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Adrian Sutil will continue his F1 career with Sauber next season after being dropped by Force India.

Team principal Monisha Kaltenborn said Sauber “have been wanting to work together with him for a while”.

“Adrian had already visited the factory at the end of September to have a look at the infrastructure. Adrian is not only very fast, but also brings a lot of experience, which is very important looking at the new regulations for next year.”

Sutil said he had “known for a while where I wanted to go” but “the negotiations took a bit longer than planned”.

“I am determined to do my part in order to have a successful future together with the Sauber F1 Team. The long and successful tradition in motorsport, combined with an impressive factory and one of the best wind tunnels in F1, have been fascinating me for a long time.”

Sutil made his F1 debut in 2007 with Spyker, which became Force India the following year, and remained with them ever since. He spent the 2012 season on the sidelines then returned to action this year.

Sauber have already lost Nico Hulkenberg to Force India and it remains to be seen whether Esteban Gutierrez will continue with them next year.

The team said it will announce its second driver at a later date. Sauber appointed Sergey Sirotkin as a test driver in July and said he would be undergo preparations with a view to him becoming “a racing driver for the team in 2014”, but have not yet confirmed whether he will race for them.

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135 comments on “Sutil joins Sauber for 2014”

  1. That’s a surprise!

    1. Indeed. I was expecting Sirotkin to step in (though I wouldn’t have agreed with that).

      1. He still might…

    2. Wishful thinking, but I was hoping for Kobayashi to come back :(

      At lease he was quick, and was extremely enjoyable to watch.

  2. Adrian is not only very fast

    Well, that’s a lie if ever I’ve heard one.

    1. I think that is quite an exaggeration. Sutil has shown his worth many times. I can understand people not thinking he should stay in F1 because he’s been around so long, but he is in the sport on merit.
      Most F1Fanatics from this site actually voted him into their Top 6 only 2011, before he sat one out. And with him, you can always expect gutsy attacking moves and some wonderful performances.
      He might not be that consistent, but I do think he is relatively exciting to watch!

      1. @magon4 I said he wasn’t fast, which he isn’t. He’s relatively exciting, but I wouldn’t choose him over a number of drivers.

        @joshua-mesh Yeah, but I don’t rate Di Resta that highly, so it’s not such a great achievement to me.

      2. @magon4 how many times has he showed his worth? 5 in 6 years maybe. Not enough. Koba and Kova were shown the door with a lot more than that…

        He might be exciting to watch (IMO, he isn’t), but if 2011 was his highlight, then it doesn’t say much. He was matched by a newcomer in his first season in formula cars fo a long time… and I don’t rate Di Resta that highly.

        Sutil is a very average driver in my view… dissapointing to see him on the grid.

        1. @fer-no65

          His girlfriend in the garage is still worth hiring him, I bet Sauber will get air-time boost due to Mrs Sutil’s presence…

          In fact, if they were looking for an exprienced driver Adrian Sutil is a good choice once Massa has joined Williams. Their options were: Di Resta, Kobayashi, Kubica, Alguersuari, Glock or they could just go crazy and bring Juan Pablo Montoya back. Another option could be a young promess like Félix da Costa…

          1. @jcost I remember people were saying he has some sponsors, so that is just the only explanation…

          2. @jcost His girlfriend in the garage is still worth hiring him, I bet Sauber will get air-time boost due to Mrs Sutil’s presence…

            more inappropriate objectification of women, sexism and near-misogyny here sullying @keithcollatine’s otherwise nice F1 site.

          3. Really @joepa? I apologize if my comment hurt your principles, I did not intend to. Highlighting people appearance, men or women, is not something wrong in my culture. However, sorry for that mate.

          4. @jcost – I acknowledge your apology, and appreciate your response.

            What you said was sexually objectifying of Sutil’s girlfriend, unmistakably implying that her principal value is her appearance and, worse, that Sutil’s principal resource (to justify employing him) is her presence – based on her physical appearance/beauty!

            the objectification of women involves the act of disregarding the personal and intellectual abilities and capabilities of a female; and reducing a woman’s worth or role in society to that of an instrument for the sexual pleasure that she can produce in the mind of another

            Again, I appreciate your reasonable response, and I have nothing against appreciating human beauty (and am lucky to partner w/ an incredibly beautiful woman)…but I don’t condone or want to participate in the sexual objectification of any women but especially the partners of the athletes who compete in the motor-sport that I love…

    2. Well he stepped into F1 after a lengthy break and almost beat his in form team mate and was probably the sole reason for Ri resta’s exit.

      1. Almost beat his team-mate ??? 19 points behind!!
        Lengthy break = 1 year out – criminal charges, suspended sentence and almost going to prison
        Di Resta in his rookie season scored 27 points(2011) – Sutil in 7th season scored 29 (2013)

        I think that answers who is more deserving of a seat. Money is the only reason Sutil is still in F1!

    3. I think that was meant with his girlfriend, Jenny Becks. He is really fast there.

    4. He was certainly a better prospect a couple of years back than the terminal under-achiever that was Liuzzi.

    5. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
      13th December 2013, 16:59

      @philereid – Yes, I think we can say that a history of good drivers at Sauber, including Raikkonen, Massa, Perez, Heidfeld, Kobayashi, Kubica and of course Hulkenberg has been somewhat soiled by the inevitable Sutil-Gutierrez line-up. Saying that, he’ll still have a comfortable advantage over Esteban, and I suppose, whilst he’s not fast, he is Buemi-esc in his unspectacular consistency, which is fine for a midfield team. And to be fair, he had a season out, but still managed a season that was not overtly lagging behind Di Resta, who, due to his reputation for being a decent driver, was almost certainly expected to crush Sutil. The fact that he didn’t, coupled with his lack of sponsorship arguably justifies his inevitable return to DTM. As Brundle so rightly said in response to the departure of Glock and Kovalainen next year, if you have the pedigree such as Di Resta had, you need to live up to it, and one can’t help but feel that the young hopefuls of Vergne and Di Resta haven’t done so, and that’s why Di Resta is out and why Vergne will be out if he doesn’t make marked improvements.

    6. What Monisha meant was:

      Adrian is not only average, but also brings a lot of money,

    7. +99 (Sutil’s number)

  3. Not a surprise, but still pretty dissapointing. I didn’t want him on the grid next year. Not that I don’t like him, but I think he’s a very average driver.

    1. He’s not too shabby and brings sponsorship. Most (if not all) pay drivers are worse than him. Were there better choices ? Likely yes. Do Sauber need money to survive ? Yes to that as well.

      It’s a compromise.

  4. What an uninspiring choice

    1. I agree. Formula 1 was hardly wanting for his presence when he was sitting on the sidelines.

    2. +1.45453456

  5. Not much of a surprise but still, I believe that Adrian Sutil shouldn’t be put ahead of Di Resta or even Bianchi. But I guess money talks eh?

    1. In the case of Di Resta, it’s the results (or lack thereof) that do the loudest talking.

      1. No, it’s di Resta who does the loudest talking. Usually “Look at what I’ve done! Don’t I deserve a car that can win races?”, or words to that effect.

      2. @proesterchen And also DIR himself doing the bulk of the loudest talking…

        1. And 3 consecutive DNFs related to driver errors (crashes) in the middle of the season. Inexcusable for any F1 driver. He had to go. He’s a miserable chap too, which can’t help him to endear himself to well, anyone really, but his team in particular.

          Sutil is a good driver, deserves his place.

          1. Sutil had the same number of retirements as Di Resta this season, Paul was unlucky to have them together, probably due to him trying to make up for being Maldonadoed out of the race at Spa after qualifying 5th and ALMOST putting the car on pole!

        2. I wouldn’t be surprised if FI (and the other teams) got fed up of DIR’s constant self-aggrandizement and subsequent whinging, blaming of the car, tyres, track, weather, air, and indeed anything else he could think of to avoid placing the blame for his lack of performance at his own door…

    2. Sutil and Perez are both decent driver and both got some sponorship behind them at least to cover there wages,while Di resta got none.Team Di Resta and Antony hamiltion did try to get energy drinks company Go Fast to sponsor him for 21 million euros but that deal got botched up and ended up in a court case.I think that was beginning of an end of Di resta F1 carrier.Sad he got no drive and a court case to fight

  6. Not so happy about this, Sutil is for me a “meh” driver, but it was to be expected. He brings several millions with his Medion sponsorship and Sauber is all about finding money at the moment. I’m still a fan of Sauber – they are like the underdog that everyone loves – but with Sutil and Sirotkin completing their driver line-up I will find it very hard to warm up to them in 2014.

    1. Same here. I’ll probably start rooting on Force India starting from 2014. I’ve a Hulkenburg fan and have always said he was underrated since the 2010 season. And on his days, Perez can be lightning quick. If they can produce a good car, they are all set for a top 5 finish with one fast and consistent driver, and one fast and less consistent driver, but one who brings fundings. That is probably the smartest way to go for any midfield team.

      1. I think Force India managed to put together a good pair. Perez is still work in progress but sure FI has one of the best duos, my rank:

        1. Mercedes
        2. Ferrari
        3. Red Bull
        4. Force India
        5. Lotus

        1. So except for Hamilton and Rosberg everybody else on the grid is getting a new Team mate. !!!!!!

          2014 looks like a year of big driver turnover. Incidentally I thought it would have been the other way around with least movement among drivers given that there are massive changes in the regulations, engine et all.

          1. Perhaps not. Max Chilton seems set to continue in Marussia alongside Jules Bianchi and who knows what’ll happen at Caterham

        2. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
          13th December 2013, 17:19

          @jcost – All of logic, reason, philosophy, mathmatics and science ranks the Ferrari paring of Alonso-Raikkonen along way ahead of the Hamilton-Rosberg pairing…unless you’re only talking about qualfying. See my rankings…

          1. Ferrari
          2. Mercedes
          3. Force India
          4. Red Bull
          5. McLaren
          6. Lotus
          7. Williams
          8. Toro Rosso
          9. Marussia (probably)
          10. Caterham (probably)
          11. Sauber (certainly)

          1. @william-brierty

            Ferrari topping Mercedes is not shcoking for me, I’d say they’re close to each other but I think the Merc duo is slightly stronger than the combination Kimi+Alonso. On Sauber, I agree with you (being the Russian teen of Gutierrez)

          2. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
            13th December 2013, 18:49

            @jcost – I just don’t see how you can rank two of the very, very best F1 has to offer below a guy that can’t look after his tyres and his often anonymous Di Caprio look alike teammate. Harsh but true.

          3. My friend @william-briertyI think the tyre saving capacities are usually overstated, the car plays a huge part in that department and I don’t think Kimi would conserve his tyres just as good if he was driving the WO4. In many occasions Rosberg saved his tyres better but in others Lewis was better than him like in Brazil this year.

            I don’t Kimi will bring the results Ferrari is hoping for.

          4. @william-brierty

            Wondering why you put RB below FI? I’m not the biggest Vettel fan and Ricciardo is still relatively unproven in F1 compared to Hulkenberg and Perez but surely RB top FI easily.

          5. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
            14th December 2013, 10:49

            @stretch – I probably should’ve swapped that around but I think Hulkenberg and Perez are closer in terms of talent than Vettel and Ricciardo. My logic was Perez almost matched JB in 2013, so Hulkenberg would has easily beaten him, so in fact Force India may have a partnership similar to the Hamilton-Button partnership at McLaren. But yeah, I know, Vettel won the 2013 WCC on his own, so he doesn’t really need a teammate…

    2. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
      13th December 2013, 17:05

      @chebeto – Sergey Sirotkin won’t be in a Sauber in 2014, he doesn’t have a super-license, and the Russian corporation no longer cite it as a condition of their investment. Gutierrez will almost certainly be there, although I heard rumours of Antonio Felix Da Costa and even Fabio Leimer being linked with the seat. Saying that though, I wouldn’t put much stock in those rumours: I’m 99.999% sure Sauber will be fielding Sutil and Gutierrez next year. Groan…

      1. @william-brierty – Well, I would actually be happy if you are right about Gutierrez haha. He is the young driver that I support the most, although he had a very tough first season. But I’m not so sure about that. The fact that he took a visit to Caterham tells me that he has been rejected by the team. Caterham is a step backwards and I don’t think he would be interested if he was 99.999% sure he would stay at Sauber.
        Sutil – Gutierrez would be interesting for me. Sutil, as uninteresting he is, he is also a solid driver. If Guti can learn a thing or two from his experience he can develop into a very good driver.

        1. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
          13th December 2013, 18:45

          @chebeto – From what I hear, Gutierrez visited Caterham whilst Sauber were still working on keeping Hulkenberg. But frankly, with Perez at Force India and Maldonado at Lotus, there are no other “pay-drivers” that have the budget Sauber need, unless that fancy a Chilton or a Nasr, which they won’t. I like Gutierrez too. I met him at Silverstone and a nicer chap you possibly couldn’t hope to met, but is he any good? No. Is he better than Chilton? You bet.

          1. And it adds some continuity to keep Gutierrez as well, who should show more pace like his Suzuka result next year. If the Mexican cash hasn’t dried up (as Perez got 15m Euros to make sure he got the Force India drive), it must be the best option, with Sirotkin as test/reserve driver. That would make 3 nice sponsorship pots to keep Sauber afloat for 2014 – German, Mexican and Russian. And if they replaced McLaren/Williams (Please Honda!) for Mercedes engines, possibly an engine subsidy…

            It’d be nice for Leimer or even Felix da Costa getting a look in of some sort, but that would require them to be on a sure-fire financial footing. I think Leimer has previously done a YDT for them a few years back, so they do know him and he is Swiss as well as now being the GP2 winner.

          2. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
            14th December 2013, 11:00

            @fastiesty – My logic exactly. It can’t help however but feel that Leimer is not overtly deserving of a seat. OK, he’s not Valsecchi who was a GP2 midfielder aside from the one year he won the championship, and was generally there or thereabouts, but it did take him several seasons to take the title and he didn’t look that special when he tested for Sauber. Da Costa on the other hand…

            Saying that, GP2 drivers may be in demand in the 2014 driver market, because F1 in 2014 will be “GP2-esc” in the way the torque often exceeds the rear traction, so that might play into the hands of Leimer and his GP2 peers.

          3. @william-brierty You would have thought so.. but I reckon a lot of the ex-GP2 guys will turn up in Formula E.. it’s a guaranteed paying drive, even if not too much (hence Sato may stick with IndyCar), but Di Grassi and Chandhok are starting off the ex-GP2 lot… perhaps Valsecchi and Leimer could do well in Formula E, which will have a similar torque-overpowering-treaded-tyres feel!

            If Frijns could round himself off a bit from being overly-aggressive, he’s perfect for F1. Da Costa is worth a shot, while Vandoorne is definitely up to F1 speed as well. Now, just to find space for them all…

          4. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
            15th December 2013, 18:07

            @fastiesty – I can’t see Chandhok anywhere a racing car, mostly due to the fact that he has repeatedly proved that he is better at commentating on motorsport than taking part in it. And although Di Grassi tested the FE car, I can foresee that a driver that many forget is a brilliant racing driver, and very impressive in the junior categories, although unable to make an impression in his single season with Virgin, will elect not to sign up for a race seat. Di Grassi is firmly in the clutches of Audi’s P1 squad, due to several very impressive performances in the R18, and I’ve even heard it rumoured that he’ll be taking Treluyer’s place alongside Fassler and Lotterer (I think we mention Andre in the same sentence as Vettel in terms of raw speed. He definitely deserved a seat in F1). However, yes, I can certainly see Valsecchi and Leimer in Formula E.

            Regarding Frijns, few drivers has impressed so much in my many years of watching motorsport. To watch him track-side as I have is such a thrill, and in many ways he reminds me of a young Alesi in the way he, and I’m sure there’s a better word for this, “shuffles” a car through slow corners, using massive entry speed, a rearward brake balance and an aggressive turn-in to rotate the car mid-corner. The fact that he won’t end up in, or even close to F1 any time soon really is tragedy epitomized. I rank Da Costa and Vandoorne fairly equally, and I think we will see both in F1 soon, although I don’t think have Frijn’s level of natural ability. However happily, there will be plenty of space for them once we’ve gotten rid of Vergne, Sutil, Chilton, Gutierrez, Pic, Van der Garde and Maldonado. And yet, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon…

  7. Is there anybody who supports Sutil on this site? :D

    1. I surely do.

    2. I do, for his girlfriend.

      1. Same here.

      2. Is she Uruguayanesque? Why the flag on his helmet, then?

        1. @faulty Sutil’s father is Uruguayan.

          1. Did not know that. Thanks!

      3. @aish – I do, for his girlfriend

        sexist, objectifier of women. pathetic to see that kind of commentary on @keithcollantine‘s F1 site, where you don’t even see galleries or even images of grid girls, b/c he has too much respect for gender equality.

    3. I’m pretty happy that he is still in F1. His one year break from F1 seems to have hurt him quite a bit, both in terms of raw pace and consistency. I found him to be “the best of the rest” kinda guy, being a solid choice for a mid-table team bringing sponsorship as well as strong results. If I was looking at Sutil based on this years results then I would rather not have him, but since my memory reaches farther than that I still have hope for him.

      If everyone believes that Kobayashi deserves to be in F1 just because he pulled off a nice move here and there, then I don’t see why everyone wants to get rid of Sutil. I would take Sutil any day of the week over Kamui.

      1. “I would take Sutil any day of the week over Kamui”.
        Likewise. I never understood the hype surrounding Kobayashi. I personally don’t miss him at all in F1 and I can’t see him returning unless he gets some manufacturer backing, which is unlikely.

    4. Personally I think this is a solid signing. He wont set the world alight, but he will bring in guaranteed results as he always has done throughout his career. If the car is capable of a top 6, he will almost certainly finish top 6 unlike others that when the planets align just right, might get a podium but the rest of the time would probably bin it. Doesnt mean he is a percentage man though (something di Resta liked to do), he will always scrap on track, just he knows how to do it properly. People nowadays judge him on his off-track behaviour. Shame really. If it hadnt happened, people would probably have been putting him in that vacated Lotus seat next season and on driving skill, may well have deserved it (moreso than Maldonado anyway). To me, the fact he brings sponsorship is just an added bonus, like getting a toy in your cereal

    5. I’ve met them both and were totally starstruck, so my friend had to do the talking, but I also remain neutral, though I can attest to how hot she is in real life (hence the race director getting a shot of her every race!). I find it impressive that Sutil is an ‘old school’ driver, in that he only started karting at 14, yet was in F1 after only 10 years in Motorsport. Him and Di Resta would both be lauded if they didn’t get beaten by a certain Hamilton and Vettel in their respective best years in the junior ladder!

      I would say Di Resta deserves the place on the grid more now, but maybe from their lay-offs Sutil and Massa seem to be losing that last few tenths and overall consistency, putting their careers in a downward trend. But it seems to happen for most drivers when they get to their 30’s.. How Schumi kept so much pace into his 40’s in this era is mightily impressive. Alonso, Raikkonen, Button all seem to be race pacers now, as the reactions are gradually lost for that banzai qualifying lap. Maybe this started to happen to Kobayashi in 2012, although for him it just seemed to be consistency that went, same for Perez in 2013, but he was always a little inconsistent in the Sauber.

    6. I support him! Alongside Kimi, Rosberg, RoGro, Hulk, Perez,
      JEV, Massa and Bianchi!
      I really hope he does well!

    7. Seriously guys, alot of people dislike him! I like him!
      I really want him to do well!
      And a message to those who don’t like/support him:He’ll do well you’ll see! He’ll get his first podium, he’ll get some solid points

  8. Looks like Sauber will also have to invest in some plastic glassware for the motorhome

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      13th December 2013, 14:51


    2. It’ll probably save them money in the long run, which could be a reason why they’ve signed him, as an excuse to trade in expensive glassware.

    3. I enjoyed this. Thank you.

    4. Did you mean ‘plasticware’?

  9. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    13th December 2013, 14:50

    So Sauber ran out of good options right?

    1. I can’t really tell whether you’re sarcastic or not but I believe that they had no alternative. The only other driver with over 5 years of experience and funding in F1, doesn’t exist.

      1. I think he’ll do at least on ok job. Maybe even good.

      2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        13th December 2013, 15:02

        5 years without showing steady great performances. I’m not sarcastic, it’s just the awful truth. I can’t imagine Sauber beating Force India this year, or maybe with the double-points cr@p Sutil gets more points than Nico.

    2. petebaldwin (@)
      13th December 2013, 15:10

      Sutil isn’t a bad choice. It’s fairly uninspiring but in terms of a decent driver with plenty of experience, he’ll do good enough job.

      Who would be a better choice? Frankly, you’re probably right – they got him because the other options have gone! If they’d acted quicker, they could have potentially brought Perez back or Massa but now they’re left with Sutil or someone with next to no experience.

    3. @omarr-pepper just like Force India last season.

      Funny. Though Vijay did have an option in Jules Bianchi yet decided for Sutil after losing the Hulk. Just like Sauber this year.

  10. petebaldwin (@)
    13th December 2013, 14:51

    Not hugely exciting news but it’ll be interesting to see how he gets on. He does bring quite a lot of experience so if Sauber are still thinking about Sitorkin, I’m not sure who else they could pair him with who would be better…

  11. I was happy to see Sutil back in February and the beginning was quite promising but he rarely demonstrated anything special later in the season. I think he is still better than Max Chilton or Esteban Gutierrez but now I agree with @KeithCollantine that “Sutil has had a good run and we’ve seen the best he has to offer”.

    I’m sure that Sauber has grabbed the best package of performance and sponsorhip that they could get and he’s definitely going to score points now and then but it’s hard to call that an inspiring choice.

    1. The least compelling driver signing of the season so far. If going for experience for the possible Sirotkin pairing they could have brought in Kovalainen, but I don’t think he has substantial sponsorship money. Sauber is sadly in a position similar to what Lotus has been going through with their finances. Rumors persist that the Russian funding is in doubt, but who really knows for sure. They could probably keep Gutierrez with his sponsorship if the Sirotkin deal doesn’t pan out. Probably waiting to announce until the last minute depending on finances or Sirotkin’s testing performances.

      1. Is this a joke or something Kovalainen was put in a podium car and didnt score a point and his name is being mentioned for a race seat, I think too much sentiment from Hamilton fans with regards to Sutil is causing the animosity.
        Kovalainen what a joke?

        1. @Rockie – Not sure I can connect all the dots in your post for you, but my reference was pertinent to the dearth of other available drivers with the experience level of Sutil.

  12. Adrian Sutil had a disappointing season, but he has proven before he is a top class driver, I hope he has a good year next year, I don’t believe Nico Hulkenburg is any better then him, the drives Nico had this year are like the drives Sutil had 3-4 years ago, if Sutil hadn’t had the year off he probably would be further up the field now. if he doesn’t regain top form next year, then the haters of him will win, it really is make or break for sutil in 2014.

  13. Congratulations to Adrian – I always thought he’d never switched teams because nobody wanted him.
    Didn’t miss him in 2012, but he does have his moments, like Melbourne and Monaco in 2013. But, most of the time, you’ll be able to forget he and Sauber are there at all.

    This could be their weakest line-up since Salo & Diniz, possibly ever. A bit of an insult to the name ‘Sauber’. But, as Williams are doing, hopefully they can come out the other side with some exciting and likeable drivers.

    1. @tomsk

      This could be their weakest line-up since Salo & Diniz […]

      Oi, Diniz wasn’t that bad ;)

  14. well I was looking to see him retired in F1
    but I guess need to see this non impressive driver one more year.

    It would be better the call back Kobayashi…

  15. It was clear for me that he was going to have that seat, Sauber now have the weakest drivers line up in the midfield and maybe the weakest in the grid with Caterham

    Adrian is not only very fast

    And he is extremely boring, in 2009 i was excited by Fisichella more than him when they were teammates in Force India, a wasted seat especially when Robin Frijns and Felix Da Costa still didn’t made it to F1

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      13th December 2013, 15:13

      I doubt Sauber’s criteria was an exciting driver. It was more likely an experienced one who will help develop the car. If they got Da Costa or Frijns in, they’d need someone experienced alongside them anyway.

    2. “It was clear for me that he was going to have that seat, Sauber now have the weakest drivers line up in the midfield and maybe the weakest in the grid with Caterham ”
      The mistake you make is, it would be funny if the Sauber is faster than the FI then being a weak pairing won’t matter.

  16. Positive from this announcement – Jennifer’s smile isn’t leaving us for at least a year.

    1. It’s her eyes that mesmerize me.

  17. Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

    1. @magnificent-geoffrey I’m feeling your disappointment mate. Rumor is that van der Garde is in pole for the second seat.

      1. Van Der Garde huh? I quite liked him this season. Well, he is still better that Guttierez or Sirotkin.

    2. Same reaction here mate. I still don’t understand why the hell Sauber went with Sutil. I mean they already have Esteban Gutiérrez as one *cough* Pay-driver *cough*. So do what rest of the mid-field is doing. Use one as the money and other as the talent. And I’m sure there is a better talent one can get.

    3. @magnificent-geoffrey Your little fish may end up with a bandage on his neck soon!

  18. sauber picked the last straw…

  19. All Hail Eddie Jordan!

  20. Sauber need all the money they can get so the decision to sign him is understandable. He’ll do a decent job, but the line-up is set to be a very uninspiring one with Sutil likely to be teamed up with either Gutierrez or Sirotkin (at a long shot, Petrov). Sauber won’t be expecting many giant-killing performances like they had with Perez and Hulkenberg though.

    Just on a side note: Mystic Eddie must be grinning like a Cheshire cat right about now.

  21. A long story short, FI decided Hulk is better than diresta on talent so got him and then decided sutils capri sun sponsor isnt enough so decided to get perez. looking forward to this team mate battle aswel as nando and kimi!

  22. Delighted to see Adrain’s girlfriend back in the pit lane for 2014.

  23. Pretty solid choice for Sauber, he would be good alongside an improving Gutierrez!

  24. I think it’s the safe choice, especially if Sutil also brings sponsorship with him. One could’ve argued for Kovalainen, Di Resta, or the rookies (like Frijns or Da Costa), but I think Sutil is a known quantity, you know he’ll deliver some points as long as he has a car which is competitive (for the midfield, anyway).

    Largely indifferent to choice, and not really surprised. I don’t think Sutil is good enough for a top-tier seat, but he’s good enough to belong in F1.

  25. Where are the days Sauber was renowend for their renowned for their line ups in the midfield. Sutil is an average driver but nothing more, surely they could have found something better out there. At least it brings in some money for the team.

  26. so it looks like sauber will have the boring line-up next year, i know there are no real facts or science behind a boring driver line-up, its just the way i see it

    1. yep, we had a good line-up from Sauber the past year and a bad one from FI, now it’s the opposite …

  27. Well, i am so pleased that such a talented driver will be on the grid next year! @all his haters: look at his Monte Carlo race from this season. His performance remembered us all Ayrton Senna’s overtakes in his legendary days. Any person with minimun f1 knowledge will praise his talent and speed. Of course that this yeas was a very unlucky one, but i hope that 2014 will be his breakthrough year!

  28. Unspiring maybe, but he is a safe pair of hands like Heidfeld (Most of the time) and he occasionally has his moments, such as Monaco this year… also do remember that he almost helped Force India beat Williams and Renault in 2010 and 2011 respectively, pity his teammates weren’t as consistent back then.

  29. Ok I am no Di Resta fan, but seriously he should have a seat over Sutil. Oh well.

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      13th December 2013, 16:12

      @erivaldonin well, what a dilemma really. Should they hire Di Resta to moan all year long?, or Sutl who always has the “cutting edge”?
      Facepalm for Sauber.

  30. Kobayashi, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase :$

  31. Brw: di Resta thanked his team on twitter. He proves he can show respect from time to time ^^

    1. @Paeschli That’s right, he has actually done that several times. On the other hand, I can immediately recall at least three articles that show Perez in a bad light as regards his attitude. I think people often see what they want to see and the role of media also shouldn’t be undervalued.

  32. Well, I’m glad he stays in. It’s a bigger concern to me that there are so few seats in F1 and that new teams cannot join – he’s in on merit. And he plays piano, so he can’t be entirely stupid.

  33. Michael Brown (@)
    13th December 2013, 17:39

    Good thing they chose Sutil over Sirotkin. Personally I would have gone for Di Resta.

  34. I wouldn’t write Sutil off. Remember the days when he was rumoured to take Alonsos and one year later Kovalainens place at McLaren? after seasons he wasn’t even close to score a point… It’s true that he stucked a bit at Force India, and this move might be just what he needed to save his career. I also believe that even Lewis Hamilton stucked a bit at McLaren – obviously on a whole other level – , but at Mercedes we saw a whole other Hamilton this year. who knows what Sutil can deliver after this change…

  35. What a waste of seat.

  36. I am determined to do my part in order to have a successful future together with the Sauber F1 Team.

    I really doubt that. Considering Sauber’s track record, I really doubt they are going to keep Sutil for more than 1 year. He is certainly one of the greatest average racing driver in the grid in the last few years. And with the situation Sauber is in now, I am sure he is here only for his experience coz of the new regs and the money he brings. Once they are done with that by the end of next year, I am sure that he will be out. Its really a make or break year next year for Sutil and I guess he knows.

  37. Unbelievable… DiResta who actually beat him leaves and this guy stays… F1 is getting far more farcical as days go by…. I`m getting very desilusioned about it…

    1. The same way Sutil got axed for 2012 despite him doing a better job than Di Resta?

      1. He only beat the rookie Di Resta by 42 points to 27 (Di Resta was ‘Rookie of Year’) …… and I think there was ANOTHER reason for him being out for 2012

  38. So 4 seats left and what are the rumours/possibility of people going to buy 1 spare Sauber seat, 2 Caterhams and 1 Marussia. Since Sergio Perez has been announced on a multi year deal now I am sure Carlos Slim will get this Mexican GP ready for 2015 as it will just take under 2 years to do

    1. Vandroome is rumored to go to Marussia. Paul di Resta is a rumour at Sauber while Sergey Sirotkin ‘is in danger’ and Esteban sadly will be leaving Sauber I believe. At Caterham, Hekki and Giedo are likely to be in those seats while Charles Pic ‘is in danger’ and Ericsson is a rumour of going to Caterham

  39. thats a backward step for sauber then, theyd been better off with di resta
    sutils never going to set the world alight, but maybe sauber have a different agenda i do not know

  40. He has experience. But he doesn’t strike me as a Badoer-style development driver.
    He has some speed. But he doesn’t strike me as a Hulkenberg-stlye quick driver.
    His career is in decline, he has been dismissed from the only team he raced for in F1 after an uninspiring season: why, Sauber? Sure, your year wasn’ a great one, but many drivers would love to race for you, and many might have the backing. Heck, Sirotkin might even be a better choice than Sutil. Hope Gutierrez keeps his seat.

  41. I think sutil is a decent driver – but what about Bianchi???

  42. Feeling sorry for Paul di resta, but also excited with force india f1 team new driver line up,
    if not sauber , di resta should try for a smaller team like maRussia or caterhem f1 team, for next year,
    let him be in f1 , i am sure there will lbe lot of driver changes again in 2015, he should then try his luck to come back again in force india f1 team,

  43. I honestly hope that he does well (for Sauber’s sake).
    I think he will get his first podium, and will have some
    of those races where he showed amazing form and
    potential, but most of the time he will be his usual
    uninspiring, mediocre self! Go Sauber (hopefully!)

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