Button frustrated by latest first-lap incident

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Jenson Button admitted the first-lap collision at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which spoiled his race was his own doing.

“You make your own luck when you start down in 12th – where first-lap congestion is inevitable – and, sure enough, there was a little bit of argy-bargy into turn one,” he said.

“I duly locked-up both my front tyres, couldn’t slow the car down sufficiently, and drove into the back of Paul [di Resta], which broke my front-wing end-plate.”

This was the third time in four races Button had contact on the first lap. “It’s a real pity to keep on having first-lap incidents,” he said, “especially when the car is working reasonably well now”.

“I’ve been in a similar situation for the past two races, and things haven’t really gone my way.”

Button finished the race in 12th.

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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10 comments on “Button frustrated by latest first-lap incident”

  1. First lap nutcase! Just kidding, but it goes to show how easy it is to make contact in the pack and he’s been racing in F1 for quite a while..

  2. argy-bargy

    Button surely is heading for a TV F1 analyst spot somewhere down the road.

    1. I’ve been thinking for years Button would make a great pundit once he retires

  3. Poor Button. 2009 & 2011 are the only seasons that have gone well for him.

    1. 2009 & *2010

      1. 2004 was brilliant! So was 2006, and some of 2012, and 2000 actually, but yeah, Jenson’s a world champion, 15 times a grand prix winner and the most experienced driver on the grid, he really shouldn’t be doing this. I imagine he’s been so used to being at the front for the last 4 years he’s forgotten how to muscle it out in the midfield like Perez!

  4. 2004 wasn’t bad

  5. Let’s not forget 2011 he finished ahead of Hamilton, so that was also a reasonable year for him…

    1. not just ahead of Hamilton but 2nd in the championship!

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