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Our second Mark Webber Caption Competition is a blast from the past which takes us back to his Williams days.

Post your funniest suggestion for a caption below and a pick of the best will appear in a future round-up.

We’ve got one more Mark Webber Caption Competition coming up soon and you can tackle the first one here.

Caption Competition

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81 comments on “Caption Competition 38: Mark Webber special”

  1. “over there is the new redbull team”
    “Who would ever drive for an energy drink”

    1. I’ve read three pages of comments now but this one is the best.

  2. “You’ll be drving that energy drinks car in the future”
    MW: WTH !!??

  3. ‘aaaaaaaaaand that’s what you’ll be driving next year’

    1. nice one :)

  4. “Sebastian will be racing in Formula 1 AND the Le Mans series next year!!!”

  5. “That’s how far you flew on the Mulsanne straight!”

  6. “That’s Helmut Marko of Red Bull… No one knows his role in the team yet.”

  7. “See that Red Bull there Mark, you’re going to win your first race in that one, remember that !”

  8. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    30th November 2013, 13:11

    Finally I’ll be the number 1

  9. Meanwhile, pre-race at Silverstone on the 20th of April 2014…

    “And on your left, we can see Sebastian Vettel’s commemorative statue”

    1. In fact, “and ahead” makes more sense with the picture!

  10. Look, Sebastian is coming!
    MW: Oh, no.

  11. John (@mclarenfan-for-life)
    30th November 2013, 13:13

    If you look in to the distance you will see the front of the grid AIM FOR THERE!!!!

  12. “And there’s your new team boss: Helmut Marko!”

  13. That’s the new driver Vettel.

  14. “It’s the door with the word EXIT written above it.”

  15. Aargh. The dreaded finger once again

  16. “Look over there, it’s your new car.’
    “But… it’s a Twizzy…”
    “What’s a Twizzy?”
    “I have no idea, they haven’t been invented yet.”

  17. Webbo! What do your Aussie eyes see?
    ‘A bloody spoilt brat.’

  18. “Obviously we have a bit of a problem with the tyres here in Indianapolis, so if you look here we’ve tried to come up with a solution by borrowing some tyres from Frank’s wheelchair. Thoughts?”

  19. See that seventeen year old German boy over there? He’s gonna beat you for five straight years.

  20. 2005
    – See that kid over there with a helmet looking like a Red Bull can? BMW convinced Sir Frank he should do a test for us.
    – Aw…

  21. David not Coulthard (@)
    30th November 2013, 13:47

    That’s the FW14B you’ve been dreaming of driving, Mark.

    Unfortunately it’s been outlawed since 1994.

  22. “Hmm.. he doesn’t look like a doctor..”

    1. Lol. Well done.

  23. Webber does not find the Flavio ‘thing’ pic very amusing.

  24. Typo THONG

  25. “Now the plan this weekend is to get your car to last all the way to the end of that straight.”
    “You mean pit exit?”

  26. Mark my words. In a couple of years you’ll find your car on fire right there. And there. And there. And there.

    1. hahhahahah……..

    2. +1

      “And you will need to get used to the idea of ending a race on scooter…multiple times.”

    3. I think you win @mads ;)

  27. “And here comes your new teammate: Michael Shumacher”
    “awwww man”

  28. ‘And that’s your future teammate’
    ‘Ah ****’

  29. “That kid over there will be a four-time champ one day”

  30. “Look! It’s Britney Spears!”
    “God no, that’s Nico!”

  31. “Look! It’s Britney Spears!”
    “God no, that’s Nico!”

  32. “And as you can see, your team mate has already made it to the first corner…”

  33. Team- “Here is your championship contending FW27, mate!”

    Mark- “Oh! How…..nice.”(I’m screwed)

  34. “And those are 5 laps old Pirelli tyres; the same type you’ll be driving in 2011”
    -“They look like ****!”

  35. “Mark i want you to drive flat out….. i want Porsche to win Le mans”
    Mark: “But its on pirelli tyres”
    (le mans movie reference) ;)

  36. Arantxa… who did you say was swearing my name in the ladies washroom

    ….but, that’s my team mate Juan Pablo

  37. Girl: ” oooh look, Minions”.
    MW: “Whaaaaaaat?”

  38. “If you do sign for us here at Williams, Mark. Then your car will be at that end of the grid”

  39. “His name is Pastor. We want him to drive for us in a few years, what do you think?”

  40. Mark in a few years you’ll be good enough to drive for a WDC championship winning team, you’ll even finish 3rd a few years in a row, & that baby faced kid over there will be your team mate, winning 4 drivers titles in as many years in the same car as you. What do you think of that!

  41. LATG (@lotus-grosjean)
    30th November 2013, 15:38

    She seems to be pointing towards Red Bull “Gives your teammate wings” Garage

  42. Mark, there is Fernando’s Renault. Its quicker than us , sorry Mate

  43. See, all the best runners-up started with us..

  44. Webber: “What German kid ?, I can’t see that far ahead”

  45. Mark was frank about his intentions of the Williams car when he met Sir Frank who marked him out instantly and gave him full marks for his frankness.

  46. MW: You call that a knife?

    1. You call that a car?

  47. “There, that’s the new guy . He’s called Shebbastia’n Fettel ” (This was taken in 2006 perhaps)
    MW: “say again?”

  48. “…And that’s your teammate getting powdered up for the Siemens commercial.”

  49. – “That’s your new team mate!”
    – “What?! Britney?”

  50. “Are those seriously tires I’m eventually going to be racing with?!?”

  51. “that 18 year old’s gonna wipe the floor with you one day”

  52. “Look into the future, Mark… I see your German team-mate beating you to four consecutive championships…”
    “What, Nick?!”

    1. as the season begins williams seemed to have a slight issue with the car.
      Mark: thats WILl.I.AM not a car, bloody hate his music

      1. *WIL.I.AM.

  53. — That’s what you’ll be driving today Mark
    Says the woman as she points towards a Twizy.

  54. “Now get out there on the starting grid.”

    MW: “Aw, not the starting grid…I hate the starting grid.”

  55. “Do see that gangly German teenager with the awkward haircut over there?”

    “Yeah … why do you ask?”

    “No reason.”

  56. And thats the girl we’ve set you up with. What do you think?

  57. You have to take care of that kid over there, little Sebastian.

  58. That team is just a party team. They don’t take formula seriously. I wouldn’t move to them if I was you.

  59. “Are you faster then him”
    “Are you faster then him”
    “Are you faster then him”

  60. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    1st December 2013, 7:09

    “Hey Mark, isn’t that Peter Sauber who Mario Theissen is shaking hands with?”

  61. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    1st December 2013, 7:27

    “Mark, Flavio has invited you a party on that boat over there this afternoon, it starts at 4 o’clock so you’ll probably miss Neighbours.”

  62. You’re telling me Sebastian will win everything before me?

  63. Aaand dats my husband ;)

  64. And over there is your best friend Paul Hembrey. He will be supplying Pirelli tyre’s for our Le mans car next year.

  65. “That Rosberg girl is doing well in GP2 at the moment, she might even be your teammate next year.”

  66. “This is the car you’ll be driving in the World Endurance Championship… It’s a Mercedes-Benz CLR, you might recognize it…”

  67. Yeah sorry Mark its the porta-loos for No.2s

  68. No Mark, wrong way. The Williams grid slots are at the other end.

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