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Looking for a present for the Formula One fan in your life? F1 Fanatic’s selection of F1-themed gifts include dozens of different ideas.
Here’s the updated 2013 F1 Fanatic Gift Guide.

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Official 2013 F1 season review

Unlike the last two years the official F1 season review video will hit shelves in time for Christmas. Look out for a review here as soon as copies start to appear, but if you’ve already made up your mind you want it you can order a copy right away on Blu-Ray or DVD. Be advised that the DVD version of last year’s review was missing a lot of detail:

More F1 season review DVDs

Complete your collection with videos from earlier seasons:

Tooned: Series two

McLaren’s animated comedy Tooned continued for a second series themed around their 50th anniversary celebrations. The DVD is a bargain buy for young fans:


Ron Howard’s excellent film Rush, which will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD in January, recreates the drama of the 1976 season contest between James Hunt and Niki Lauda with superb attention to detail. Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack album is worth a listen too.

Grand Prix Heroes series

If you’d prefer to stick to non-fiction but fancy some grand prix action with a retro flavour, have a look at the Grand Prix Heroes series.
The series, released in 2012, covers the careers of several world champions and other top drivers. They vary a little in quality, so do check out the F1 Fanatic review before making a choice. They’re also available as a boxed set.

Other motor sport videos

If that’s not enough racing for you don’t forget there are reviews available for some other major series and events as well.


F1 2013 – The official Formula One game

Codemasters’ officially-licensed Formula One game took a blast to the past this year adding historic cars and tracks to their roster for the first time. Of course all the 2013 F1 cars, drivers and tracks are all present and correct as well.

F1 2013: Classic Edition for PC available as a download only.
Not enough for you? Here’s some more F1 video gift ideas.


Newest releases

Of the new F1 book releases this year which have been reviewed by F1 Fanatic the following all scored four out of five or better and are recommended:

To read the reviews of these books and more titles head over to the F1 book reviews page.

Autocourse 2013-2014

The latest Autocourse motor racing annual will go on sale in the week beginning December 16th. Blending the best motor sport photography with superbly written reviews of all the major championships – with Formula One accounting for the vast majority – these are the definitive reference works for every racing season.
The Autocourse Calendar and new Autocourse App are also available. The calendar features more lavish F1 photograph and the App includes a combination of current and historic content. It is only available via iTunes at present but an Android version is planned for early next year.

More recommended reads


F1 Fanatic

Grab some official F1 Fanatic clothing and mugs from Unlap:

Find all the F1 Fanatic gear in the Unlap F1 Fanatic shop

F1 teams

A few highlights from the F1 teams’ vast ranges of merchandise:

Find much more merchandise in the F1 Fanatic shop.


You can get model cars for all the different drivers and teams – here’s a small selection of choices.

Race trips

Race tickets and packages

You can buy tickets for races on the 2014 F1 calendar via the links below. Note the calendar is still subject to change.
If you have any questions about going to the race, do post them in the form for each race where other readers will be able to help.

NB. Tickets may not be available for all races yet.

Car parts, toys and more

Genuine used car parts

Memento Exclusives specialise in taking actual parts used in F1 race cars and refashioning them as useful and attractive items. They also sell a selection of genuine signed car parts at a range of prices.

Lego Grand Prix Racer

Immense fun for F1-loving kids of any age. Lego’s single-seater racing car even features an adjustable rear wing and can be motorised:

Over to you

Need more gift ideas? Have a look here:

Are you buying or hoping to receive an F1 gift this year? Share what’s on your list in the comments.
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