Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Singapore, 2013

Massa confirms talks with Williams over 2014 drive

2014 F1 season

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Singapore, 2013Felipe Massa has said one of the teams he is in negotiations with over a 2014 race seat is Williams.

“For sure, I am talking with a few teams, including even Williams,” said Massa. Williams are switching engine suppliers from Renault to Mercedes next year.

The Ferrari driver, who is being replaced by Kimi Raikkonen at the end of the season, outlined his requirements for a place in F1 next yearL

“I will not go to a small team,” he said. “I will go to the team that has possibilities to build a good car.”

“I?m not a pay driver, so I will not go to a team just because I have a sponsor. I will go for my experience and for what I have already achieved in my career.”

Massa added “when the time is right I will comment” on who he will drive for next year.

Formula One could be left without a Brazilian driver if Massa fails to find a place on the grid for next year.

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59 comments on “Massa confirms talks with Williams over 2014 drive”

  1. Hate to say it, Williams are one of those ‘small teams’ now. He said he wanted to go to a team that could win races..

    1. Now. Last season they were a race winning team. Two seasons ago they were a small team.

      1. @ecwdanselby
        But as far as employees are concerned, they’re still very very big.

    2. @ecwdanselby – Williams is not a small team, and the fact that they’re represented in F1’s Strategy Group ‘think tank’ (on a ‘heritage’ basis), along w/ the four Constructors Championship Bonus (CCB) teams plus Lotus, confirms this. Massa is a great driver and would be an asset to Williams.

      And if you don’t know what the Strategy Group is:

      The think-tank, which effectively replaces the (former) Technical and Sporting Working Groups, will formulate F1’s future direction, their decisions then being escalated to the Formula 1 Commission and, if passed, be forwarded to the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council for ratification and subsequent implementation by the governing body.

  2. It’d not be a bad deal for Williams and Massa, tbh. I’d love to see him there.

    Formula One could be left without a Brazilian driver if Massa fails to find a place on the grid for next year.

    This is very worrying… hope it doesn’t happen.

    1. Why is this worrying? There are many countries that do not have a driver in F1.


      1. @mike-dee yeah, but it’s the same with Italians. I find it sad that they cannot produce a good driver that can be at a top F1 team.

        Things change of course, but still…

  3. Still think he’d fit in perfectly in Indycar.

    And agreed with @ecwdanselby , Williams IS a small team these days. But if rumours are correct and Mercedes engines are more powerful than the competition next season, Willliams could really profit and collect points – and thus money. But who knows if that’s true…

    1. You realize that Williams has a seat in the F1 Strategy Group along w/ the four Constructors Championship Bonus (CCB) teams plus Lotus, right? I’d say that puts them squarely in the realm of the not-small teams, since they have an official and powerful voice in shapings F1 governance (at least until the anti-trust action begins against the sport’s owners + FIA).

    2. But if rumours are correct and Mercedes engines are more powerful than the competition next season,

      Is that an actual rumor, or are you just trying to start one? Based on what? Pictures and audio clips released via Twitter? Lewis Hamilton? Very solid sources I must say.

  4. So does that mean Sauber’s and Lotus’ doors are closed?

  5. …including even Williams

    That’ll go down well with the team!

    The rest reminds me of what Rubens Barrichello was saying two years ago…

    1. That reads to me like something a non-native speaker of English would say, and doesn’t necessarily have negative connotations.

  6. Well, if there are no good Brazilian drivers, then I can’t see what so dramatic about F1 not having any next year.

    1. THIS should be COTD, the truth does not necessarily need a 6 paragraph essay written about it.

      1. @roald Yes it should: the truth can be best wrapped up in a cluster difficult sentences, and arduous vocabulary that makes reading onerous. And favourable these sentence that contain the truth should be as long as possible so that the reader eventually will start asking himself when was the last time he actually saw a punctuation mark?

        1. Punctuation is overrated, and so are short and concise sentences. People used to write beautiful epic poems and conjure up endless stories which, when distilled, revealed simple timeless truths that could have been expressed in far fewer words. People embraced the artistic value of simple notions lavishly decorated beyond what was necessary. But that was back when people used to read things on paper, which was less cumbersome on the eyes compared to the screen on smartphone. That could be the reason.

    2. there are no good Brazilian drivers

      That’s the point, though. We don’t want Brazilians at all costs, just like Italians, but we are sad when there are no more because we have been used to seeing many of them winning for the past decades, we have supported them and now we have to move on to a different environment. As an Italian, I’ve always cheered for the Italian drivers, and although they weren’t the best of the field they were at least good enough to be there. That was a nice/bad feeling, but being left out completely is demoralising, not because it’s unfair but because it tells us a truth we don’t want to believe.
      Needless to say that it’s also good for a country to have its own drivers to cheer for in Formula 1. Especially if they host a Grand Prix. If everyone were British, wouldn’t that sound little international and more like a local derby? The positive aspect of Formula 1 is its international reach, and it’s nice to see everyone, from wherever they are, has an equal chance to get in F1 provided they have the required talent.
      I also think that less talented drivers from a certain country mean that that country is less interested in motorsports. Why does Italy have one of the best national football teams but no drivers in F1? I think it’s beacause we’re no longer interested as we were in motor racing. And that, for a motor racing fan, is something to be sad about.

      1. “Why does Italy have one of the best national football teams but no drivers in F1?”

        It’s pritty simple as to why there are no Italian drivers in F1 anymore. None of them have anywhere near the sponsorship required to buy an F1 seat. Take Davide Valsecchi GP2 Champion in 2012 for example. Driver’s he comfortably beat (Chilton, Van Der Garde and Gutierrez) just walk into an F1 seat thank’s to the money bags they bring to their teams while the only seat Valsecchi will ever get is one made of pine.

    3. I only mentioned it as a point of interest as Brazil has historically been an important nation for F1 and it’s been a long time since F1 hasn’t had a regular Brazilian driver. I think calling that “dramatic” is overblowing it a bit.

      1. And still is. After all it’s the country which “consumes” more F1.

  7. And what exactly would Felipe bring to Williams? Their current problem is the car not the drivers. Honestly I can’t see Massa replacing either the quick, (though inconsistent) proven race winner who brings large funding to the team or the equally as quick, young talent that they spent all of 2012 preparing for a race seat.

    1. Seven years experience at a front-running team can be worth its weight in gold.

      1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
        24th October 2013, 17:07

        Experience is not matter, it doesn’t have weight.

        1. So when Red Bull hired Coulthard for his many years at McLaren, it wasn’t because of his many years at McLaren?

          1. So when Red Bull hired Coulthard for his many years at McLaren, it wasn’t because of his many years at McLaren?


      2. The weight of experience = 0 grams.
        The worth of 0 grams of gold = £0.00
        Which is about the value I reckon Massa would have to a team like Williams – If I were Team Boss, I would rather take an ambitious rookie, who would make more errors, but also push the teams technical staff.
        I think Massa has good races when everything goes his way and he feels totally in control, but “If everything seems under control You’re just not going fast enough!” Mario Andretti.
        Massa had a bad accident, and he is a nice and sensitive guy, who couldn’t shake it of. I think Ferrari should have exchanged him a year after his accident at the latest. It is after all Formula one, not just some ordinary job, where colleagues can stand up for each other.

        1. CarnivorousPope (@)
          24th October 2013, 22:11

          As a Massa fan I may be slightly bias but I consider myself to be quite objective. So though Massa may not be the quickest driver on the grid he is experienced and up until Germany 2010 though not beating Alonso he was keeping him honest. mid 2010 onwards has played #2 not knowing whether to quit Ferrari or not ((He was familiar with the team and therefore reluctant to leave. especially with post 2010 hockenhiem form, another seat seemed unlikely) . A #2 Ferrari seat is still a Ferrari seat after all) His dip in form, I am sure it was due to the psychological factor of knowing he wouldn’t be allowed to do better than his team mate however he performed. (I have nothing against Alonso as a driver, he is fantastic, but as a sportsman I don’t know, he is certainly better as of recent but Fernando gets what Fernando wants over his team mate in the past which leaves me sceptical) which would ruin most any drivers confidence, I know it would ruin mine. Felipe may not be the #1 driver on the grid but I think given the circumstances he has been in he deserves a chance away from the dominion of Fernando. Until his accident in 2008 and first half of 2009 he was super and even after until team orders Germany he was definitely solid. So good luck to Massa in the future.

        2. Did you miss the bit where they *did* take on the ambitious rookie who made the leap to the sport straight from GP3?

          They have one point and he hasn’t scored it.

      3. Massa is the lightest driver on the grid so Williams would be better off with a Hulkenberg or a Button on their hands.

  8. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    24th October 2013, 16:15

    What’s all that hope put on the Mercedes engines? This year Williams got Renault, the champion’s engine for 3 years in a row.
    Williams, as McLaren, designed the worst car possible this year. And the recovery can be longer than what they expect.

    1. @omarr-pepper But engines are pretty much equal these days thanks to a rev-limit and development freeze. That’ll change next year. As for Mercedes, they’re just rumours, but every truth starts with a rumour first, right? Doesn’t mean it’s true, but it might be.

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        24th October 2013, 20:02

        @roald I mean, Wiliiams hasn’t been able to be at the level of the good engine Renault has provided to them. What if the Mercedes engine is realy the best, but again, Williams can’t keep up with it?

        1. Williams problem isn’t that they couldn’t use the Renault engine properly – they used it pretty well last year.

          It’s that their car isn’t quite good enough to make the points, given there are 5+ teams who are simply better.

  9. Some of the media already put him in the Williams instead of Maldonado for 5 years. Having trouble believing that though.

    1. 5 years of disappointment to both parties…

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        24th October 2013, 19:59

        @dprince @toiago agree, 5 years is so much for a driver with his current form. About teams, it’s not a risk to hire Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso (even at his age now) for 5 years (Kimi for 5 years… I think it’s hard to believe he will be at the top notch in 2018), but for Massa, a driver who has shone just for litte times after his terrible accident, mmm , I see less likely to get a 5-year deal. And the same on the opposite view. Williams is currently not a team to sign for 5 years.

        1. Williams is currently not a team to sign for 5 years.

          If given the opportunity to sign for Williams for five years, Massa should burst through the door, jump over the table and sprain his groin to endorse that contract as quickly as possible! I like Massa, but he does not have five years of competitiveness at highest levels of motorsport (F1) left in him such that he could dream of continuing, w/o having to pay his own way, for another half-decade!

  10. Despite his experience, his form isn’t what it used to be. It would be sad if he didn’t stay on the grid for next year, but even more so if by staying on the grid blocking the path for some other promising rookie, whether directly or indirectly.

    1. @toiago My thoughts exactly.

    2. Indeed. I like the guy, but I’d trade his spot on the grid for Magnussen, Vandoorne, Frijns, da Costa or even Marciello any day.

    3. Maybe but I think they’d rather take Barichello back than take on another rookie atm. Bottas has proven solid but its just too risky to have a single year of experience between your two drivers

  11. I’d still take Maldonado and Bottas over Massa though, because despite the former’s reputation of being involved in numerous on-track incidents, at least he does have the pace to do well if he gets his act together. Massa has long expired and IMO doesn’t deserve an F1 seat compared to other promising drivers such as Bottas… though given that Maldonado may just leave given his remarks about Williams being uncompetitive, then I suppose Massa isn’t too bad a choice given his experience.

    1. He [MAL] has had 3 years to get his act together and it doesn’t seem to be happening.

  12. Why on earth would anybody sign Massa? There are so many talented young drivers who could build a career at a team, and who are less expensive. Massa couldn’t win a single race in recent memory for Ferrari cars that have been perfectly good enough for his teammate to pick up a slew of victories. I can’t even visualize him winning a race, much less in a non-top 3 car.

    1. He could have, but wasn’t allowed to. I can’t help but feel that had he won that 2010 German Gp, things could’ve been better all this years he’s been partnered by Alonso. That day just crushed what he still had of a great driver after his accident of the previous year.

      1. In retrospect, he really should have been stubborn and ignored the team. Fired or not.

        1. +1

          I wonder if he rues that decision to concede, or if he’s long moved past it?

  13. Oh God, why?

    I really don’t rate Massa much and as a Williams fan I would hate to see him push out Bottas or Maldonado. Williams didn’t benefit much from Barrichello’s “top-team experience”, I don’t see Massa as a good addition to the team. Especially for 5 years as it has been rumored…

    1. Steph (@stephanief1990)
      24th October 2013, 18:40

      @gabal I’m the opposite – I rate Massa (especially as I think a new environment would do him the world of good and his pace this year has been fine) but I cannot stand Williams. One thing that would be nice if it happened is that Rob has been linked there too and a grid without the Massa/Smedley radio chat isn’t a grid worth watching.

      1. @stephanief1990 There were rumours about Smedley going to Williams a couple months ago (though for a higher role, so he still wouldn’t be his race engineer), not sure what happened about it though.

        I’d actually think that they’d be a good match. Williams need some experience and,as much as I enjoy watching Maldonado, somebody who can keep the car on the road occasionally.
        I also think Massa is better than his recent results. As team leader he’d have the whole team behind him (which unlike what some people seem to believe is still a big team), and I think he could really thrive with a change of scenery, he’s had a lot of bad memories at Ferrari, and whos to say Williams won’t have a competitive car next year?

        Plus I’d like to have a fairly known driver next to Bottas so that we can get a better idea of what he’s like!

  14. I like both Williams and Massa. I hope that Williams are more competitive in 2014 with the Merc engine and Massa gets a place with them.

  15. I hope this will happen, but I doubt Massa would really end up at Williams.

  16. Williams would be taking a massive risk hiring Massa. Of course, Felipe still has potential; you don’t outqualify Fernando Alonso on occasion without having some talent. However, Massa has been way too inconsistent, much more so than any of the rookies. Also, for some reason his race pace is disappointing more often than not, and combined with little mistakes that keep cropping up, he’s fighting for P6-P10 rather than P1-P5.

    There is no shortage of good drivers out there, both experienced drivers and promising rookies, and unless Williams are confident they can help Felipe recapture his mojo, they are better off hiring another driver.

  17. I blame the accident for reminding him of his mortality and consequences to his family, this I suspect to be the slow return to form.
    Then Ferrari’s attitude towards Alonso, focusing everything around Alonso before his return played on his physique, then the numerous orders which we only heard fractions of took a further toll on Massa.
    These will make him a completely different person today and maybe more hungry than ever.
    He obviously has at least two options and indicates he will be around in 2014.
    Time will tell.
    People, Williams has been around for a while and has been winning up to the point even Ferrari started struggling. Remember Mantoya and Ralph?
    Was it that far back?
    Go Massa

  18. Well…. he might just end up going to Williams since it seems Frank Williams has such a huge load of guilt on his back because of what happened to Ayrton… It seems Williams has become a refuge for Brazilian drivers!
    It would seem like a good move because with the money Pastor brings, they might actually build something good next year and Massa is better than Pastor so yeah… It sounds like a good move.

  19. USF1 are looking for drivers Felipe.

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