2013 Indian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 Indian Grand Prix

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Plenty of fans were on hand to capture Sebastian Vettel’s celebrations after his world championship victory in the Indian Grand Prix. Here’s a selection of fans’ videos from the race weekend.

The start

This fan had a great view of the start.

Vettel pits

Vettel makes his final pit stop of the race.

Button battles Alonso

Fernando Alonso re-passes Jenson button after losing a position to the McLaren. Filmed by Saurabh (@Sksahukanker62).

Sutil’s stop

Adrian Sutil makes his only pit stop of the race on his way to ninth.


A marshal gets a close look at the cars on the slowing down lap.

Raikkonen and Permane

Kimi Raikkonen and Alan Permane exchanged harsh words on Lotus’s radio during the race – wonder what they had to say to each other after it?

Vettel’s doughnuts

While Lotus remonstrated, Red Bull celebrated. But these doughnuts cost the team a ??25,000 fine from the FIA.

Vettel also threw his gloves into the crowd.

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2013 Indian Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “2013 Indian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

    1. I was in the park behind the local marshals . They were crazy ! I asked him when the installation lap was to begin to which he replied “what installation ?” I went back opening my live timing muttering to myself .

    2. @hamilfan – Being an Indian as well, I’ve been observing this for the last 3 years. Being at the GP as well as then catching up on the shows, it really have felt that this is where India creates a negative impression.

      Might be going a bit off topic but just look at this for example

      I mean I’ve never seen any of this at any other GP. Like we say, ‘It happens only in India’

      1. @neelv27 yep you are right . To quote Alonso ” okay , this is ridiculous ” .Hopelessly following the film crew trying to be on TV only to be given the cheeky comment about the flag.DC was amazed there can be more irritating people than EJ LOL. It even happened in the Adrian Newey interview post race. I was surprised he was able to breathe with all those people around.
        Also Mr Fire marshall with RF cap (whoever he is),cars don’t zoom past turn 3 , they just try to get the apex right . I just heard from a source that most marshals are given somewhat of a 2-3 week training and that almost all are selected by recommendation . No offense guys but it shows really.But ya , Don’t generalize . The truest of F1 fans in India know their stuff .

    3. The title of the marshalcam video is a bit over dramatic isn’t it?!

      1. He was so busy shouting: “come one, come on” that he forget to film the passing cars :-D

    4. RBR pitstop = magic in motion . It baffles me as to how they can consistently pull out 2.7 second pitstops. I think on an average they are quickest so far . Any stats on that ?

    5. One thing I realized after watching these videos is that it is very hard to applaud with one hand

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