Double doughnuts: Vettel and Webber celebrate 1-2

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Red Bull were celebrating with doughnuts again in Abu Dhabi – and this time Mark Webber joined in as well.

Despite collecting a €25,000 fine after Sebastian Vettel celebrated his fourth world championship win by performing doughnuts in India, both their drivers repeated the feat after their one-two finish yesterday.

“I’ve counted, that’s $125,000,” joked Vettel’s race engineer Guillaume Rocquelin after watching Vettel’s performance at turn seven on his victory lap. “And by the way you can pay that one!” added team principal Christian Horner.

In India the stewards fined Red Bull because Vettel did not return his car to parc ferme after his antics on the start line. This time Vettel made sure he did after being repeatedly warned by Rocquelin.

“Sorry to be on your case but to be clear you do need to bring it home, OK? In the garage.” Vettel, referencing Kimi Raikkonen’s celebrated comments during last year’s race, answered: “To let me quote: yeah, yeah, yeah – I know what I’m doing”.

This time the stewards did not censure Red Bull or either of the drivers after the race.

“It was spontaneous,” said Vettel afterwards. “Obviously I had the experience last week but entering the sort of stadium, I thought it was a very, very good spot, I made sure there was nobody around and I was far away from the lines.”

“I think if we are in a position to think about that then obviously it’s very special because it means we had a very, very good result in the race. So I think there’s a lot of work before we get to decide whether we can do it again or not.”

Red Bull have developed a taste for doughnuts recently, performing more on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai last week.

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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62 comments on “Double doughnuts: Vettel and Webber celebrate 1-2”

  1. Good on you mates!

    Although you can clearly see by the donuts that Mark is getting inferior equipment.

    1. @mnmracer well, Seb did practice quite a lot more than Mark :P

    2. I hope you were being sarcastic, as that’s one of the silliest things I’ve read lately. The whole “inferior equipment” thing needs to be put to rest.

      1. he was being sarcastic, but at the same time, the “inferior equipment” thing makes sense. I don’t think there is any conspiracy, but at the same time it would be smart by redbull to use one car (Webbers) as a test mule running parts less tested. it is obvious to all, including at redbull that vettel is better then webber, so why not use his car as a test mule for things like kers and give vettel the latest parts? sure Webber loses points over the season, but the amount they get from the advantages they gain outweighs the loses. maybe other teams should try it.

    3. It is clear that he lacks the traction control that has Vettel’s car :P

    4. Yeah, it’s clear that Mark’s car is a Toro Rosso painted in RBR’s F1 paint scheme ! ;)

      1. Ooops and I forgot that Vettel won in a Toro Rossi first before he or anyone ever won in a Red Bull ;)

  2. great to see the donuts, the redbull is obviously in no danger of being underweight, everyone else is collecting tyre rubber to add weight to their car, but redbull must have a couple of litres of petrol left. best burnout I have seen by an f1 car was Juan Montoya at the London street parade in 2005 I think it was, I have to youtube it again.

    1. Please tube it and post it here and tag me. I wanna see.

        1. @oletros Nothing special, but the drive was fiesty… Montoya was the real fast driver in F1, not that Hamilton

          1. what do you mean nothing special, that is a proper “standstill burnout” in donut style, I have never seen another f1 driver do such a donut, they usually spin uncontrolled, ie Webber in the video posted in this article. Also Montoya was a lot like Hamilton, blazingly fast, but not over a complete season, and not when intelligence was needed for things like tyre wear. kind of like gilles Villeneuve, fast on particular days to make an iconic, cult like following, but not good enough to be a great consistently. this is where Vettel excels over so many drivers in f1’s history – consistent speed always, not virtuosic efforts on particular days. I am saying this as a Juan Montoya fan, he was my first “favourite driver” I followed and is stil in my top 6 favourites along with Vettel, Kubica, Prost, Senna and Mansell

    2. I agree, I love the Montoya donut on Regent Street! Oh it was 2004

  3. Vettel’s are better. :P Mark was beaten once again.

  4. Good god I hate seeing Seb win again and again, but I’m very glad he’s actually celebrating his accomplishments.

    Donuts should be mandatory for the winner of each race.

    1. @jtcolegrove What? You want Button to do donuts if he wins a race? You know what Button is like with oversteer! If he tried he’d probably tell Dave that he’s got too much front end in the car, and that the oversteer is too snappy, to which Dave will suggest a rear ride height adjustment to make the oversteer more progressive…blah, blah, blah…”the rears have gone off now”…blah…(more moaning)…”I’ve got a strange vibration”…blah, blah, blah…”OK Jenson, corner exit differential change”…blah, blah, blah…

      I can’t imagine the Fernando “King of Understeer” Alonso (I would explain that but I can’t be bothered) would be much good at donuts either, but with Raikkonen, Rosberg and of course Hamilton, you’d be fine.

      1. I was talking about the pastries, Will…

  5. “It was spontaneous,” said Vettel afterwards.

    They were in India, not so sure that they were in Abu Dhabi, doing donuts twice in 2 week seems a bit premeditated to me. That said I don’t particularly care if he planned them or not, they certainly are a welcome sight at the end of races. :)

  6. I think Seb should do some donuts during a race to let everyone else catch up! if he pulls out a 30 second lead he should get a 25 second donut penalty

    1. haha haa!!

    2. Lol that’s COTD

  7. This time the donuts really looked like “oh, im such a nice guy” – when in India it was really kind a nice.

  8. Why did webber do them? It’s not like he even won… just a race win is bit over the top anyway. Championship yes, race win, no.

    1. I think the fact that Mark did donuts as well suggests that these donuts weren’t really spontaneous, but a planned response to a 1-2.

      It looked to me like a bit of a thumbing of the nose combined with an exploration of how one should be able to do donuts without getting in trouble. Sort of challenging the stewards to find a way to penalize them for the donuts when they (Red Bull) follow the rules about “returning the car to parc ferme without picking anything up, yada-yada-yada…”

      1. Or Webber didn’t want to be left craving for attention and decided to join in

    2. Why not? Beats someone else doing them in Silverstone when you finish like, 15th in 2009.

      1. @david-a He finished 16th :)

    3. Second behind Vettel should count as victory.

    4. I think Webber did them because he is a sportsman, he saw Vettel doing it and thought the crowd would love to see another car join in, and they did. people look into the reasons far too much, Mark is a down to earth guy, he knows he is being beaten by his teammate, but he also wants to have some fun and put on a show. I wouldn’t be surprised if a redbull 1-2 in the next race with webber 2nd, we will see webber do this again, he is the kind of character that appreciates vettels actions even when he is beaten, because he is a gentleman and a good sport and holds no sour grapes, in the past race webber talked up vettel so much admitting his deficiency and not feeling any ill for it.

  9. It looks like Webber has embraced the fact that coming second is the best you can get nowadays :D Seriously though, I can only applaud. I don’t get how people trying to do every thing to entertain a crowd (DRS, jelly tyres…) would crack down on doughnuts

    1. Bernie has probably told them to shut up and let them do it so that he can get more viewing $$$.

      If Bernie wants it then he gets it.

  10. I hope it won’t become a procession for every race win. The stress on the gearbox….

  11. Will we soon see an official FIA sanctioned DRS (Doughnut Rotational Spinning) zone in which drivers can celebrate without fear of financial penalty?

    1. @supernicebob LOL! I am waiting for the FIA reaction on this one. Also some jealous complaints from other team, just for the sake of complaining, I think Mercs will complain

    2. OR maybe

      DRS – Doughnut Reduction System

    3. And an exclusive sponsor for that zone. Doughnuts brought to you by ‘…..’, with their logo painted on the ground, ad boards on the fence.

      1. Donuts brought to you by Dunkin’ Donuts?

        1. Krispe Kreme

  12. Am i the only one here not to like doughnuts ?
    I mean sincerely, i am not trying to provoke or “troll”, I just don’t see the point and the thrill in it…

    1. Just wait till you see it happen right in front of you one day :)

    2. Actually @gwenouille, I’m with you if it becomes a standard way for the winner to finish, but last weeks WDC celebratery and illegal donuts were justified, Mark Webber is winding down his career so any excuse will do for him and RBR publicity is worth many times the fines.

  13. Not a fan of it this time. Vettel doing the donuts in India was great to see, it looked like a genuine release of emotion after winning the championship. This time, it feels like it was more of a routine celebration. If Vettel wins the next race and does donuts again, it’ll just cheapen the whole thing.

    1. The American audience deserve their donuts, stop trying to stop that

  14. “Red Bull have developed a taste for doughnuts recently…” I see what you did there :D

  15. I hadn’t realised Webber joined in the party! Good stuff Red Bull – they had been lacking their party image a bit of late: going back to their roots I see ;)

  16. Great to see seb sticking the middle finger (instead of the forefinger) to the fia killjoys ! thank you mark webber also. was great to see.

  17. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop, the heavy one of the stewards that is. I love the celebrations myself, but can imagine they are not of a like mind on this. They have now set a precedent of no penalty after Abu Dhabi when there was a penalty of sorts after India. The stage is now set for what the stewards seem to excel at, inconsistency. That is where they are most consistent. So, maybe a warning before the next race, or no warning and an inconsistent penalty next time it happens. Now that it has begun again, other drivers will want to do it too. Maybe, just maybe, the stewards will let it go on just to prove they are a bunch of fun loving guys after all.

    1. @bullmello You are wrong :P
      FIA reprimanded Vettel in India because he left his car in the middle of the track. That’s why he was told to bring the car to the pits this time. FIA don’t care about the rest and why it should?

      1. @crr917

        You are wrong :P
        FIA reprimanded Vettel in India because he left his car in the middle of the track. That’s why he was told to bring the car to the pits this time. FIA don’t care about the rest and why it should?

        Yes, that’s why I mentioned “penalty of sorts” and I do realize what the penalty was for specifically. The gist of my whole point is whether or not the FIA will consistently, or even inconsistently, clamp down on these type of post race celebrations. You seem to think they will not. Given history, I’m not so sure. I hope they don’t, but we shall see.

  18. Spinning around in circles is fine, but let’s see if they can light ’em up in a straight line.

  19. Vettel is a clever driver . He knew that was the highlight of the race apart from his personal highlight i.e winning the race

  20. Well done Red Bull. They should keep doing this until the FIA learn a sense of humour.

  21. I think after seeing the good reaction that Vettel received from doing doughnuts in India, it was decided that doing them again in celebration might help to bring some good light on the team, considering how much negative response they get from the fans for ‘dominating’ the sport. I like seeing it, it’s good for drivers to celebrate. I have to agree with others that it was far more special in India because of the occasion, and that was heightened by Vettel getting out of the car and then bowing to it, but it was still really good to see nonetheless!

  22. I’m not impressed by this. I appreciate that it might be a silly rule, but that doesn’t give them the right to ignore it, much less flaunt it.

  23. I attended the first Abu Dhabi GP in 2009 and sat in those same (North) grandstands. On the cool down lap Mark Webber, after holding off Button’s Brawn for second place, did a set of doughnuts at the same spot the Red Bull cars chose yesterday. It didn’t receive much attention, but it was great to watch.

  24. Oh thank god!!! I woke up in a 2am daze and for a moment thought the whole field was doing donuts, not like their would be anything wrong with that!

  25. Webbers donuts are a peculiar shape…. Anyone else notice that it resmbles his opinion of Vettel?

  26. Well, Seb dounuts was very well executed, Closed tight circles. But Webber is Pathetic. His dounuts were more like a Churro

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