Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2013

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix championship points

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2013

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 513
2 Mercedes 334
3 Ferrari 323
4 Lotus 297
5 McLaren 95
6 Force India 77
7 Sauber 45
8 Toro Rosso 32
9 Williams 1
10 Marussia 0
11 Caterham 0

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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19 comments on “2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix championship points”

  1. 37 points in 2 races is too much to overcome for lotus….shd have to be satisfied with p4 maybe…

  2. Wow so shocked at Mercs traction, Ham was poor today and im his biggest fan ever, i love the guy but today what happend? RBull are in another league, of course Vet is a great driver but you know the car is unreal when he is faster on 15 lap tyres than the rest, he as also won 7 in a row that spks volumes does’nt it. Web is even getting 2nd places which just show its superiority.

    Ham was really unlucky he made the best start out of them all today yet gets baulked at first turn, which his just his luck same happend in India. You know it lacks traction by comparing how quick Lotus and RBull overtook Gut and Sutil compared to Ham.

    Hopefully Ham stays ahead of Nico in standings. Ham is defo quicker but Ros is been more consistent since Singapore and when Ham looks quicker in qually something happens like yday when Ham would not have been in todays position would he as look at the sector times he was right their on first 2 sectors and his last sector would have done it as his final sector from first run stood in 4th place even though everyone else had 2 runs.

    Nico drove well he as really shown he is 1 of the big 5 no doubt about that. Alonso what a mega drive well done, and ha ha at Smedley loving Massa’s overtake on Ham(Smedley clearly still bitter) it did not mean anything as Massa could not even finish ahead of Ham.

    1. Lewis wasn’t poor at all. People just defend like theres no tomorrow when its him in their mirrors and that forces Lewis to take more out of his tyres to get past.

      Look at how Guitierez just lets Grosjean breeze past him despite being a lot futher behind on the back-straight. Yet when its Hamilton behind, hes defending to the extremeties of the inside of the circuit.

      1. I think that Gutierrez was trying to back Hamilton into Hulkenberg.

  3. Good race from di Resta, he’s back ^^

    1. @paeschli I didn’t realise that di Resta is quite a bit ahead of Sutil even with all his problems this season.

      1. @stretch Yeah I don’t quite understand why Force India already signed Sutil for next year but haven’t signed di Resta yet … if I was Villya Mallya, I would sign di Resta and Hülkenberg for next year …

        1. @paeschli
          Who says they’ve signed Sutil? Everything I’ve seen suggests Sutil is on the move – probably to Sauber.

          di Resta is dominating Sutil at the moment. Even with the two offs in Singapore and Korea (which probably cost him 12 points), di Resta is still scoring 165% of the points of his teammate. Indeed without those two offs he would have been well over double his teammates tally. Go di Resta!

  4. I think most things are settled now. Maybe Ferrari still got a chance for 2nd, but barring s freak result for Caterham, them’s ur final team standings.

    The one that interests me in drivers is Hulk 5pts ahead of Perez.

  5. McLaren might have to worry a little if Force India gets both their drivers in the points in the final two races as well. They seem a little lost, while Force India is going pretty well.

    Meanwhile, Ferrari seem to be dropping off, but Lotus is in no luck and Mercedes is pretty steady. Done deal around there, I suppose. Hamilton is in a weird state, so same goes for 2nd in the drivers’ standings.

  6. Hard to see how Ferrari will claw back that second place in the constructor’s. Mercedes seems to have the edge in performance and Massa just isn’t a match to either of the Mercedes drivers. Alonso will be his usual excellent self but Rosberg is doing really well recently, and if Hamilton finds himself before the end of the season it’ll be nigh on impossible.

  7. Vettel extends his lead in the WCC even further.

    1. Vettel Racing Renault are looking increaingly likely to seal the constructor’s title!

      1. Looks like VET might in fact beat the Mercs… Should be an interesting battle there too.

      2. @vettel1 you forgot onething VRR cannot score more than RBR ;-) . Vettel , unfortunately comes at most, second best .

        1. @hamilfan of course you discount Red Bull obviously, since he contributes to their points! :P

  8. I am actually worried for Lewis . I don’t know what happened today , He should have pounced ahead as Kimi had a no pointer . He is clearly uncomfortable with his braking as he locked up while overtaking Sutil . Can anyone say if Mercedes can do something to help this . I don’t know how much more time he needs to get adjusted to this new braking . He is falling behind and as a big fan it hurts to watch him being jumped at every start , lose out at every pit stop and lock up at the slow corners,every race . Please work on it man , give us something to cheer about !

    1. Returning to McLaren may be a solution :P

      1. @paeschli

        Why would he when over the season he as been the best Merc driver more poles, should be more wins remember Silverstone. More points better h2hin qually. He as just been unlucky last 2 races.

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