Soggy start to practice is led by Mercedes

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix first practice

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Interlagos, 2013The Mercedes drivers led the first practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix but lap times were ten seconds off the dry pace in a rain-hit session.

Nico Rosberg set the quickest time early in the session using intermediate tyres on a damp track. Team mate Lewis Hamilton was almost half a second off him pace.

The track never got dry enough for slicks to be a serious option but Red Bull made a point of doing back-to-back runs on the current hard tyres and prototype 2014 compounds on Sebastian Vettel’s car to collect aero data when the track conditions improved.

He returned to the track later in the session to set a 1’25.387 which put him third behind the two Mercedes.

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2013The conditions caught out many drivers including the three quickest runners. Rosberg went wide at turn one, Hamilton briefly spun to a stop at turn three and Vettel explored the run-off at Juncao, all without incurring damage.

Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso completed the top five. Daniil Kvyat was a strong eighth for Toro Rosso in his second appearance for the team, taking over from Daniel Ricciardo for this session only.

Heikki Kovalainen was nine-quickest as he began his second weekend for Lotus, four tenths of a second quicker than Romain Grosjean. His team mate was frustrated by being held up by Giedo van der Garde during the session when the Caterham driver abruptly slowed with a gearbox problem. He managed to bring his car back into the pits from where he was able to continue his running.

Pos.No.DriverCarBest lapGapLaps
19Nico RosbergMercedes1’24.78114
210Lewis HamiltonMercedes1’25.2300.44913
31Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’25.3870.60617
45Jenson ButtonMcLaren1’25.3910.61025
53Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’25.5930.81213
62Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’25.7971.01617
76Sergio PerezMcLaren1’25.9461.16515
819Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Ferrari1’26.0641.28317
97Heikki KovalainenLotus-Renault1’26.1331.35231
1011Nico HulkenbergSauber-Ferrari1’26.2321.45117
114Felipe MassaFerrari1’26.2481.46715
1212Esteban GutierrezSauber-Ferrari1’26.3261.54528
138Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault1’26.5701.78928
1418Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari1’26.5931.81222
1515Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes1’27.1152.33425
1617Valtteri BottasWilliams-Renault1’27.2692.48823
1716Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault1’27.3582.57723
1814James CaladoForce India-Mercedes1’27.4362.6559
1921Giedo van der GardeCaterham-Renault1’28.1073.32618
2020Charles PicCaterham-Renault1’28.1993.41817
2122Jules BianchiMarussia-Cosworth1’30.0045.22324
2223Rodolfo GonzalezMarussia-Cosworth1’32.6467.86519

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    19 comments on “Soggy start to practice is led by Mercedes”

    1. Looks like ROS will continue to have the edge over HAM . I don’t know what happened after Hungary . Or maybe Lewis held back more than Rosberg . @ f1 fanatic guys , Daniil Kvyat needs a profile soon I guess ;-)

      1. @hamilfan He already has one, it was mentioned in the round-up a few weeks ago.

        1. @keithcollantine The name wasn’t hyper linked in the standings. Now it’s fixed. Thank you .

      2. Well, after Hungary Hamilton said, that he can win all the remaining races and he did… oh wait!

        1. @osvaldas31 Can you give me a link , I’m curious where he said the exact words .

          1. He didn’t… he said something along the lines of, ‘To win the championship we’ll have to win all the remaining races. We’ll certainly give it a try.’

            Didn’t sound at all confident, though.

        2. W (@yesyesyesandyesagain)
          22nd November 2013, 15:14

          Mercedes had the momentum after Hungary and were completely out engineered by Red Bull. Embarrassing stuff and likely indicative of how they’ll perform next year. Even if they do get a good engine and aero setup to begin the year they likely won’t be able to keep pace with Red Bull throughout the rest of the season.

          1. petebaldwin (@)
            22nd November 2013, 16:13

            I suppose it’s slightly embarassing for them but not more than it is for Lotus, Ferrari and McLaren. All teams have struggled to compete with Red Bull this year.

            Having said that, most teams focussed more on 2014 than 2013 whereas Red Bull were still developing to win the title. In addition to that, the stats since Pirelli changed the tyres tell their own story:

            Steel Belted Tyres
            Red Bull: 8 starts, 3 wins (37.5%)
            Mercedes: 8 starts, 2 wins (25%)
            Ferrari: 8 starts, 2 wins (25%)
            Lotus: 8 starts, 1 win (12.5%)

            Kevlar Belted Tyre
            Red Bull: 10 starts, 9 wins (90%)
            Mercedes: 10 starts, 1 wins (10%)
            Ferrari: 8 starts, 0 wins (0%)
            Lotus: 8 starts, 0 win (0%)

          2. @yesyesyesandyesagain
            RBR never ceases to amaze in the area of in-season development . Right from 2009 I think . Even 2012 , It would have been tilted towards Alonso but for those massive updates in Singapore.

      3. It didn’t look like Rosberg had any edge on Hamilton a week ago though @hamilfan!

    2. Impressive run by Daniil, although I couldn’t see what the conditions were like, but nonetheless, impressive!

    3. I wasn’t able to watch the session. But that time seems quite impressive by Kvyat. I would love this race to be a wet race with a lot of people fighting for the win. I like how Vettel breaks record after record because im a fan of his, but it’s getting boring. Let hope for total chaos on sunday :)

    4. Hey Akshay: Unwritten rule is: once you have got into a hole – stop digging. “I feel I can win 10 races” is exactly that, “I can win 10 races” That’s what the poster said he said and that’s what Hamilton actually said. Operative word “CAN” meaning “I am able to.”

      I know it hurts bud, but we’re here for you :)

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        22nd November 2013, 15:58

        Well… if we’re going to be really picky, the only quote I can find is as follows:

        “Last year I didn’t feel like I had the car to win 10 races,” Hamilton said. “This year I feel I have a car that can win 10 races. The tyres are going to play a massive part of that but I truly believe in this car. It feels awesome.

        His quote came after a result in which Mercedes was the best car and no-one could get near him. Sadly, following this race Red Bull made a bit of a breakthrough with their car and have blown away the oppostion consistently at every race.

        Whatever it’s down to, no-one has been anywhere near Red Bull this year following Hungary.

        1. I makes you wonder that if the tyres had not have been changed, would we have sent a closer battle? The Hungary win was totally dominant.

      2. @baron
        Well no doubt he said something along the lines of what the car was capable of . I think the more I think of it the more I believe that Red Bull were not perfect that weekend . A lot of guys said that Seb had shorter shifts which reduced top speed and made him reach the limiter and could not overtake due to straightline advantage. For the majority of the race , Vettel was stuck behind JB . So yeah , I think Lewis spoke too soon . Regarding that previous comment . I just didn’t like the way you said it mate that’s all. He didn’t say anything to suggest that he can win all races but just something to the effect of saying he can challenge on a more consistent basis.I hope no offense was taken as none was meant :-)

    5. As far as Rosberg having an edge on Hamilton goes – the standing tell a different story. I believe they are great team mates and bring the best out of each other. Yes hamilton has scored more points for the team which is the reason they are currently in p2 in the constructors, but Rosberg just a good for the most part. However until Rosberg finishes ahead of Hamilton in the championship he is not the no.1 driver. But I don’t think its really fair to say LH is no1 driver either. All should be equal going into next season and hopefully the best man wins. But Great job by mercedes picking two drivers who work very well together. Shrewd move there. I mean P2 in the constructors is an amazing job for them considering where they have been for the last 3 years or so.

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