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With Mark Webber heading off to a new life in the World Endurance Championship, here’s a look back on his F1 career in pictures.

2002-04 Minardi and Jaguar

Mark Webber, Jaguar, Monza, 2004

After making his F1 debut with Minardi – and scoring two points on his debut with fifth place at home in Australia – Webber was hired by Jaguar to replace Eddie Irvine.

But the Ford-owned team never delivered on its potential and was sold to Red Bull at the end of the year. In the meantime Webber made his way to the last team an Australian driver had won the world championship with: Williams.

2005-06: Williams

Mark Webber, Williams, Spa-Francorchamps, 2005

However Williams proved to be a minor improvement at best. Webber clinched his first podium but when a switch to Cosworth engines in 2006 led to a second season of frustration he was on to pastures new.

2007-08: Red Bull

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2008

Not so new, as it turned out, as he returned to the Milton Keynes-based squad which had been called Jaguar and was now rebranded Red Bull. The team rarely ventured beyond the midfield during Webber’s first two seasons with them, though when they did it was usually thanks to his efforts.

2009-13: Red Bull

Mark Webber took his only win of 2011 in the final race

The 2009 season brought two big changes: Adrian Newey sussed the new regulations so well it transformed Red Bull into front runners for the past five years and counting.

Unfortunately for Webber, new team mate Sebastian Vettel arrived to take the lion’s share of success. However Webber claimed nine victories for himself before bowing out to drive for Porsche in the World Endurance Championship.

Goodbye to Webber

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2013

Red Bull said farewell to Webber in style at the final race of the year in Brazil.

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21 comments on “Mark Webber’s F1 career in pictures”

  1. I miss him already.

  2. Always saddens me to see early 2000’s Formula 1 cars. They were beautiful, unlike today’s cars. They tried fixing the problem of turbulent air slowing cars behind down and they failed miserably. So all we’ve got to show for it are these ugly cars. Shame.

    1. I disagree, i think early 2000s were uglier, much uglier.

    2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      3rd December 2013, 15:54

      @roald just I want to say the ssame. Those beautiful cars, especially 2007 and 2008!!!

    3. Lower and wider is better, but I generally didn’t like all the ludicrous winglets on the 2007/8 cars. They made them look very un-elegant and quite inefficient (even though in reality they did provide a benefit).

      The Red Bull X2014 though. By god that’s a pretty car.

  3. My goodness Webber drove some pretty, pretty cars during his time. The Jaguar R5, FW27 and FW28 are fantastic looking. Hell, even RB4 was a great looking thing.

    1. Funny, although I followed F1 before 2009 (starting properly in 2000), I only started watching every race in 2009. So I am much more used to the high rear wings – and I think the older cars look squashed!

      1. There are some good looking cars these days, but I just can’t get used to the post 2009 cars. They are all wrong. I just want them to look like they did in the early 90’s again, cars like the Jordan 191 and Sauber C12 got me hooked on the sport.

    2. I hate the bridge wings though. Ungainly beasts, as were the winglets just in-front of the rear wheels.

  4. Mark offered us a great picture by taking his helmet off at Interlagos. Very great moment !

    1. Seeing him come around the corner sitting on Alonso’s side-pod was the highlight of the season for me. It’s no guess why Webber was a favorite. His honest, off-the-cuff style was a constant breath of fresh air.

  5. The BMW Williams FW27 was a great-looking car. The cars he drove were nice until 2009.

  6. Some great moments from a great career. As a fan, it’s going to be weird not seeing him line up on the grid for the first race next season.

  7. The Jaguars would be exceptionally good looking if not for their white HSBC sidepods which ruined it a bit. the shape is perfect though. But because of that I’ll have to go for the Williams FW28 as his most beautiful F1 car. Shame it was so hopelessly unreliable

    1. They’re different cars :S

      Which is also odd. There must be a mistake somewhere :P

    2. @omarr-pepper: The second picture is mistakenly tagged with 2006, it should be 2005. :P

  8. Very unlucky to miss the championship in 2010. If not for 2010 Germany and its consequences he could have clinched the championship easily. But his words were probably his worst enemy second only to RBR6s’ reliability.

  9. Should have included a photo of Mark jumping in the pool post race @ Monaco:

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