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2013 F1 season review

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Sebastian Vettel did much of the record-breaking in 2013 but McLaren, Ferrari and Renault also achieved some major milestones.

Here’s a look back on the year in stats and facts.
















  • Alonso became F1’s highest points scorer of all time, thanks in part to the 2010 points change
  • Renault surpassed Ferrari as the engine builder to have taken the most pole positions in Formula One with their 209th
  • Vettel took his fourth win in five appearances at Suzuka but failed to take pole position for the first time at the track
  • Gutierrez scored the first points of his F1 career with seventh
  • 2013 Japanese Grand Prix stats and facts: Vettel’s five in a row as Alonso breaks points record


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2013 F1 season review

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29 comments on “2013 F1 season stats and facts”

  1. the youngest field ever entered for a grand prix, with an average age of 27 years and 61 days.

    I suspect that with the arrival of Kevin Magnussen and Daniil Kvyat along with the retirement of Mark Webber, the 2014 Australian Grand Prix will break that record again.

    1. You are just seing half of it.
      Its true Magnussen and Kyvyat are lowering the average, but if the driver drove in 2013…he will be a year older. So its just a question of doing the math…

    2. Luth (@soulofaetherym)
      27th December 2013, 2:07

      If the new drivers stay as they are, this’d be the new average: I calculated everyone’s age on the 2014 Aus GP (I was bored), and if there are no changes to backmarkers, this is how it’d look by the Australian GP:
      VET 26 255
      RIC 24 257
      HAM 29 67
      ROS 28 262
      ALO 32 230
      RAI 34 150
      GRO 27 333
      MAL 29 6
      BUT 34 56
      MAG 21 162
      HUL 26 209
      PER 24 49
      GUT 22 223
      SUT 31 64
      KVY 19 324
      VER 23 325
      BOT 24 200
      MAS 32 325
      BIA 24 225
      CHI 22 329
      PIC 24 29
      VDG 28 325

      AVG 27 18

      All in Year/Days format. So the new avg. would be 27 years and 17.72 days, rounded up to 18.

      1. Wow, there are 3 drivers were born on the same day :)
        (JEV VDG MAS – 25th of april)

        1. lol, thats my birthday too :)

          1. what are you still doing here?! get on the grid immediately.

        2. And Vergne’s teammate Kyvat’s birthday is on April 24th! At least Toro Rosso won’t have to spend money for 2 b’day cakes!

          1. April 26th my apologies

  2. I’m so over 2013, 2014 can’t come soon enough.

  3. Korea:
    Vettel fourth Grand Slam is also the 3rd driver in history to have done so twice consecutively.

    1. @ialtair Jim Clark and who, Senna or Schumacher or Prost?

      1. @ardenflo probably either Ascari or Mansell and Schumacher, but I’m not sure

      2. @ardenflo probably either Clark, Ascari or Mansell and Schumacher, but I’m not sure

      3. Ascari and Clark were the two others

      4. Jim Clark and Alberto Ascari

  4. With the same amount of pole positions and just five more wins than Webber (and one more than Coulthard), Brabham won three world championships. That’s efficiency! Shorter seasons back then, but still…

  5. I was looking at this video about the MP4/4 , the most succesful F1 car ever made. So many people writing down what a legacy it was, how good it drove and how fast it is. Wondering whether people will remember 2013 for the RB9 and Vettel dominance in the same way or whether it will always be ‘that boring season’.

    1. I predict the that in ten years time, the years of Red Bull will be legendary.

    2. The Prost-Senna rivalry kept it from being boring. It was a very different story in 2013 (or in 1992 with the FW14B, arguably even more dominant than the MP4/4) because Webber and Patrese never were serious challengers for Vettel’s and Mansell’s titles.

    3. @ardenflo … a boring dominance? :)

      1. Personally I don’t think 2013, or the RBR run of success, will be remembered as legendary because F1 has harmed itself with gadgets to assist drivers to pass, and tires that have made it a lottery. Not to mention the mandated tires meant to create the story for 2013 rather than letting the drivers do that on the track, needed replacing mid-season and created a change in the order of things. I just don’t think limiting the drivers from pushing on the track by making them passengers there to do as they are told by the engineers, is the stuff of legends.

        1. I think the RB9 will be on par with the F2004, FW14B, and FW15C cars and a step behind the MP4/4 due to the inter-team battle comparison. 15 of 18 wins for the F2004 with Schumi taking 13 of them, 10 of 18 wins for the FW14B with Mansell taking 9 wins, and 10 of 18 wins for the FW15C with Prost taking 7. Those three cars look about as dominating as 13 of 19 wins with Vettel taking all 13 whereas the MP4/4 took 15 of 16 wins with Prost taking 7 of the wins and Senna with 8.

        2. You should check how many “gadgets” were on the cars of the late ’80s/early ’90s.

  6. Australain Grand Prix qualifying was suspended until Sunday morning due to the weather. Oh how I’ll never forget how wet I was that day!

    1. @funkyf1 It was pretty horrible wasn’t it? I left the track just after they suspended qualifying the first time and managed to find a nice warm pub with a hot meal to watch the rest. I left a puddle of water under the table I was that soaked!

  7. This season only 18 drivers scored points which is a long way behind the 1989 season in which 29 drivers scored points despite only the top 6 car scoring points each race then. Amazing that really.

    1. @f199player, I guess that is the reliability Abiteboul is talking of.

  8. Is there a record for the most fines for the same offence in a season? Vettel and his doughnuts?

    1. He actually only got one fine, in India.

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