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2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Rain made for a hectic qualifying session in Brazil which caught out several drivers.

Q1 began on a wet track and with conditions getting worse several drivers were under pressure to make the cut for Q2. Not lease Jean-Eric Vergne, who was unhappy about being sent onto the track too late and had problems with his DRS. However he managed to reach Q2 and progressed on to Q3.

More rain fell at the end of Q2 which led to a lengthy delay before the final top-ten shoot-out began.

Wet conditions helped Fernando Alonso achieve his best qualifying position for Ferrari since Bahrain but he still felt the need to apologise after making a costly mistake on his quickest lap.

Here’s more of what was being said on the radio during qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying team radio transcript

PreGiedo van der GardeJuan Pablo Ramirez??entry ten, no?
PreJuan Pablo RamirezGiedo van der GardeYes. Diff entry ten, mid six, exit two. Brake balance 53%.
PreTim WrightCharles PicThere’s always a possibility conditions are getting worse so we may go very soon on intermediates, we will let you know.
PreTim WrightCharles PicOK Charles. So, we’ve got one minute to go. If you feel the track is too qet for Inters then we can always stop for full wets.
PreBrad JoyceAdrian SutilMarussia were fined after both drivers cut into the queue to exit the pits and therefore “did not leave the pit lane in the order that they arrived at the start of qualifying”.
OK Adrian. There’s obviously a Marussia trying to edge in there, we could do without that happening. We’ve also unfortunately got two Caterhams as well.
Q118:14Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK Lewis. So you have good track position. You’ve got Pic and Van der Garde behind, so we don’t want to let them through. Continue to charge the battery. Brake temps are coming up nicely, so those fronts are coming in, so they’re good. Rears are better balanced than this morning.
Q1Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonThere is a dry line starting to show.
Q1Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK. Copy that. So let’s go black button on, charge batteries as much as you can.
Q116:45Andrea StellaFernando AlonsoTrack will be clear. We work for six plus three. Give us update on the track condition as well.
Q1Fernando AlonsoAndrea StellaEr.. ? [one nine?]
Q1Andrea StellaFernando AlonsoOK, so let’s carry on with these tyres and we’ll see how it develops.
Q116:36Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachThere’s a few dry patches in sector one. Also sector two.
Q116:23Andrea StellaFernando AlonsoOK. We keep warming up the brakes, even if it looks OK.
Q1Fernando AlonsoAndrea StellaYeah, if it stops to rain a dry line will arrive.
Q1Andrea StellaFernando AlonsoOK, brake balance mid, charge plus two.
Q114:43Mark TempleSergio PerezCheco, currently P4. Looks close to cross-over for dry tyres, what’s it like out there?
Q1Sergio PerezMark TempleIt’s too early. Too early. It’s quite wet in some parts. But these are new tyres.
Q114:05Romain GrosjeanAyao KomatsuAfter gesticulating to Chilton
Completely stupid Marussia.
Q1Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanOK, copy that. We’ve got plenty of time.
Q114:00Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanLet’s do a standard KERS release, Romain please. Down to 85 after turn two.
Q113:30Gary GannonMax ChiltonSome still going green, people still going green. Watch the cars behind. Let’s push this lap.
Q112:32Tony RossNico RosbergSo rain is increasing.
Q1Nico RosbergTony RossThe track is getting slower, the track is getting slower I think.
Q112:25Tony RossNico RosbergSo just try and keep the temperature in the tyres. Fronts are cool, Nico. Let the car behind go, it’s Bianchi. Next car Bianchi, four seconds.
Q111:33Simon RennieMark WebberWe are now P9. More rain in the pitlane, now. You have 15 seconds gap behind you to Hamilton.
Q1Mark WebberSimon RennieThe track was gone in the middle, mate. The track is off so we’ll just ? [hard to hear]
Q1Simon RennieMark WebberOK mate, understood. We want to keep circulating for the moment. Keep going for the moment.
Q111:01Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesWe went out too late, why did we wait? The rain was coming and there was dry patches on the track.
Q1Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneDon’t worry about that, just get yourself ready. We’re going.
Q19:56Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneBox, Jev, box. We’re currently P16. We’ve seen more rain middle sector. Can you confirm you want to box?
Q1Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneVergne presses ‘pit confirm’ button
Pit confirm understood. How much rain? Is it still Inters?
Q1Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesStill Inters.
Q1Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneOK, you just want to fit another new set? Any flap adjust?
Q1Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesNo flap adjust, no.
Q1Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneOK, understood. We’ll just fit the new tyres.
Q18:28GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaOK, we’ll get the car prepped with a new set of tyres and ready to go if we think we need to. That was a really good first lap. Nailed. Good job. How’s the balance?
Q1Paul di RestaGianPiero LambiaseYeah, while the rain’s on there, I don’t really ? [can’t understand] ’cause turn one was a bit dry and through turn three so I think it’ll be hard with the weather as it is at the moment.
Q17:33Mark SaldeHeikki KovalainenFollow mechanics instructions for a garage pitstop.
Q16:48Jules BianchiPaul DavisonDo you think first push?
Q1Paul DavisonJules BianchiYeah, I think we should try first push. We’re going for four timed laps. Track is clear around you, you’ve got a big gap behind.
Q16:14Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezOK, box Esteban, box. Front wing for new Inters?
Q1Esteban GutierrezFrancesco NenciI want to keep like this.
Q1Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezOK, keep. So we will do two flying laps on Inters.
Q15:23Esteban GutierrezFrancesco NenciI mean to be honest comparing the track in the first lap, it’s impossible to do the time.
Q1Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezOther people manage. So, do we prefer to do two flying laps or three flying laps?
Q1Esteban GutierrezFrancesco NenciThree
Q1Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezCopy.
Q13:36Jules BianchiPaul DavisonI do a quick lap.
Q1Paul DavisonJules BianchiOK mate, understood. Mixture six, mix six.
Q1Jules BianchiPaul Davison[Distorted]
Q1Paul DavisonJules BianchiJust watch for Gutierrez around you there. There’s a big gap behind Gutierrez.
Q1Jules BianchiPaul DavisonGutierrez is on an out-lap, right?
Q1Paul DavisonJules BianchiYes, correct. Gutierrez is on an outlap behind.
Q1Jules BianchiPaul DavisonOK, he is in front now. I am going.
Q12:59Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneOn the next lap we should cool down. We have plenty of margin to cool down.
Q12:11Phil CharlesJean-Eric Vergne[Kovalainen] behind you and a very slow cool down required. [Kovalainen] and Chilton. [Kovalainen] two seconds behind you, Chilton five behind him, then a gap to Daniel.
Q11:53Jules BianchiPaul DavisonTyre temp?
Q1Paul DavisonJules BianchiFront minus five, rear minus five. So that’s a good place to start a lap.
Q11:10Esteban GutierrezFrancesco NenciCool down.
Q1Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezMaximum 20 seconds. We’re close, Esteban we can make it, come on. We can make it. We need one tenth more because there is more people on track, track is quicker. Sutil behind is on out-lap, remember not more than 20 seconds.
Q11:01Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneMore people improving now in all sectors.
Q10:33Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoOK Pastor, get yourself ready for the next timed lap.
Q1Pastor MaldonadoAndrew MurdochCopy.
Q1Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoOK. Go back to release eleven.
Q10:00Brad JoyceAdrian SutilHow are you feeling, Adrian? Do you think you can go faster than you’ve already done, or should we box?
Q1Adrian SutilBrad JoyceI don’t think it’s enough.
Q1Brad JoyceAdrian SutilKeep on this, Adrian. We need to keep on this lap.
Q10:00Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezKovalainen is improving. We need a 26.2 so you can do it, come on Esteban, one more lap.
Q10:00Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneOK Jev, we’re through.
Q10:00Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoWe need to recharge the KERS. Long brakes, long brakes.
Q1Daniel RicciardoMarco MatassaUnderstood. It seems I get a peak from the tyres on the out-lap, then just struggle to keep any grip in both axles. Even if the track starts to dry.
Q10:00Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoP17, Vergne jumped us in that run.
Q1Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesI did press the DRS button at the second straight, but it didn’t work. They were running from me in a straight line.
Q2Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneOK, we’ll have a look with Luca now.
Q2Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesBut it’s harder [distorted] doesn’t work for me.
Q2Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneBalance? Any adjustment or are you happy?
Q2Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesIf I’m happy? Don’t really know, but the front flap adjustment don’t change anything.
Q2Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneUnderstood. We’ll leave it the same.
Q215:00Daniel RicciardoMarco MatassaIt’s quite difficult to know. For sure braking and stability is on the edge, so where we are is probably more or less there. I bet through six and eleven I have quite a lot of understeer.
Q215:00Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneRecovery one, please.
Q214:23Tony RossNico RosbergBrake balance forwards a bit. Let’s start warming the tyres. And diff init to seven please Nico, when you can.
Q213:11Simon RennieMark WebberOK, you have 25 second space behind. If you can, make space in a low speed corner, make space at low speed. We need to sync gear three.
Q212:37Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelKERS map 13. One three.
Q211:07Tony RossNico RosbergSo just a slower lap now. We’re expecting just light rain. Front temperatures are nine. Rears are nine. Nine second gap to Lewis. You are P1 at the moment – I’ll keep you advised on it. So just looking after the tyres. Brake balance forwards to keep the fronts warm.
Q2Nico RosbergTony RossBut that wasn’t a really good lap because the temperatures either side are not up yet.
Q2Tony RossNico RosbergOK, copy that.
Q210:09Simon RennieMark WebberWe expect this light rain for five minutes. Gap behind is 12 seconds to Vettel.
Q29:00Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneYou can cool down a bit more. Daniel behind on a push lap about seven seconds behind you. So let Daniel go and then big gap to Bottas. Last corner – turn later, don’t push so hard the entry and exit wider. Let Daniel through now.
Q27:58Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonIt’s not too bad. It’s not too bad.
Q2Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonYou’ve got Nico behind, he’s on a lap. You’re currently P3. So purple sector one, three tenths in the middle sector, I’ll update you.
Q26:48Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaShould be boxing at the end of this lap and then we’ll pit and put another set on. What do you think about the track?
Q2Felipe MassaRob SmedleyThe track is similar rain I would say.
Q2Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaKERS recharge now, three clicks up and brake. Charge the KERS on the way in, three clicks up and brake.
Q26:06Adrian SutilBrad JoycePit stop?
Q2Brad JoyceAdrian SutilYes, pit stop. Pit. Stop. For Intermediate tyres.
Q25:10GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaPaul, temperatures on this set are better than they were on the first timed lap of the first set. Expect quite a grip level. We’re currently P14. P1, 26.5.
Q23:22Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelWhat are you thinking, Sebastian?
Q2Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinI’m thinking tyres are OK. Of course new tyres will be a bit quicker, but shouldn’t be too much. Just need to get the exit of the last sector right and then should be able to improve by a chunk.
Q2Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelUnderstood. Work on this. Watch out for Sutil behind you on a timed lap.
Q21:48Tony RossNico RosbergAnd you’ll get one more timed lap. So Grosjean just went quickest in front of you, so suggest you go for the next timed lap.
Q20:33Daniel RicciardoMarco MatassaNot improving this lap.
Q2Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoBox, Daniel, box. Recovery seven. Sutil seven seconds behind.
Q20:00Simon RennieMark WebberBox, Mark, box. Use all the KERS.
Q20:00Mark TempleSergio PerezPerez has hit the wall on the run to Ferradura
OK, Checo. Are you OK? And Checo, can you hear me? Are you OK?
Q2Sergio PerezMark TempleYes, I’m OK. I’m OK.
Q2Mark TempleSergio PerezOK, make sure you switch the car off completely, please. That was, um, pretty tough then. I think the track was just getting a bit worse. We’ll have a good look at that anyway when you get back. We finished P14, Jenson behind us in P15.
Q20:00Jonathan EddolllsValtteri BottasP13, Valtteri. Good try. That rain came just on that last lap, unfortunately.
Q20:00Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoThe start of Q3 is delayed while marshals clear Perez’s car
OK, now rain intensity is increasing. At the moment it is clearly extreme conditions. Let’s wait a second. At the moment we keep the Inters, and let’s wait for the extreme call, OK?
Q2Daniel RicciardoMarco MatassaIn case we are going with the extreme, we can go down not as much on the front wing. I would suggest one step. What do you think about it?
Q2Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoErr?? I would go a bit more. I would go a bit more than that. I was thinking between two and three. Erm?? yeah. Between two and three, that’s what I’m thinking.
Q2Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneRelease two, please Jev.
Q2Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesTry to give me less info about this when I start the lap, please. You told me last time KERS release what- I don’t know. When it wasn’t working, then one.
Q2Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneGearbox eight. OK, the start of Q3 delayed by ten minutes, Jev. Ten minute delay.
Q2Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoThe Safety Car has been circulating the track for over five minutes
Three minutes to green light. Three minutes and a half.
Q2Daniel RicciardoMarco MatassaRace Control confirms Q3 delayed by another ten minutes due to conditions
I still think to go out with this much standing water makes no sense to be first.
Q2Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoYep. Now we change our mind. It is not proper to go out first.
Q2Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneOK Jev, further ten minute delay.
Q2Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesOK, I jump out. I need to.. yeah. You know what I need??
Q2Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneYeah, no problem. It’s actually eleven-and-a-half minutes from now, so if you want to go to the toilet, no problem.
Q2Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoSorry Dan, there is a further delay. Another five minutes.
Q2Daniel RicciardoMarco MatassaI’m going to get out, for the toilet. Is that OK? Thanks.
Q2Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoA further ten minute delay is announced
Another ten minute delay. The next report will be in ten minutes.
Q2Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesDoesn’t look like it’s getting any better, does it?
Q2Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneIt isn’t right now, but the radar is saying it will get a little better. There are some patches that are breaking up as they’re coming our way.
Q2Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneYet again, race control postpones Q3 by ten minutes
Further ten minute delay, Jev. So 3:30, early start time.
Q2Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneRace Control confirm that Q3 will begin at 3:30 as schedulled
DRS is disabled at the moment.
Q310:00Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneRadio check, Jev, radio check. Try again.
Q3Jean-Eric VergnePhil Charles[Distorted]
??ou??ound..like a r..bot.
Q3Phil CharlesJean-Eric Vergnetesting radio
One two three?
Q3Jean-Eric VergnePhil CharlesYou sounded like a robot.
Q3Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneNo DRS. You’ll need to work your brakes really hard on your out-lap.
Q310:00Simon RennieMark WebberOK Mark. When we do go, you will need to sync all gears. You’ll need to sync gears on the way out.
Q3Mark WebberSimon RennieJust synced down now mate.
Q3Simon RennieMark WebberFifty seconds to go. Five-zero seconds to go.
Q39:23Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergTrack clear. Everybody on outlap. DRS will stay disabled for the whole session.
Q38:20Tony RossNico RosbergSo temperatures are: six front, six rear. So just warming those brakes up. Mix two.
Q37:40Andrea StellaFernando AlonsoYou think the track will be OK for Inters in a couple of laps? Overrevs on, charge plus two.
Q3Fernando AlonsoAndrea StellaYes, will be OK.
Q3Andrea StellaFernando AlonsoUnderstood.
Q37:00Mark WebberSimon RennieVery low rear grip at the moment, mate.
Q3Simon RennieMark WebberOK Mark, understood. Keep up the pace. Diff five. Keep up the pace for this next timed lap.
Q36:27Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanBox, Romain, box.
Q3Romain GrosjeanAyao KomatsuBox.
Q35:55Tony RossNico RosbergSo just watch that white line. Box, box, box, for Inter tyres. Go tyre position three on the dash.
Q35:08Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelOK, Sebastian. What do you want to do?
Q3Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinIntermediate. Intermediate.
Q3Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelUnderstood. Box, box. Sebastian you can drop down a little, because Mark is coming in in front of you to change tyres.
Q35:04GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaPaul temperatures on this set are better than they were for the first timed lap for the first set. Expect higher grip level.
Q33:55Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK Lewis, so box, box. Box, box. We will take the Inters if you agree. You’re currently P3, three tenths to Vettel, P1.
Q3Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonThere’s still quite a lot of water out here. I’d definitely say the middle sector is a bit drier.
Q3Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSo Lewis, we do think it will be Inter.
Q33:09Tony RossNico RosbergWe think there’s rain at the end so make sure the first laps count.
Q31:34Andrea StellaFernando AlonsoOK, so it’s two minutes now. Two minutes now. It’ll be two laps with the 15-20 second margin. Charge plus two. I’ll let you know about overrevs?? overrevs on, overrevs on.
Q31:10Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanMake sure you release KERS under 55.
Q30:49Simon RennieMark WebberOK, we do have time for one more timed lap. Good time for one more lap after this.
Q30:18Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelAnd last timed lap. You’re starting your last timed.
Q30:00Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoKERS release seven. You are P7 for the moment, P7.
Q30:00Simon RennieMark WebberOK, mixture two and torque six.
Q30:00Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelP1. Atta boy. And can we have downshift high gears, please?
Q30:00Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinUnbeliveable! We didn’t need the second attempt. Did it in the first one! Unbelieveable guys. This is quite big because we got the car where we needed it to be. Woohoo! Ole!
Q30:00Fernando AlonsoAndrea StellaCan I have the position, please?
Q3Andrea StellaFernando AlonsoSome additional parts to this message in Italian.
Yes. Negative, Fernando. No problem. Vettel, Rosberg and you, Webber, Hamilton, Grosjean, Ricciardo, Vergne, Felipe, Hulkenberg.
Q30:00Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK Lewis. So that’s P5. P5. So Vettel P1, Nico P2 with a 27.1. You were 27.6. And we’ll have a bite-point check and P0.
Q30:00Tony RossNico RosbergOK, that’s confirmed, Nico. P10-sorry, P2. All ten cars have finished. Good effort. Well done.
Q3Nico RosbergTony RossP10?
Q3Tony RossNico RosbergNegative! Ten cars have finished, it’s P2. So P2. Well done, good effort. So watch the white line on the entry. The order is: Vettel, yourself, Alonso, Webber, Lewis, Grosjean, Ricciardo, Vergne, Massa, Hulkenberg. Well done, good effort.
Q30:00Ross BrawnNico RosbergGood drive, Nico. Well done. Very difficult, today. Very easy to trip over. Might have been a bit more juice we could’ve squeezed out of it somewhere, but pretty good overall, well done.
Q30:00Fernando AlonsoAndrea StellaSorry guys.
Q3Andrea StellaFernando AlonsoI don’t you ever have to say sorry to us.

Phase/time: Refers to point at which message was broadcast. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PQ = pre-qualifying.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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