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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the United States Grand Prix weekend.

Heikki Kovalainen, Lotus, Friday

Heikki Kovalainen made a return to F1 in place of Kimi Raikkonen at Lotus.

Lewis Hamilton, Saturday

Lewis Hamilton sported a new look with a one-off helmet design dedicated to Michael Jackson. He was one of several drivers using a special helmet for the race.

He enjoyed a much better weekend in America after Mercedes identified damage on his chassis and replaced it.

Valtteri Bottas, United States Grand Prix

Valtteri Bottas had a ‘coming of age’ performance in a Williams that was much improved since the team replaced its unsuccessful Coanda exhaust.

Start, United States Grand Prix

The cars climb the hill to turn one and Sebastian Vettel arrives first followed by the fast-starting Romain Grosjean.

Paul di Resta, United States Grand Prix

Paul di Resta heads a snake of cars through the Esses. Behind him Jenson Button is about to put an audacious move on Felipe Massa.

, United States Grand Prix

The attention was focused on the other McLaren during the weekend after McLaren announced Sergio Perez would be dropped at the end of the year.

Fernando Alonso, United States Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso salvaged a superb fifth place on a weekend when Ferrari looked out of sorts. Note the message for Kovalainen in the background.

Jules Bianchi, United States Grand Prix

A decisive moment in the battle between the lower teams as Jules Bianchi stayed ahead of Giedo van der Garde during their pit stops. Marussia left the penultimate race of the year ahead of Caterham, as they did last year, only to lose out in the final round.

Sebastian Vettel, United States Grand Prix

The Red Bull team have some fun after Vettel’s record-breaking eighth consecutive win.

Cars, United States Grand Prix

An expensive car park in the evening sun after the race.

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    Saw this on twitter, I think it’s pretty awesome.

    1. Indeed, thanks for sharing!

    2. @alexanderfin that was pretty cool. thanks for making it available.

      Is Bottas a big star in Finland already? Does he live outside of Finland most of the year? I guess better question is where is he based? And does Finland suffer the same horrible “hollywood”-like celebrity driven culture as in USA or are Finns more circumspect in their affinity for famous people (if at all)? I’m just curious to know the degree to which Bottas is a household name in Finland, if at all.

      1. Bottas lives in Oxfordshire, and Kimi is the only Formula 1 driver to be a household name in Finland.

        1. What about mika?

          1. Salo? Well, he’s an F1 commentator, so I guess you could say he’s in lots of households…

            (I know you meant Häkkinen. He is well-known, of course. But I was only referring to current F1 drivers.)

  2. “GET KIMIS MONEY” – Is that what it reads?

  3. Woahh!!! I knew they talked about the pit lane being so wide here, but that picture of Bianchi and van der Garde shows just how wide we are talking about here!!!

  4. Button on Massa was the best overtake in my opinion.

  5. I predict that picture of Helmut Marko will be photoshopped many many times! He looks ridiculous!

  6. My shot didn’t make the top 10??? 3 Wide Formula One racing:

    1. VERY NICE! It would get my vote! Excellent timing!

    2. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
      20th November 2013, 9:46

      Keith/F1F use specific sources for pictures (most are team provided photos, IIRC), for which I assume he/F1F have agreements to allow them to use these pictures. While your picture(s) are really nice, I don’t think Keith would simply lift a picture from another website.

      1. I hear ya, but my comment was in the spirit of fake outrage – not taking F1F to task. Just trying to show that ordinary fans can take great shots too.

        1. that is a great shot

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