Kimi Raikkonen, Kiss, Melbourne, 2008

Caption Competition 41: Raikkonen at Ferrari

Caption Competition

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Kimi Raikkonen, Kiss, Melbourne, 2008

It’s Caption Competition time and with Kimi Raikkonen heading to Ferrari here’s a memorable snap from his last spell at the team.

Can you think up a good caption to go with this picture? Post your best suggestion in the comments and a selection of the best will appear in tomorrow’s round-up.

Caption Competition

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Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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  • 137 comments on “Caption Competition 41: Raikkonen at Ferrari”

    1. I wonder if they can eat ice cream quicker than I can…

    2. *Looks round* For the first time, I don’t actually know what I’m doing…

    3. What happens when a Kimi fan asks for a kiss…

    4. I didn’t have to do this at Lotus …

    5. I asked for a “Gaytime” ice cream, not four guys in make up

    6. yeah, for sure, anyway the car ran good we had a good time and the team were terriffic. What rock band? Really? Well we had a good race and the car ran good.

    7. I know what I’m doing. Keep It Simple Stupid!

    8. “With heels like these, I can REALLY press the pedal to the metal.”

      1. Errrr *soles

    9. Hey Alonso, kiss this…

    10. Kimi: “I wanna rock’n’roll all night, and party every day”

      Kiss: “Is that your favourite Kiss song Kimi?”

      Kimi: “No, I don’t know any of your songs”

    11. Photographer: smile Kimi!
      Kimi: Kiss my ass!

    12. Kimi wishes his family hadn’t come to the GP with him.

      1. @full-throttle-f1 Haha I liked this one!

    13. The price to pay .. for actually getting paid.

      1. Winner!

      2. good one :)

      3. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
        22nd January 2014, 5:40

        exactly :P

    14. Kimi : I used to dress just like you guys when I was at Mclaren…

      1. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
        22nd January 2014, 5:41

        hhahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

    15. Kimi: Were the pit crew always like this?

    16. Kimi to Alonso, is this the best you could come up with to disguise your eyebrows?

    17. I look ridiculous in red….

    18. Postcard to Lotus from Kimi: KISS-ing your title chances goodbye guys!

    19. “I know a thing or two about Ferrari
      I know they’ll only make you cryyyyyy!
      They’ll let you walk with Fernando beside you
      But when he wants he’ll pass you byyyyyy!”

    20. “KISS” your chances of winning in the Ferrari next year goodbye Kimi !

      1. @aiera-music Lol, looks like you got the same one in while I was typing it out :D !

    21. Kiss my belt

    22. Kimi’s Bucket List
      1) Have an ice cream
      2) Fall off my boat
      3) Be World Champion
      4) Have my picture on F1 Fanatic caption contest
      5) Go rallying

      6) Join the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    23. Kimi and Ferrari devoloping a A new type of DRS. Drag (queen) reduction system….

    24. Kimi: “Now I feel at home.”

    25. Kimi, get out of the way, you don’t seem to know what you’re doing!

    26. “Kimi: Obviously the Ferrari PR guy have no idea what he’s doing”

    27. “Is that gaga lady your sister?”, Kimi asked one of the band members.

      On a totally different note, I watched Rush today. Good movie. Just that i had a really hard time trying to replace the Thor picture in my head. Kept expecting a hammer in the track.

    28. A party for 4 joins KISS.

    29. “Kimi, keep KISSing all 4 guys please. All 4 gu….”

      Kimi, “Yes! yes! yes! yes! I know what I am doing”

    30. Kimi reveals the influence behind his latest helmet designs…

    31. Introducing a brand new band: “Kissmi Raikkonen” !!

      1. hahaha not bad :)

    32. Leave me alone!

    33. Heavy metal isn’t like this in Finland

    34. In their pursuit of greater durability for the 2014 tyre compounds, Pirelli employed Raikkonen to test a 1980s-inspired set of prototype tyres.

    35. I wish I had platforms too

    36. Kimi: “I’m much more interested in the sound of this car behind me than in your band… so you only get a 10% smile.”

      1. Kimi: “I’m much more interested in the sound of this car behind me than that of your band… so you only get a 10% smile.”

    37. Only Ferrari can make Kimi Kiss in public!

    38. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      4th January 2014, 14:04

      Hold me tight or I’ll fall drunk to the floor.

    39. Kimi (to Sauber pit crew): Well, it’s been a fun reunion, guys, but I still think that livery looks better on the car.

    40. “Hey, we’re shooting for the 599GTB sales brochure!Rotten photobombers!”

    41. kimi: ‘even the Ferrari is laughing at me’

    42. having trouble with your driver? kiss and make-up !

    43. Luca Di Montezemolo, Stefano Domenicali, Luca Baldisserri and Jean Todt look way different to Kimi’s last time at Ferrari

    44. I can be fancy too, look at my belt!

    45. Kimi with his biggest fans with their biggest fan

    46. Just giving lotus a bit of tongue, right Gene ?

    47. Now kith!

    48. What you get when you have trouble pronouncing KERS.

    49. Kimi had been initially uneasy when he noticed a kiss listed on his promotional agenda, but was later excited when he realized it was a photo-op with his all-time favorite band.

    50. Awesome party last night guys, but how I got you four here in my car should remain between us, ok?

    51. OK! I know what I’m doing! Don’t jeer at me!
      …YesYes…Yes! But I’m already Paid!

    52. Kimi got the wrong idea when he heard that Michael Schumacher might need the Kiss of Life…

      1. That is cruel, but funny.

    53. Fernando couldnt make it to this particular press event so 4 of his best look-a-likes stood in for him..

    54. I told Gerard that if he gave me a big kiss, I’d waive my back pay…..this isn’t what I expected. Does Ferrari have an SUV?

    55. ‘And I thought I’d look silly wearing shorts…’

    56. Kimi: next f1 contract will contain a clause to get Lordi instead…

    57. Ferrari unveil their new team uniforms.

    58. My motto used to be Keep It Simple Stupid, but I might have to change it now.

    59. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      4th January 2014, 17:07

      I’d rather meet Pele.

    60. I knew I should hAve worn tights today.

    61. No problem Kimi, your Ferrari will be the best heavy armed sports car, we will reshape it! Just let us do it! :)

    62. Kimi: So this is the aero team?

    63. Kimi shows off new pit crew. Fernando rumoured to be after Ozzy and Sabbath just to stay in the game…

    64. Kimi Raikkonen: The kiss of death for any race engineer

    65. Kimi : Which amongst them is Dasha. ?

    66. I was made for loving you baby!

    67. The ice man finds a clan

    68. Kimi appears less enthusiastic that his new pit crew about the upcoming season…

    69. “Atleast I’m getting paid for this”

    70. “When Luca said we will kiss and make up… I didn’t realize this is what he meant. Hope I’m getting paid for this…”

    71. After presenting him his new pit crew, LdM once again, assured Kimi that the team wasn’t going to sabotage in any way his chances for the title.

    72. Massa’s reasons for leaving became instantly apparent for Kimi…

    73. “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing”

      (Kimi says to Kiss)

    74. The speculation about Kimi bringing his own pit crew to Ferrari was realised today when…

    75. Racing has always been in Kimi’s ‘Genes’

    76. After the double points rule, FIA wants to improve the show even more so now it is letting the drivers decide from these new four models, the outfit they are gonna wear as race uniform for the 2014 season. Here is Kimi Raikkonen before the selection. (The outfit colors will be adjusted to the teams livery before the season begins).

    77. Ferrari will need an extremely powerful and efficient engine to compensate for this much drag.

    78. Kimi reveals Ferrari’s new title sponsor.

    79. As soon as this shoot is finished, you can “KISS” my ass goodbye

    80. Kimi realised his dignity was worth about 20 million euros.

      1. hahahaha good one! :)

    81. Kimi’s bandmates bid him farewell to Ferrari after touring with them to make ends meet with his stint at Lotus.

      Kimi said he will miss the platform boots the most.

    82. “Maybe I should’ve gone to Williams”

    83. Michael Mercieca
      4th January 2014, 20:29

      Hey Kimi, these are big, more like avatars, better do as they say!

    84. Looks like Brazil wasn’t his only wrong turn.

    85. In an unusual turn, kiss visited the raikkonen waxwork at madam tussauds to get their photo taken with the iceman, the founding member, to recreate the original lineup. Iceman, starchild, the demon, spaceman, and the one who thinks he’s a cat that no one likes.

    86. Following the re-election of Jean Todt, the new FIA dress code raises some questions. An un-named sources claim Todt himself was particularly keen on the footwear. Bernie Ecclestone, pictured 2nd left, is quoted as saying, “This is fantastic, I’ve just discovered letter boxes, and boobs”.

    87. Kimi: i know i shouldn’t have had that extra bottle last night!!

    88. Thinks: “Thirty seconds of this is worth more than a season at Lotus?”

    89. These guys look like the McLaren pit crew.

    90. Kimi :” Damn this vodka thing is really getting to me”.

    91. “Seriously? Even the car has fancy boots on!”

    92. Ferrari and Kimi kiss and make up.

    93. Gene: C’mon Kimi we already went over this earlier remember, all you have to do is smile.

      Kimi: Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what I’m doing!

    94. It’s not fair, I want high heels too !

    95. This.. and Pentagram rims on the car, jeezus

    96. The unveiling of Kimi’s record attempt at “how many clowns will fit into a Ferrari?”

    97. I wonder which one of these are Lewis Hamilton?

    98. Give me a kiss and a ferrari and I drive for you montezemolo!

    99. Project to lure a reaction from Kimi: Attempt 71.

      Failed to produce results.

    100. Oh, how I missed you, money.

    101. @keithcollantine something horrible has happened to the mobile version of the site. I dont know if its on purpose or by accident, but it scares me and I want to get off.

    102. Despite extensive efforts, a smile could not be applied to Kimi’s face.

    103. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      5th January 2014, 10:26

      I said I wanted to work with Pat Simmons!

      1. Hahaha, gold!

    104. Hmmm… Seat fitting gonna take more time ???

    105. Rupert Richardson
      5th January 2014, 14:44

      GOTH! these look like good guys to go clubbing with! But I’m driving… D***

    106. Kimis’ thinking, “I hope they did an installation run on their make-up before going out.”

    107. So I have to guess which one is Luca Montezemolo to win the car?

    108. Jeez Kimi, I wouldn’t stand that close to Gene Simmons, don’t want want to end up on his ‘list’…

    109. …and I don’t take orders from this team either!

    110. those four blokes : yay!,look kimi,this is how you pose for a photo!

      kimi: yes yes yes,i know what to do,you don’t have to remind me,now LEAVE ME ALONE!

    111. Dude! Where’d you find that Kimi Raikkonen Halloween costume?

    112. After a night out with Prince Harry

    113. Kimi is not impressed with the new grid girls at Melbourne.

    114. Kiss thought they were too tame, so they recruited a new backup singer to give their band a more wild edge.

    115. Can a KISS break the ice?

    116. Do you guys really think this is gonna make Ferrari sell more cars in oil rich Middle East countries?

    117. Kimi looking back at this pic: What happened? I used to be so fit and slim. Can’t possibly be the booze and ice cream.

    118. Perhaps you all forget that this was from his first joke should be like: this is why me leaving Ferrari etc.

    119. Cross promotion fail

    120. “Paycheck, paycheck, paycheck, paycheck…*grumble* Paycheck, paycheck, paycheck…

    121. After often imagining what it was like being a driver in the ’70s, Kimi was beginning to have second thoughts.

    122. Kimi: Is this the way Ferrari welcomes their drivers? Are they going to initiate me?

    123. Who are these guys,and why am i doing this?

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