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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel greet each other after the annual drivers’ end-of-season photo is taken. A similar photograph was taken of the teams’ PR representatives.

Rodolfo Gonzalez, practice

Rodolfo Gonzalez returns to the Marussia pit during the wet first practice session.

Jenson Button, practice

McLaren did little running on the wet during practice which Jenson Button was concerned about after taking 14th on the grid. But it all turned out well on Sunday as he scored the team’s best result of the year with fourth place.

Nico Rosberg, qualifying

Nico Rosberg joins the queue of cars waiting to go out at the start of Q1.

Start, 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

Rosberg qualified second on the grid and beat pole sitter Sebastian Vettel to turn one. But Vettel had passed him before the first lap was over and went on to win.

Heikki Kovalainen, Sergio Perez, 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

Heikki Kovalainen passes Sergio Perez during the race – but by the chequered flag their fortunes had reversed. Perez took a strong sixth for McLaren having started thirteen places back, while Kovalainen was out of the points in his second of two appearances for Lotus.

Sebastian Vettel, 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

Vettel celebrated his record-equalling ninth consecutive grand prix victory.

Felipe Massa, 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

Felipe Massa made his last appearance as a Ferrari driver and treated his home fans to a few burnouts after the race.

Mark Webber, 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

Mark Webber bowed out of F1 after 215 races with his 42nd podium finish. He savoured the drive back to the pits, taking his helmet off as he toured the track. After the race he returned to the podium with the Red Bull team to celebrate.

Renault V8 engine, 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

There was one more goodbye to say after the race. Renault revved several of their V8 engines to screaming pitch including this one in the Caterham garage. Here’s a closer look at the engine glowing red-hot.

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  1. Webber shot, make a poster and hang it on the wall!

    1. Really?

      Is it just me that thinks that Webber without the helmet in the car looks slightly ridiculous? As if some punter in jeans, a t-shirt, and flip-flops just jumped in and took it for a joy-ride?

        1. As a F1 fan and as a photographer I appreciate Webber’s unique opportunity for a one time gesture on his very last trip around the circuit in a live official F1 car and for it to be captured for posterity. Anyone can do doughnuts, but this was something that will not likely be duplicated any time soon and it was unexpected. He was living the dream! Anyways, your mileage may vary. :)

  2. The Rodolfo Gonzalez picture is amazing :O

    1. agreed, would be better though if it was actually focused on the car rather than the stands in the distance…

      1. I agree, similiar shot here, but in focus:-)

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