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Before we get on with 2014 there’s one piece of business from last year to take care of – thanking the many people who have helped F1 Fanatic to continue to grow over the last 12 months.

It was another strong year for F1 Fanatic in 2013 – more people came to the site than ever before, read more articles and left more comments. All this despite the season being somewhat less compelling than last year.

New server

However the year was not without its challenges. A major server failure earlier in the year destroyed some data – much of which was recovered – and forced us to make a move to a new host.

This has had a positive effect in the long run as the site is now more stable and loading more quickly than ever before. All of that is thanks to Ed Marhsall, who as ever am I deeply indebted to for his technical expertise.

It’s also thanks to the growing number of people who have contributed to F1 Fanatic. The new server was a significant upgrade, it costs around twice as much to run as the old one and almost all of that increase is being paid for by F1 Fanatic’s supporters. I can’t overstate how grateful I am for this. It is no exaggeration to say that without F1 Fanatic’s paying supporters the site could not continue to run.

If you would like to help support F1 Fanatic you can do so for as little as 1 per month and in return you will be able to browse the site ad-free. See here for more information:


Thanks of course must also go to F1 Fanatic’s many contributors.

@WillWood has produced several articles for F1 Fanatic this year including an in-depth review of Codemasters’ latest official Formula One game. He’s also bolstered F1 Fanatic’s race weekend coverage and had the pleasure of producing some of the exhaustive team radio transcripts.

As last year Dan Cross and Laney Scott were on hand to cover and supply pictures from the Force India launch and did a first-rate job so big thanks to them.

Many of you enjoyed the Top Tens written by @GregMorland this year including the top ten qualifying sessions, Mark Webber’s top ten F1 races and ten unbeatable F1 records.

The race weekend Twitter digests have become an increasingly popular regular feature and this year were almost entirely the work of @AnthonyFrench, who kept a keen eye on the huge amount of information which appears in Tweet form during a race weekend.

Bradley Downton (@Bradley13) tabulated votes, hand-picked comments and kept us abreast of your choices for Driver of the Weekend throughout the season and surveyed the GP2 scene.

Tom Taylor (@Tommo1976) did the same with your race ratings and this year the 100th race rating appeared on the site.

Thanks also to @Antonio-Lucas, Madi Murphy (@LadyM), Becca Cann (@BeshoreBlue), @CraigVenn76 and @AbhishekRoy who also contributed articles during the year, and to Jeremy Hancox who supplied some more of his superb illustrations.

Researchers and moderators

@Andae23, @Girts and @OmarR-Pepper have been working away behind the scenes on various bits of research to help bring you some of this year’s articles. Thanks very much to all of them for their help.

F1 Fanatic’s moderators continue to grow in number to the point where listing each of them by name in a single article would take rather a long time. Suffice it to say that their efforts in maintaining a good standard of debate on the site are very much appreciated.

To illustrate the scale of the task they are involved in, consider that well over half a million comments have now been posted on the site, and that for every single comment which is published another six or seven are received which are spam or are unsuitable. And that only goes for the main site – many thousands more are posted on the forum and on F1 Fanatic Live.

If you’re interested in contributing to F1 Fanatic by becoming a moderator or researcher you can find more information here:

As always I believe I’ve included everyone who should be on here but if I’ve overlooked anyone who belongs on this list please accept my apologies.

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  1. Thanks to all that made this work this year. This is the best F1 site by far and it’s not only because of the epic articles and analysis but also because of the commenters, in huge part a very unbiased community, analitical and very respectful.

    I’m glad I contributed a bit on the 1953 Argie GP article this year. It’s very hard for me to contribute with money, so at least I rolled up my sleeves and threw some information there.

    So anyway, thanks a lot @keithcollantine and company ! breakfasts and race weekends would not be the same without you :P

  2. This is one of three sites I visit daily, and I thank every single person who works on the site to make it what it is, to make it so enjoyable to come back here every day, whether it be the fantastic community, the mods, researches, writers or technical guys, and a special thanks to Keith. You are a truly hard worker, and you do it all for us, and to that I think a heartfelt thank you is deserved for everything you’ve brought to us, to make the sport we love even better. You’re a good man, Keith. Thank you for everything.

    1. And as I say, the same heartfelt thank you to all the people who make the site run as smoothly as possible, and bringing the content to us. You’re all brilliant.

  3. Three web-sites I can not live with out – 1.Google, 2.Facebook, 3.F1Fanatic.co.uk .Thank You @keithcollantine and all the contributors for your amazing work!

  4. Absolutely the best F1 site for fans in the world, carry on guys.

  5. My number one soruce for F1 coverage. Here’s hopping you continue your excellent work Keith and crew.

  6. And of course, the biggest thanks are for you Keith, you keep it all together and make us come back day after day specially when there’s no F1, I’m not surprised at all that more people are visiting the site than ever before and I can only imagine how busy you will be this coming year!

    1. +1 million

  7. A massive thanks to everyone who has helped throughout this year, and an even bigger thanks to you, Keith. Fantastic content, a fantastic community; this website has made my entire experience of Formula 1 so much better. So also a big thanks to everyone commenting on F1F! :)

  8. I keep coming back because this site is by far the best F1 site on the web.Keep it up guys and thanks

  9. Big thanks to the people here that keep F1Fanatic running. Alot of very high quality articles are making this the nr1 site for F1 fans. Always when im reading F1 news somewhere on the web, ill quickly check if there’s anything about it on F1f or the forums, so see if the news i valid. Also the community and people’s different opinions are a great, and keeps reading articles/news interesting. Happy new year guys!

  10. Many thanks to @keithcollantine for providing such a great site and community. Thanks also to the many others who contribute their efforts to this wonderful place.

  11. I want to thank everyone for this wonderful website and great community. You guys deserve nothing less than a simply fantastic 2014!

  12. Cheers to everyone who works behind the scenes to make F1Fanatic a great site to visit on a daily basis.

    @keithcollantine Thank you for everything you continue to do on a day to day basis not only to keep us all updated, but to keep it all running!

  13. F1Fanatic, to put it plainly, is the best Formula 1 news site on the net. No other site is as informative, creative and welcoming as this one. @KeithCollantine, you have put together something amazing here, and each year it continues to get better. Thank YOU for all of your hard work, and I hope it continues being as successful as it as become, and more so in future years :)

  14. THANK YOU for the site and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

  15. Thank You Very Much
    I can’t imagine any day passing without visiting F1Fanatic!
    Looking forward to 2014 season with you…

  16. Thanks to you all for all of your hard work during the year. Looking forward to reading what 2014 brings us on this site.

  17. Thank you to everyone who contributed to my 2013 F1 season. F1fanatic is the first place I go everyday for my ‘fix’.

  18. We thanks too!

  19. Just contributed. Thanks so much for putting together such an amazing site. The content that you and the F1Fanatic community put out is fantastic.

  20. Thank you very much Keith, and all the Contributors. Honourable mention to @Andae23 for amazing statistics.

    I’m very happy to be able to support this site and will continue to do so until the end of the world and one day more ;)

  21. If I could only have one F1 site it would be F1F. I read a couple of others but F1F’s features elevate this site above all the rest. I particularly like the debate, news contents, data and radio transcripts. And F1F is the best source of images I’ve seen yet.

  22. Big time kudos once again for another year of development @keithcollantine and mucho kudos to all contributors. Thank you for providing my F1 fix!

  23. Ok, I would have given up on formula 1 for this year if it was not for you guys, I get perspective, let off some steam, and all and all enjoy your site during racing, for the news, for everithing, I would not mess with the site, but if you Keith or the moderators keep those ideas coming, I will more than happy will keep telling my friends about it, the introduction of the radio transcripts was a great addition this year, and all other features make this site, the best I have found so far, but If I were to hear of some thing better, I would just not believe it. I will keep coming for as long as you will have me.

  24. Thank You, this is the best site to get all of the news for Formula One. @KeithCollantine, you have also put down something successful and hope it goes better for 2014 and in the future.

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