2013 Indian Grand Prix weekend in Tweets

2013 Indian Grand Prix

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Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the Indian Grand Prix with @AnthonyFrench’s round-up of the best Tweets from the race weekend.


Preparation for Sunday’s Grand Prix got underway on Thursday amid high anticipation about the likely conclusion of both championships – not that Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull were taking anything for granted.


Vettel and Mark Webber immediately put to bed hopes that they would be caught in India by dominating the first two practice sessions.


Final practice was an all-Vettel affair again. Concerns over the life of the option tyre prompted a strategy rethink for some in qualifying, where Vettel took pole position and Romain Grosjean was surprisingly eliminated in Q1.


In the end it was almost a perfect day for Red Bull: Vettel romped to victory and the championship, which also guaranteed their fourth constructors’ title, but Mark Webber retired at two-thirds distance.

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2013 Indian Grand Prix

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  1. Daniel Ricciardo already doing Webber? :)

  2. What is that “magic diff” they keep talking about at Mercedes?

    Would love to know !

    1. When they push it, Lewis magically yells his tyres are destroyed.

    2. @fer-no65 Probably gives more torque and increases tyre wear, so they use it for a limited time only. only guessing though

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