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Todt unopposed as Ward withdraws from FIA election

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David WardDavid Ward has withdrawn his bid to stand against Jean Todt in the election for president of the FIA.

Ward confirmed his withdrawal in a letter to the FIA today (PDF) saying “it has not proved possible for me to secure the required number of regional vice presidents for sport to ensure the eligibility of my list”.

“I, therefore, would like to offer my congratulations to Jean Todt who will secure a second term uncontested if not unopposed.”

Ward said the requirement for candidates to obtain the backing of seven vice presidents “has given control over whether or not there can be a contested election at all to the FIA?s sport regions”.

“Moreover the use of support agreements in advance of the election makes it very hard for any candidate to obtain the required vice presidents for their list.” Ward complained to the FIA’s ethics committee about Todt using support agreements in this way but his objections were not upheld.

Ward has given his support to amendments to the FIA’s election process which have been proposed for the next World Motor Sport Council meeting in December.

“If the statute amendments are passed on 6th December the FIA will have taken a significant step towards a more democratic future. I very much hope that the amendments will not ??talked out? by the leadership in the World Councils, but voted on by secret ballot in the General Assembly.

“Whatever the outcome, I think progress in the governance of the FIA is inevitable. We are living in an age of transparency with new demands for accountability from governments, corporations and
sports federations alike.”

2013 F1 season

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  • 16 comments on “Todt unopposed as Ward withdraws from FIA election”

    1. The mob wins.

      1. The mob? Right now it’s like an emperor runs F1 – uncle Bernie. It’s why he’s a billionaire-it’s his ballgame.

    2. So Jean Todt stands by.

      At least, the sport ‘elects’ young people for a bright future.

    3. I didn’t (and still don’t) know who this guy is but I didn’t like the way he started his campaign, attacking Todt and everyone involved…

      If you’re going to be an alternative, show it and talk about the things you’ll change. Commenting on what’s done and being done is very easy from the outisde…

      Usually I don’t care about FIA elections anyway, except when Vatanen ran for it, so it’s a bit of a non-story for me, but still… I’m not surprised Todt ran away with it

      1. Ward did produce a manifesto and along with making criticisms did offer solutions. Todt didn’t even produce a manifesto. Todt now doesn’t need to do anything for the next 4 years. It was a shame that the system didn’t allow Ward to have a better debate with Todt.

        1. @snowman-john I missed it then. Or maybe it’s not a headline grabber as pointing the wrong stuff out.

          1. @fer-no65 yeah I think you’re right, certainly Ward’s approach was to grab headlines. Perhaps it was the wrong approach, or maybe he didn’t start his campaign early enough.

            1. The only problem I saw with Ward was him sort of attacking Todt to get headlines. Instead, he should have been a little bit more constructive in his criticism of Todt while challenging Todt to produce a manifesto as well.

    4. To be honest, I’ve not liked anything I’ve heard from David Ward so far. There is lots of criticism but little talk about solutions.

      Things need to change within the FIA, that’s for sure, but I don’t think David Ward is the right man to lead the change.

      1. Did you read Ward’s manifesto? Full of great common sense ideas. Todt on the other hand failed to even produce a manifesto and has had nothing constructive to offer.

    5. As others have said, Ward hasn’t conducted himself with great poise, but the news still disappoints me.

      As an elected position, the President should have to face an election to stay in power, otherwise it not very democratic election. Mosley only left due to massive revelations about his personal life, had that not happened he could very conceivably still be in power, despite the obvious changes needed for the FIA.

      Without the threat of being ousted, Todt could become complacent, which isn’t what motorsport needs. He needs to be accountable!

    6. FIA governance – what a sham. F1 governance – Ecclestone cleptocracy. A guy comes along wanting to blow the whistle on at least some of the BS and all people can say is how he doesn’t fit the right mould. Sheesh.

    7. What would be interesting is if he still lost…

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