Caterham will have new car at first test

2014 F1 season

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Caterham have become the third team to confirm they will have their new car ready for the first test of 2014.

They plan to reveal their 2014 contender on the morning of the first day of the Jerez test, January 28th.

Caterham added they will also attend the subsequent two tests in Bahrain.

McLaren and Mercedes have previously confirmed they will have their new car ready for the first test, while Lotus will not.

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2014 F1 season

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17 comments on “Caterham will have new car at first test”

  1. I really hope this is the year they get on the board. Marussia too.

    1. Yes! The whole point of extends points finishes down to 10th place was to give these teams the slightest chance of a points finish. Caterham has been talking big for a while, so hopefully they can deliver. Marussia… well, I’ll be happy if they can just stay in the series and afford to develop the car adequately.

      I’m sure these guys will be as happy as a WDC/WCC winning team when they get their first point. Frankly, at this point, I don’t even care if one of these teams gets a point just through attrition; it’s really been too long with too little reward.

  2. Something tells me the morning of January 28th will be very busy..

    1. Yeah, I think maybe Ferrari will also do an event before the test, and possibly Red Bull, although their launch last year doesn’t promise much towards that. Otherwise would be surprised if any teams went out much before that @andae23

      1. @bascb Some teams may try to reveal their cars on 27th to have some visibility (thinking of Wiliams, ForceIndia or Sauber) but they have all interest waiting to know which day RedBull and Ferrari are launching to avoid being eclipsed …
        Also feel 28th will be a busy day.

        1. People scrambling all over the pitlane to get a glimps of any of the 6-8 new cars all presented more or less in the same 30 minutes before the lights go green is very likely indeed @jeanrien

  3. I hope Caterham is awesome this year. Like six wins awesome. With enough speed for the driver to pass, say, Jenson, and turn around and wave goodbye before braking for the next corner.

    1. They will be, but only if Red Bull make a last minute name change to become Caterham

  4. is the picture in the article of the new car? i dont think i remember having watched cashper and airbus on the livery before…

    1. Airbus have been a sponsor for a while, its probably down to the lack of airtime you haven’t noticed it before!

      1. very good point!

    2. Off the top of my head, they introduced it midway through 2012: as an aerospace fanatic, I was very excited about Airbus sponsoring an F1 car back then, hence I remember :)

  5. Will there be any live coverage? I mean like Sky sports F1 HD did last year with their live test coverage on TV.

  6. AMR (@aiera-music)
    9th January 2014, 1:02

    Would love to see Caterham score some points this year! Just not more than Marussia, I love those guys xD

  7. It’s all the more sad Caterham can finish their car in time while Lotus can’t.

    1. They’ve probably had more time to finish it.

    2. F1 cars are never really finished though – they’re constantly evolving the cars.. Testing will no doubt extra important this year, but being the first on track is no guarantee of success.

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