’m foreseing a first-lap botch for Alonso!!! ;P

    1. But if Vettel did do that, he wouldn’t be showing off a record. Remember, another German has 7.

      It seems FA needs to grasp onto any “achievement” he can right now, regardless of how empty and meaningless it really is.

      1. His next helmet could say “2006 the last time I won something” .

    2. Alonso should have an LED display that changes the point depending on his current points position in the race.

      1. Great idea – but he should have done that in Japan – with the number flashing when the record was broken!


    3. @omarr-pepper I think he should be obliged to wear it again in Abu Dhabi if he doesn’t score points this weekend!

    4. @omarr-pepper Massa confirms: “Alonso won’t escape this time! I know last time I failed but I will do a Grosjean-esque first corner to be sure!”

      1. Wouldn´t you relish that!!

  6. The stat is pointless, I think he just wants to share the spotlight with Vettel when he Seb winning his fourth WDC.
    It’s a way to say “hey, look, I’m still here!, and I’m breaking some records too! Please, look at me! Please…”

    Alonso is a hell of a driver, an all-time great (makes the top8 imo) even if he only has two WDCs, but this is ridiculous.

  7. Hilarious. He should milk it for all its worth. Next race he should wear a helmet with his new points tally and so on ….at least until Vettel inevitably gets that record as well.

    1. Mark my words, the day Sebastian gets that record we will see who are bending over themselves in awe

  8. well he himself acknowledges its bit meaning less stat, you expect him to feel bad for his achievement ? you guys should stop with this hating already, All time points leader in f1 is great, a true f1 fan can always appreciate this achievement, i am happy for him.

    1. @f1007

      you expect him to feel bad for his achievement?

      Of course not.

      stop with this hating already

      Pointing out the statistic is meaningless does not constitute “hating”.

      1. maarten.f1 (@)
        23rd October 2013, 9:51

        Pointing out the statistic is meaningless does not constitute “hating”.

        @keithcollantine it does on the Internet ;)

      2. @keithcollantine i am talking about some comments on the page, “he trying to grab attention”, “trying to cling on to something”…n.. so on, is utter non-sense. Converted points is good stat to have, but record books dont work like that, like alonso says, next time when some one breaks his record, no one will even bother about the points system etc ….so all i am saying is lets appreciate for what it is, instead of dismissing it.

        1. @f1007

          like Alonso says, next time when some one breaks his record, no one will even bother about the points system

          I’m not aware of that quote, can you give a link to it?

          1. @keithcollantine here he says “I know the points system changed, but when someone overtakes me in the points no-one will remember the points system changed.”

          2. @f1007 well that’s quite simply a stupid comment, as clearly a lot of us have remembered that the points have changed when applied to the current “record”.

          3. well there is no pleasing you is it ?? when he celebrates its a problem coz its meaning less according to you, now even him agreeing with you makes him wrong again ?? this is the hate i was talking about.

          4. now even him agreeing with you makes him wrong again

            No, he doesn’t agree with him.

            Still waiting were the hate is

          5. @f1007 Thanks for that. I can’t say I agree with Alonso’s view though – people haven’t forgotten the points system changed recently, nor have they forgotten it changed many other times before then. There’s no reason to assume that will be forgotten in future.

          6. @keithcollantine are you saying even Micheal’s points lead is meaning less if points system changed from the day f1 started ? if thats the case there is no point in keeping record of points over years, everything should start from 0 every season. I do not think so.

          7. @f1007 I wouldn’t invest any meaning in Alonso’s 1,571 points or Schumacher’s 1,566 if that’s what you mean. Both competed in F1 through three different points systems (1991-2002, 2003-2009, 2010-present) for differing lengths of time, so they don’t bear comparison.

            Pick two drivers who only ever competed under the same system and that would obviously be a fair comparison.

  9. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
    23rd October 2013, 3:32

    I will wait and see how these guys react when Vettel will get this exact same record! ;) Yeah, the stat is meaningless though.

    1. Is there really any need to drag Vettel and his fans into this ?

    2. I’m a big Vettel fan, and if he makes a special helmet to celebrate the breaking of this record I’ll happily call it silly and meaningless.

  10. Take it easy F1 fanatics! Let us face the fact that Alonso is already one of the greatest drivers of all time. If we consider total career points recalculated to the 2010 scoring system, Alonso will got 2414 points being third behind Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost which is a huge achievement. But The FACT is : Alonso is NOW holding the record of total career points. Let him celebrate. I find the helmet nice too :)

    1. I am sorry but he’s not the greatest driver of all time and Also he does not come close.
      If he cant beat Vettel while in his prime, what happens when Vettel reaches his prime?
      Next year is there as well to judge him as those who are not fans of Vettel say we need Vettel to be tested, well Alonso would get his test next year and we would see whether its him that makes the Ferrari look good or Massa is finished as a driver.

      1. @Rockie: I have to say first that I’m fan of Sebastian Vettel and personally I think he is the best driver on the current grid and of the best of all time, but Alonso is great too. Consistency of results that Alonso had been able to achieve is impressive and I respect that though I’m not a fan of him.

  11. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    23rd October 2013, 4:13

    I don’t get why people are ripping Alonso a new one, over a helmet livery.

    Some may think it means nothing because the points system has changed over time, but it’s still a huge achievement to have amassed this many points, regardless of the points system.

    Pedantic debate aside, I think this design looks good. :)

  12. I have been looking for a list of the previous recordholders but couldn’t find one

    My tentative list, mostly a hunch, is: Nino Farina, Alberto Ascari, Juan Manuel Fangio, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher. A pretty impressive list to be in, IMHO. And I specially like the fact that the one driver I ever loathed didn’t make it, even though lots of people think he was the best ever.

    Anyone has the true list? Please post it, thanks a lot!!

  13. By Todays Points
    1. M. Schumacher >> 3890 <<
    2. A. Prost 2483
    3. F. Alonso 2414
    So that record its just another "I'm important and people Give me Attention"

    1. Michael Venter
      23rd October 2013, 11:47

      Take away all the driver aids (ABS, Sequential Gearboxes etc), there is still only one ‘Michael Schumacher’. Remember, he took on most of the best (including Aerton Senna) and beat them @ their own game!

    2. Meaning that Alonso is only 70 points away of the 2nd position ever in equalised points. Pretty hard to get it in 2013 but not impossible. But surely he will have it done early in 2014.

      When Alonso gets 1640 (crude) points he will be on par with Prost in equalised points, with 1641 he will be 2nd ever (until Vettel gets ahead), but beating Schumacher’s record seems way too much.

      1. Exactly, Hyoko.

        This helmet is essentially saying, “I’m nearly second in points!” And I think we all can agree that is ridiculous.

        1. No we don’t, I don’t see why it is ridiculous. To be second, or nearly second, in points of all time drivers is no mean achievement. Alonso might wait until he beats Prost’s record in modern points and say, I am second now. But it would be too convoluted for the general public. Now it is the moment he got the crude points record and the time to celebrate it, he has every right to do so, no matter what people say.

    3. Another thing, that can complicate any comparison and is unfair towards the drivers from the early F1 days, is the number of races in a season. It’s much easier these days to accumulate a lots of points with around 20 races per season even if the driver is not winning. The champions of the past didn’t have that opportunity.

  14. Just the same old anti-Alonso comments (as expected),
    but the fact is he is the highest scorer atleast within the current drivers.
    No one has issues when Vettel has ridiculous (and even hilarious )helmets almost each weekend.

    1. No one has issues when Vettel has ridiculous (and even hilarious )helmets almost each weekend.

      Just the same old anti-Alonso comments

      Oh, the irony with that comment

  15. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
    23rd October 2013, 6:37

    I don’t really care about the helmet or what it stands for. But I do find it odd that the “Thank You” messages would be in French, English and Italian. Seemingly missing out on the more important Spanish message…

    1. Sorry if it has been said before. But I think it goes for the teams Rezza, Macca and Fezza, not the fans.

  16. One of those records. With races giving you up to 25 points (the 6th place scores no less than 8 times more points than it used to) and two dozen of races per season, how can it be compared to what drivers in other eras achieved? Even if you just hang on to the numbers and forget their circumstances. That the media raises it up, I’m not surprised – anything to fill up a column. But Alonso himself putting it in his helmet…. he is really desperate for something to celebrate, anything.

    1. @antifia

      That the media raises it up, I’m not surprised – anything to fill up a column.

      I often put up images of drivers’ race-specific helmets, particularly the top drivers, because experience has shown there’s sufficient interest from readers to justify it.

      Besides which the idea of ‘needing to fill up a column’ is utterly redundant on a website!

      1. @keithcollantine
        Hey Keith, don’t take my comment personally – it was not a jibe at you. In any case, I don’t think of f1fanatic as a media outlet – it’s a blog.

        1. @antifia A blog is a form of media, but I appreciate now you weren’t addressing me.

  17. This annoys me. He only has the most points because of the rules change. Its utterly meaningless, and frankly I think he should be above this

  18. Steph (@stephanief1990)
    23rd October 2013, 8:33

    I don’t think this stat means much given the points system has changed so much throughout the years (in 88 Prost would have won a title had the points actually mattered!) but IO really don’t get why so many fans have to be bitter about absolutely everything.

    As for the helmet – love the colours and the “thank you” message but I’m not the greatest fan of the design.

    I do think it would be interesting if someone who was less lazy than me actually compared the finishing positions of all the top drivers through the years – that would give us a better idea about consistency (although again it is fairly limited in its insight as the cars impact performance more than anything – Senna and Prost for example had it easy during their time together as they were pretty much guaranteed to be first and second).

    1. Well Keith has published in the last stats and facts article a “modern points” and “modern points per start” statistic, which Schumacher and Fangio lead respectively (by far, I may add).

  19. So of all the previous WDC’s he has the least WDC’s(2) for the most points? Silly stat actually….

  20. Totally hollow record. No point celebrating this. And I like Alonso too.

  21. I really feel inclined to address some of you out there, it seems over the last 4 a little war has broken out between Vettel supporters and Alonso supporters. Why does every article about one of these two drivers have to turn into a kindergarten discussion? Is it so hard to just try and get along and have respect for the others decision to back another driver. and I as an Alonso supporter am talking to BOTH sides here! If only some of you could be like @vettel1, who has constantly proven to be an admirer of Vettel and have respect for other drivers out there. I’m starting to turn away from F1 fanatic because of these pointless discussions. Something needs to change or else I’m going to be forced to stop reading F1 fanatic. At least the comment section.

    Back on topic: I like this helmet even if the stat isn’t that impressive considering the rule change, but a stat is a stat.

    1. Dislike is one thing, absolute loathing is quite another

  22. maarten.f1 (@)
    23rd October 2013, 10:01

    I do feel it’s a bit, I don’t know, attention grabbing to celebrate this “record”. But a lot of records are meaningless in Formula 1 I suppose. The number of wins for example, amount of races, number of poles, number of consecutive point finishes, fastest laps, you name it. Formula 1 has changed many times over the course of time; there are more races than ever, top 10 finishers now get points, cars are much, much more reliable, qualifying format has changed many times, circuits have changed, engines have changed. This would mark many records as debatable, because there’s no way you can compare Formula 1 today with Formula 1 in the 50s. As they say, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.

  23. Cringeworthy.

  24. I’m surprised, to be honest. After last race Alonso himself said that this record was not significant.
    I don’t know, it feels weird. He didn’t celebrate at all two weeks ago in Japan, he didn’t seem to care about it too much.

  25. IMO, absolute numbers always look impressive, but I think more relevant statistics would be average points/start or average % (cutting out outliers of course) of the maximum achievable points.
    In that aspect, Juan Manuel Fangio makes drivers like Alonso, Schumacher and Vettel eat dirt. An average of 17.12 points per race (under current points), or 68.5% of the maximum points achievable, that is insane. He had a short carreer compared to drivers nowadays, but he made almost literally the most out of it. By far the best records belong to him.

    1. +1 Totally agree, that man had petrol in his veins for sure.

    2. Yes, Fangio is the best in nearly all the percentage stats, which nullify the effect of having entered fewer races. However Luigi Fagioli got 6 podiums in seven races which is really impressive.

  26. The mere mention of Alonso seems to ignite something in a few people. I think he will not care one bit what me or the other fans think about what he does.

    Sometimes having a hard shell is required to achieve what the other 99% don’t. The man himself has said that the stat is meaningless. But the stat is ‘true’ irrespective of how it was achieved.

    Can’t blame a man for stating the truth.

    1. @evered7 but he’s celebrating a dud statistic, which I don’t really see the point in if I’m honest.

  27. Seems a bit pointless.

  28. astonished (@)
    23rd October 2013, 21:50

    a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause:
    religious fanatics
    informal a person with an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for a particular activity:
    a fitness fanatic
    filled with or expressing excessive zeal:
    his eyes had a fanatic iciness

    Oxford dictionary.

    While we are at f1 fanatic I find all these comments rather normal, from both sides (pro and con the record, do not think in Alonso / Vettel ) :-)

  29. @keithcollantine Can Alonso wear this helmet? Wasn’t there a rule about helmets not being allowed to carry any words that can be read from the on board camera?

  30. LOL, I’m so impressed! After Seb has been taking him to school the past 4 years I suppose Freddy desperately needs something to “celebrate”.

  31. Next it’ll be Maldonaldo with a “Most Race Cars Crashed in a Career” helmet with a debris littered livery. Or Max Chilton’s famed “Most Times Lapped in Career” helmet with a blue flag flying unproudly from it’s top.

    …let’s keep the liveries and the champagne for something ACTUALLY important. Like the day that someone not named Sebastien Vettel wins a WDC.

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