2013 United States Grand Prix grid

2013 United States Grand Prix

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Row 11. Sebastian Vettel 1’36.338
Red Bull
2. Mark Webber 1’36.441
Red Bull
Row 23. Romain Grosjean 1’37.155
4. Nico Hulkenberg 1’37.296
Row 35. Lewis Hamilton 1’37.345
6. Fernando Alonso 1’37.376
Row 47. Sergio Perez 1’37.452
8. Heikki Kovalainen 1’37.715
Row 59. Valtteri Bottas 1’37.836
10. Daniel Ricciardo 1’38.131
Toro Rosso
Row 611. Paul di Resta 1’38.139
Force India
12. Nico Rosberg 1’38.364
Row 713. Felipe Massa 1’38.592
14. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’38.696
Toro Rosso
Row 815. Jenson Button* 1’38.217
16. Adrian Sutil 1’39.25
Force India
Row 917. Pastor Maldonado 1’39.351
18. Giedo van der Garde 1’40.491
Row 1019. Jules Bianchi 1’40.528
20. Esteban Gutierrez** 1’38.034
Row 1121. Max Chilton 1’41.401
22. Charles Pic*** 1’40.596

*Three-place penalty for failing to observe red flags in practice
**Ten-place penalty for impeding Pastor Maldonado during qualifying
***Five-place penalty for gearbox change

2013 United States Grand Prix

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43 comments on “2013 United States Grand Prix grid”

  1. Well chuffed for Kovalainen

  2. which gearbox will be opened to promote Alonso into P5???

    1. Hulkenberg, realistically. It is a Ferrari gearbox after all. ;-)

  3. Uh, Webber screwed up in the final sector.

    1. final corner only mate. He him self said that

      1. No no final sector 4 tenths up in sector 2 only finished 2 tenths up. Vet as not ben impressive atalii imo in qually lately, he should be eating this guy for breakie. Especially as wheneveri say Ham is as quick in qually people always say Seb is just cuz he gets more poles.

        1. Web has beaten vet once this entire season on merit. in japan vet would melt him if not kers failure.

          1. Yes but its been alot closer in qually than it should be, Web is really not that great this past years. He is really slow. Look Vet has beat him alot and done well, more than well but come on this car is something else.

  4. Vettel pulled it out of the bag in sector three. Fantastic effort.

    Also well done to Hulkenberg and Grosjean. They’re the drivers of the day.

  5. Heikki wasn’t any worse than Räikkönen in the qualifying. Good for him.

  6. I think I heard Chilton has a penalty too for a gearbox change – If so, does that put him last as the penalty was given to him after Pic’s?

    1. He may have a penalty for impeding, but not for a gearbox change. The FIA did put out an incorrect statement saying Bianchi had a gearbox change penalty, but rescinded it and issued a corrected document saying Pic had that penalty.

  7. Why Mark just came alive at this part of this season??? I wonder if Webber lost time in the final sector because he was 2 tenths of his personal best.

    1. He slid wide going into turn 15. Although it could also have been due his KERS usage.

    2. RB decided to give him the same gear as Vettels. :P

  8. Dissapointed for Bottas. He could have been on the 2nd row had he not done those little mistakes. And I think I can now see why Lotus would prefer Maldonado over Hulkenberg. Maldonado has really stunned the world with his performances this year…

    1. @nickf12013 you forgot to mention how greatful Maldonado was to the team during his interview on sky … That’s the spirit !

    2. It will take a brave team to take on Maldonado after his behavior this weekend. He’s behaving like a spoilt child.

      On the plus side I think more and more teams are learning that pay-drivers don’t benefit the team. Last time Lotus went with a pay-driver they slipped back in the standings. McLaren has obviously learned a lesson. Sauber would have had a lot more points if they had another driver than Gutierrez this year.

      This would suggest that “pay-drivers don’t pay off for the teams in the long run”.

      1. @Kimiwillbeback

        It will take a brave team to take on Maldonado after his behavior this weekend. He’s behaving like a spoilt child.

        The problem is that only Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes and maybe McLaren are the only teams that could afford not hiring a driver having an annual sponsorship around 30 million euro
        The midfield teams are struggling to survive, i think that it will take a brave team not to take Maldonado with that money

  9. This Red Bull car is something different than the ones in the last 2 years… Somewhat like 2010 I remember wherein they had almost half a second plus advantage in qualifying. 8 tenths quicker than Grosjean the next non Red Bull car.

  10. Vettel came out and drove like a boss when it mattered. There is no other way to put it, regardless of the Webber mistake.

    Hats off to Grosjean and Hulkenberg.

  11. Happy for my paisanos Checo & Esteban. Both in Q3

  12. Fikri Harish (@)
    16th November 2013, 19:18

    Shake and Bake! Priceless joke from Rocky there at the end of Seb’s run.

    Lots of disparity between teammates today. I have absolutely no idea how Lotus would sign Maldonado after today, if they need money, I hope to God they’ll sign Perez instead.

  13. Red bull are that sad they keep on bringing updates even know. Honestly their ego is huge Vet is a great driver but i so hope he dont win 9 in a row. Because no way does he deserve it, to have 9 clean races in a rocketship with out any reliability is well lucky. Not that i wish him to retire orhave an accident i would be way more satasfied if he got beat on track. Were areall the people who say its only the driver two? I mean look at Ham and Alo struggling down end of top 10 and these guys are 8 tenths ahead of 3rd. Ridicolous

    1. (@danclapp

      First, Hamilton and Rosberg had problems with tyre warmup. Both of them having trouble with the tyres. However, Hamilton said his car was OK, only the tyres. Rosberg’s been struggling with oversteer the whole quali session. Just let them bring updates, they will pay that in 2014. Especially considering that their car is one of the worst in terms of RELIABILITY in the field.
      Second, Alonso be surprised that Alonso was able to get into Q3 considering that that car has poor traction and how he was acting at the wheel in the practice sessions.

    2. And “dumbest comment of the day” award goes to…

    3. Should roles be reversed you’d absolutely no issue about it. hippocrate

      1. Look you could look at it both ways@crr917 @juzh. Maybe its other teams fault for giving up on this season, but how come the gap is getting bigger and bigger, its now a certainty every race that Webber is near Vet the car is 8 tenths faster than 3rd. What part of my comment is dumb, your the dumb 1’s even disputing what i have just wrote. Its true how lucky would it be to win 9 races in a row? Duh of course its lucky when 7 is the record.

        1. @danclapp HA HA HA
          Doing what one is supposed to do is a “sad” thing? And I am the dumb one. True actually. It’s the smart people’s fault, right?

        2. @danclapp

          Its true how lucky would it be to win 9 races in a row? Duh of course its lucky when 7 is the record.

          I’d like to say in the middle of the abuse you seem to be getting, that your comments are usually pretty decent. But why is it “lucky” to set a record? Surely breaking records is supposed to show off how good a car/driver combination is? It’s like deriding 9 consecutive podiums as a rookie as lucky, when it’s a brilliant achievement.

        3. @danclapp

          i dont think ur comment is dumb, .. you are just frustated like many of us are. But you said it yourself, the problem simply is that:

          “its other teams fault for giving up on this season,..” , either giving up or they simply can’t do it.

          And btw, RB know about these statistics and so why shouln’t they keep up with upgrades if they have a chance to break the record…

    4. @danclapp Do you think Ascari and Schumacher also made it to seven wins in a row without the benefit of a reliable car?

    5. @danclapp

      I think many of the updates Red Bull are bring are usable on, or at the least, ideas for, next year’s car.

      Generally, I am surprised that many of the other teams stopped developing as early as they. Red Bull deserves the season they’re having since they’ve committed to winning this season in terms of development.

      1. yes your right guys, sorry but its just got boring and trust me i never moan at RBull dominance like, some its just so annoying when Merc were the qually kings and now Red bull are wrapping them off 1 after another, 8 tenths is huge. But ohwell.

  14. Wow Williams are unreal whole engineers should be sacked, they find out end of year its faster if they move the exhaust. Heads gone, Heads gone, Heads gone.

  15. Was there any mistake in the official timing monitors?
    According to them, WEB best lap was: 26.091+38.507+31.615:= 1:36.213 but shows 1:36.441 as his time… :s
    And Vettel did pole with 1:36:338
    I´m not a WEB fan, but I think there´s something wrong there…

    1. the lap you have made up is the sum of best sector times of WEB and all of them are not on same lap. So the sum doesnt giv u the best lap.

  16. Lol at Adrian “i try to hold up Hamilton every time” Sutil compalinig about being blocked in quali. Bye bye Adrain no F1 for you next year, you getting beat by someone who is yet to beat a teammate.

  17. Very happy for Kovalainen, Hulkenberg and Bottas.

    Strangely enough the pole and grid are identical to my predictions except I have Kovalainen in place of Hamilton. Only 1/3 second off the pole time too. This surely indicates their finishing positions for the race will be completely different.

  18. Great stuff! I missed qualifying, so it’s great to see so many of my favourite drivers in the top ten. Really hoping Grosjean can at least put up a bit of a fight with the Red Bulls, and as standard, the Hulk can keep up there.

  19. OK, so RBR way ahead, both drivers about equal on times, Webber seeming relaxed about leaving F1. Amongst the drivers who are changing teams, Maldonado shows arrogance, insults his team and gets seriously trashed by his teammate; Perez forced Button to sound really depressed over a three quarter second deficit; Raikkonen disappears into the sunset to be fit for his next job; but — the most surprising — Massa who recently had been showing some form, drives a second and a quarter slower than his teammate.

    What on earth has happened to sportsmanship and the competitive spirit? Down the drain because of money?

  20. I really like how they give cars at the back drive-throughs instead of +10 gird positions that result in just 2 laces backwards. Hope they also do it when there is for example a Ferrari in there.

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