Ecclestone: BayernLB “picked the wrong person”

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In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone says German bank BayernLB, who intend to launch a 244m legal battle against him, have “picked the wrong person” to go up against.

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F1’s Ecclestone says will fight BayernLB damages claim (Reuters)

Ecclestone said his lawyers had told him the vast majority of such damages claims were settled out of court, but he had no intention of doing so. “They picked the wrong person with me,” said the British billionaire.

Sauber boss says F1 is ‘flawed’ (Autosport)

“There is something terribly flawed in the system. For me it starts with what the system and the sport is about – and it is about different teams, not the big teams and the big budgets.”


Comment of the day

The latest Caption Competition attracted many funny entries including those from Suvan Naidu, Jack, Alex Brown, Mitch, Timothy Katz, Chris and Cjpdk.

But the one I picked as the winner was this from @Ledzep4pm:

Raikkonen: “So you guys get paid when you win races?”

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It’s seven years since Clay Regazzoni lost his life in a road car accident in Italy. The five-times grand prix winner, who finished runner-up in the 1974 world championship, was a prominent character in the recent film Rush, about the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

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        1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          15th December 2013, 18:39

          I mean, it doesn’t worry me that we agree, it worries me the seriousness of the situation and how 2014 is already spoiled in my opinion..

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  2. Can I just say, I LOVE Keith’s choice of pic.

    1. Bernie is the top story, so he gets centerstage.
    2. Eric Boullier leaving Lotus may be the big Silly Season story of the month, and he’s right behind Bernie.
    3. Bernie is flanked by two Force India employees – Eric is rumored to be moving to Force India – and Eric is looking in their direction too!

    1. If Bernie were a good looking girl, I would say Eric’s checking her behind.

      …oh no maybe he was!

      1. @verstappen LOL , now when you said this , I went back to the pic and looked at Boullier’s face …LOL LOL

  3. Bernie vs the bankers, this should be fun, he has the money to fight back & will claim every penny of expense back if he wins, can the bank afford it? I wonder who’ll back down first?

    1. It is a state owned bank, so I believe that they can afford it.

      1. @mike-dee
        That won’t stop Bernie from either:
        A) Make sure that they accidentally get the bank manager’s kneecaps broken with a hammer in the back of a van.
        B) Simply buy Germany and sack all of them on the spot.

  4. Yeah Bernie, Bernie is a fighter, he’s not the type of person to take the easy way out and offer a financial reward to people who try to shake him down, these bankers have picked the wrong guy to go up against, what were they thinking?

  5. Man, Kalterborn made my day with his opinion about F1.

    1. *Her.

    2. I think the wealth needs to be spread a little more. Give more to the lower teams and less to the higher teams. This would probably help level the playing field a little more. Maybe take away some of Bernie’s money; His daughter doesn’t need another mansion in Brentwood.

      1. You vote for Labor I presume?

        1. +1 – you got there before I could

      2. And without that mansion in Brentwood, Tamara Ecclestone would be loosed upon the world. I imagine the consequences of that would be rather like the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

      3. Yeah lets give them money for losing, that’s a great incentive to improve.

  6. Mark Stockwell
    15th December 2013, 2:51

    Monisha Kalterborn is a “She” not a “He”.


  7. What about the rumour that Boullier might leave Lotus?

  8. Can Sauber Boss please get to work, stop whining and bringing everyone down to their level. If we wanted no development and 100% equal cars there are plenty of other Motorsport options. This is F1 and maybe YOU are in the wrong category, not F1.

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