Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, 2014

Raikkonen back at Ferrari – first picture

2014 F1 season

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Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, 2014Kimi Raikkonen was back at Ferrari for the first time this week following his return to the team.

Raikkonen told Ferrari’s website “it’s good to be back at work”. “I began by getting used to all the new systems and procedures that we will use this year.”

“From this point of view, the simulator is really very useful. It?s true there?s lots to do, but the workload is not much different to what it was in the past. For me, these days in Maranello are also an opportunity to be with the team and spend a bit more time with my many friends here.”

Raikkonen will use the number seven on his car this year, the same as he had last year at Lotus.

“There?s no particular story linked to it,” he said. “It?s the number I already had last year and I saw no reason to change it. I like it which is good enough isn?t it?”

2014 F1 season

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36 comments on “Raikkonen back at Ferrari – first picture”

  1. Oh, come on Keith, this news is last century, the picture was published more than 10 days ago in Autosprint.

    1. @klaas And it’s been on Ferrari’s website since about than as well.

    2. *hides from incoming reply!*

  2. What major sponsor backing does Kimi actually have?

      1. :D classic +1

    1. 2007 World Championship Title?
      But as far sponsorship goes, Oakley and Makia.

      1. xD Hilarious :D

      2. David not Coulthard (@)
        14th January 2014, 11:45

        At least it didn’t happen somewhere in a Grand Prix on the last lap (Cough^2…..Rosemayer) :p

        And it was way before automatic transmission came.

    2. @ardenflo Based on a previous Caption Competition, I’m thinking KISS

    3. He doesn’t need any, not like the Maldonado and others alike that can only buy a seat instead of earn it

      1. michael klementovich
        15th January 2014, 22:13

        Sweet and right on the spot. I would love to see all of the dead beat rich kids play with their radio controlled F-1 cars and stay off the track

  3. 10 days old picture or not, anyway it is – WELCOME BACK KIMI !!! –

    1. fantastic to see him back in red and white.

      1. Most imporatantly back in red, white and BLACK.

        He is wearing the new gear for next year so I’ve got my hopes up for a bit more black on that Ferrari.

        1. Why would Räikkönen wear a 2015 Ferrari shirt in 2014? I just don’t get it.

          1. @mashiat Oops, my bad, sometimes I forget it’s 2014 already!

  4. Reporter: Kimi, how does it feel to be back at Ferrari?

    Kimi: Okay

    1. I think this was a Ferrari internal PR done interview @carolinablue704. But no doubt the next point was where the person doing the interview told Kimi he’d draw up a bit more comprehensive answers and bring them over for Kimi to agree with later in the day :-)

  5. “There’s no particular story linked to it,” he said. “It’s the number I already had last year and I saw no reason to change it. I like it which is good enough isn’t it?”

    Haha, I knew it! Poor Bianchi!

  6. I think I’ll be routing for Ferrari for the 1st time next season in light of Kimi’s return.

    Show Alonso what the Iceman is capable of!!

  7. This is weird. I’m a Ferrari fan. I’m a Kimi fan. How comes I’m not as happy about this as I should be?

    1. I’m feeling the same, or rather, also missing some excitement I had imagined to be there.

      To me, the 2009 season and the constant rumors and ultimately, the separation of ways makes it a tad uncomfortable. I also guess I am less convinced of Raikkonen’s ability than I was in the 2007 pre-season. I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t really kick in until testing, either. These press pics are nice and all, but seeing him in a Ferrari car might do more for the excitement levels.

    2. Maybe its because neither Kimi, nor Ferrari, do actually seem to be thrilled by it either @mitchibob.

      For Ferrari there purpose was to get Alonso walk in line, and they already achieved that. Maybe now some are starting to dread the prospect of their drivers dicing for team favor. They even sort of had to apologize to Kimi for what they said when they dumped him.

      And I think Kimi was happy at Lotus and would have liked to stay, but after not paying him for ages, and playing around with that Infinity/”whatever they called it then” for ages still not able to give any guarantees for the future made him decide to jump ship.

      1. I guess that’s it. Kimi and Lotus seemed a good fit, until the last few races of last season, and it’s a shame that money didn’t turn up for them and they’ve had to take a pay driver (at least Maldonado will be able to blame his choice of number for his “bad luck” this year).

        Also, I have to wonder if Ferrari are either being very secretive, or are leaving everything a little last minute, when it comes to their v6 turbo. Has anyone really heard it yet, except a few members of the media? Do Sauber or Torro Rosso even have one yet? It could be a tough year for any Ferrari powered team.

        Either way, will be interesting to see Kimi vs Alonso in the same car I guess. Two of the greats of this generation. But will be just as keen to see Felipe beat them both in a Williams!

        1. I doubt Torro Rosso have heard it @mitchibob, as they are changing to Renault this season, remember? As a matter of fact, I saw a tweet from one of the Renault guys yesterday who was flying to Italy for firing that one up first time in an STR.

          1. Oops… well, it was quite late ;-)

  8. Although I’m a great Kimi-fan and love it to see him pair up Alonso. I have this feeling Alonso is going to walk all over him upcoming season.

    Very much hope I will be proven wrong!

    1. Honestly I don’t think Fernando will walk over him, he’ll push him to the limit. As a Ferrari fan as long as one of them wins the title I’m not fussed.

  9. Sumedh Vidwans
    14th January 2014, 12:22

    Its great to see Kimi back in red. I do believe he will push Alonso just enough that Alonso will win the title for Ferrari.

  10. I doubt Kimi said all that…

  11. It’s a cool picture! :)

  12. caption for the picture should be “No seriously, this is my happy face….” why does he always look like he has a trip to the bathroom brewing….

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