Alonso says he’s driving better than ever

2013 Indian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso says he’s in the best form of his career at the moment, despite Sebastian Vettel’s domination of the second half of the season.

With Vettel likely to win the world championship for the fourth time this weekend, Alonso is hopeful of being in contention for the title again soon.

“I am still only 32 and it’s not the last year of my career, so I am sure I will have other opportunities,” he said.

“Of course I would like to win more championships. I have finished second three times in recent years, which could be considered sad, when you are so close to winning, but I am extremely proud of what I am doing now.

“I feel I am in the best form of my life and driving the best races right now.”

Alonso echoed Lewis Hamilton’s recent claim that Vettel could win all the remaining races this year: “It’s only a matter of time before he wins the championship and so I think he will try and win all four remaining races, which he has the potential to do.”

“My plan is to do my race as best as I can and try to get some top three finishes to enjoy the podium ceremony, the trophy and the champagne.”

2013 Indian Grand Prix

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34 comments on “Alonso says he’s driving better than ever”

  1. I don’t agree. His best form was in 2012.

    This year has been a step back, especially in qualifying.

    1. I agree though I think Fernando was referring to his Ferrari years in general rather than just 2013.

    2. Yeah was gonna say the same. He was brilliant in 2012, pretty much faultless, which is particularly difficult when starting from the 3rd row most of the time (and i don’t think that’s cbeause his qualifying was bad, more the car’s limit).

      This year he’s had a few lackluster races, and qualifying sessions, and one race ending driver error. This year Vettel has been the best and deserves the championship, can’t fault him on anything.

      1. His three/four best seasons were, imo; 2006, 2010, 2012 and and to some extent 2005 or 2007. Of all those I would say either 2012 or 2006 was his best — he didn’t have any big mistake, in both of those seasons

        1. Lol…he’s saying he’s in the best form of his life and driving the best races right now, so I don’t get the debate…he’s not saying since he joined Ferrari…or except for certain years.

          I think this is another indication that a driver gets coloured by his car. Perhaps when FA had WDC level cars the driving was easier for him and now that he doesn’t have a WDC level car he himself is having to take it beyond where it should be in the standings and therefore he is personally doing more with less vs. any other time in his career.

          Reminds me of JV too. Some of his comments after his WDC in 97, when he had crappy BAR cars, had him saying he was driving better than ever, but of course there is only so much that even the WDC level drivers can do when the car is not up to it, so him saying he was driving better than ever was not something he could translate to meaningful results other than to those who knew what a feat he was actually achieving all things considered.

    3. I’m with you @silence. His 2012 season was peerless – an exercise in how to drive for everyone.

      2013 has looked a little average in comparison though.

      1. So isn’t that just the car? Did FA lose talent since last year?

        1. Max didn’t say he lost any of his talent, only that this season fell short of what last year’s was.

      2. @vettel1 2012 was incredible, Interlagos was so intense! I think he suffered to loose, again, the title. A bit of disillusion then but also the lack of wind tunnel, and a car which I think is worse than last year (all the others have stepped up their game) and you’ve got 2013. I don’t remember Ferrari suffering so much like this year in Singapore (soo lucky 2nd place) or in Hungary (just a soap on the road). RedBull is stronger, Lotus and Mercedes too, even Sauber now can be annoying for Ferrari.

        1. @spoutnik ironically, it was a very handy car at the start of the season this year unlike last year and appears to have fallen off the pace, compared to last year where it definitely improved until the summer break – I would say until the Asian season.

          1. It’s strange that Ferrari of all people can’t do a year round development. RB seems the only team that can do this at present. McLaren, Mercedes and Lotus are also similarly start and stop. Mercedes have made a lot of progress in the last few years though, along with Lotus, and Sauber too.

    4. agreed, he’s been very good as usual but not as strong as he was last year when he was incredible

  2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    24th October 2013, 16:16

    me, me, me…. samurai, samurai, samurai…

    1. Do you expect him to talk of himself in 3rd person?

    2. @omarr-pepper lol, if we made a narcissistic scale of drivers do you think Alonso would come out on top? I’d also mention Hamilton :)

      1. And Rosberg obviously, I forgot about him!!!

    3. He also talked about fighting for 2nd in the WCC, and that is not me, me, me, but you and the owner of this place don’t have any interest in that quote.

      1. @zoomracing That Alonso says his focus at present is on securing second place for Ferrari in the constructors’ championship is not newsworthy any more as it has already been referred to here at least twice (here and here).

        Besides which, I am not in the business of giving verbatim transcripts of everything said by every driver in a futile attempt to satisfy your desire for some arbitrary standard of balance.

  3. Is that all you got?

  4. think so too – although 2013 wasn’t as good as 2012 it’s still from the top drawer. I’m really looking forward when Vettel and Hamilton will be at their peak performance in a few years.

  5. Oh Fred…still trying to convince everyone that he’s the best driver. Even when Seb has beat him three four times in a row. Let the eye test do it’s job, and quit trying to convince me otherwise.

    Btw i like Fred, but i’m sick of seeing him comment every week on how he is “doing his best driving” when Seb is cleaning his clock week in and week out.

    1. @strifeforce he really did not say he was the best, that’s what you understand. I don’t see how his car can beat a redbull so being second is quite a good result.

    2. Hiya! What are the news in your side of Mordor?

  6. Maybe he is. We have no way of knowing.

  7. I don’t think he’s been as good as he was in 2012 or even 2006 IMO.

  8. In Alonso’s defence, he isn’t moaning or making excuses like some others. He is taking the forthcoming defeat on the chin and expressed the willingness to fight on. That’s good.

    1. Oh absolutely: he may not have driven as well this year but he’s improved vastly as a person IMO.

  9. I may be wrong, but knowing Alonso’s statements as we all know, to ME this means another sidekick under the table to Ferrari….

    1. If Fernando thinks he’s on top of his game, good on him I suppose, who are we to say otherwise? He may not be hitting the heights of last year, but he has performed better than most this year. Could he have done better? Perhaps, but I dont think he would be any higher in the championship.

  10. He must be including this season when he says he’s finished 2nd in the championship three times in recent years. He’s certainly likely to hang on to 2nd place at the end of the season, but it’s not a foregone conclusion like Vettel taking the title. Räikkönen and Hamilton are both within reach of overtaking him in the championship if they had a slew of good results and he had a bit of bad luck.

    1. US_Peter ; well, in 2011 he was only 4th in the standings.

  11. I totally agree with alonso. He is in the best form of his life. And the shame is he has not got a car to compete. If any team principal, Bernie or todt cared for the fans one little bit, we would have alonso and vettel on the same team battling out weekend in/out. Sadly it’s not the case, but the sport is being denied a fantastic battle.

    1. @pmccarthy_is_a_legend That’s none of Ecclestone’s or Todt’s business.

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