Ferrari to reveal car on January 25th after fan vote

2014 F1 season

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Ferrari is putting the choice of what to call its 2014 F1 contender to a public vote.

Fans can choose from a selection of five different names listed on Ferrari’s official website.

The options available are F14 T, F14 Maranello, F14 Scuderia, F166 Turbo and F616. A winner will be chosen on January 24th.

Ferrari will then reveal its new car for the first time the following day. Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen plus team principal Stefano Domenicali, will also answer a selection of questions put forward by fans.

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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116 comments on “Ferrari to reveal car on January 25th after fan vote”

  1. No ‘La Formula 1 car’?

    1. Comment of the day!!!

      1. You stole my words, @bookoi

    2. LaScuderiaFerrari maybe?

    3. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      15th January 2014, 22:33

      L’ eave me alone, I know what I’m doing!

  2. Ferrari has got to be kidding with the name selections. Well, it keeps their fans busy till the car is released at least.Ingenuous if you think about it. My guess is they already know the name they want to use but this is just an exercise to engage fans.

  3. I don’t like any of those names. Let’s call it ‘Dave’.

    1. Sounds good to me

      1. Same here.

    2. What if it’s a girl?

    3. Needs more “La.

      1. My name is Dave and I’m a Ferrari fan… Whatever they name the car, I shall now always refer to it as ‘LaDave’.

        1. Can’t we start an F1F rebel movement, so that we’ll all call the Ferrari ‘LaDave’?

          1. “LaDave” it is then

      2. hahaha ! COTD!

      3. LaSuperMario. And paint the front wing black so it looks like mario’s mustache.

    4. Should have an Italian name, how about Giancarlo or Luigi.

      1. Why not Italian ex-Ferrari drivers?
        Like you named Giancarlo (Fisichella or Baghetti),
        Ascari, Alboreto, Bandini, Merzario.

        Or Badoer haha

        1. It is still the Year of Luigi after all.

        2. If it is unsuccessful, it will be LaBadoer, definitely:-)

    5. @andae23

      After Rodney? :)

    6. No, it is Italian, it must be female, LaDavina

      1. hmmmm, great logic but as a “Dave” I’m afraid it would somehow backfire on me LOL

        1. Haha. Then let it be “LaLuca.”

    7. Call it Silvio.

  4. As a measure of just how immature us petrolheads are, I’ve just voted for the F166 Turbo, for no other reason than the fact that it has the word “turbo” in it.

    However, if the car name is decided via a fan vote, what have they been calling the chassis during the development phase? I went to the Lotus factory after this year’s Korean GP, and I saw a tub marked “E22”, so what label is on the Ferrari? Kimi’s Magnum PI special? Or, “the one with the V6 in it”?

    1. Ditto, surely it’s got to be the turbo option!

    2. haha! I did also because it had to have turbo!

    3. Ferrari traditionally have two separate designations for their cars – they have an internal code, which is “6XX”, that is used during the development phase and an official code which is then used when the car is first presented to the wider public.
      The exception to that would be the 640 to 643 models that were used in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s – there, the public code and internal development codes were exactly the same. Had they continued with that logic, the car known to the public as the F92A would have been the Ferrari 644, it’s successor the 645 and so forth.

      Ferrari would therefore be referring to the car by the internal project code, which I believe would be either Project No. 665 or 666.

    4. Ferrari LaDave Turbo?

  5. F2014 Turbo would have been my vote.

    F14 T… close enough.

    1. F14 T… close enough.

      @calum F14T would resemble FIAT, will be a nice marketing gimmick

      1. @noob this is intentional :)

      2. Well spotted @noob – that’s fantastic!

        The cars are expected to be unreliable in comparison to the 2013 cars so the stereotype of F14T = “Fix It Again Tony” might be apt!

        1. LOL. If the 2014 Ferrari turns out to be unreliable and slow the F14T = FIAT = Fix It Again Tony will be very very funny, and cause big losses in brand value.

  6. Does anyone know the significance of the numbers 166 and 616?

    1. Isn’t that obvious? Little hint: Think about the F138. Or the 248 F1.

      1. You can add the 206, 246, 308, 328, 348, 458, 512, and 612 road cars to that list :)

        Yes, Ferrari did make a 206. it was badged ‘Dino‘.

      2. Actually no it’s not, unless you already know the answer…

        1. As @raceprouk pointed out it’s a tradition for Ferrari cars that numbers refer to the engine… I think it’s a no brainer, really. If that’s not the case for you guys, I hope you could gain some new motorsport knowledge now :)

          1. You mean like the knowledge you gain when people give straight answers to questions instead of being haughty about how well informed they are and how much of a putz someone must be to not know something already? Thanks for the great advice.

          2. “I hope you could gain some new motorsport knowledge…”

            No thanks to you.

          3. I know the answer and still had to think twice about most of those names. Really, these names are horrible. We can choose between a code for a fighterplane (what is tomcat in Italian – ah, yes, make it the Micio) with either T, Maranello or Scuderia added to avoid confusion, I guess, or names that try to look clever but really are just meh. If Ferrari naming is so clear, then why do they still offer the choice between F616 and F166?

      3. @wallbreake it’s hardly obvious. The 248 was because of the 2.4, V8 engine. The 138 was because of 2013 and V8. So they change it everytime to accomodate the numbers better.

        1. They also have the FXX, which I assume is some sort of Ferrari algebra.

    2. To give a straight answer. The 16 refers to the engine capacity, which is 1.6l and the 6 refers to the fact that it’s a V6 configuration.

      1. Right. I got that once I looked beyond wallbreaker’s hint of the F138 and was reminded of the 248. Thanks though!

  7. Voted for F14 Scuderia. Don’t really like the names referring to the engine specifications.

  8. F14T is a pretty good name for an F1 car.

    By the by – anybody notice the nose on that picture ? certainly doesn’t look like anything the doom-mongers have been predicting.

    1. Yeah, looks decent, doesn’t it?

    2. I also spotted that! Let’s hope it’s more or less legit..

    3. That could be the new one, even the wing width fits…

      1. I think the nose has been left off. If not then the front end will resemble an elephant’s trunk.

    4. Honestly, the nose looks more of a F310b or a (lot like a) F300

    5. I was thinking about this name, F14T, when I saw FIAT written. Clever.

    6. The same pic was used before there 2010 reveal;

      1. Ah crap – and here I was getting hopeful (though I still am!)

        1. me either :)

    7. F14 does it for me as well…. Not because I care about what Ferrari names their rubbish cars, but Fernando choosing the No.14, with the car being called F14 might prove to be lucky.

      I’m stupidly superstitious that way :)

      1. Forgot about the ‘T’

        That could be the third title ;)

  9. doesnt F14T look like FIAT ?

    1. I wonder if the Maranello squad noticed this easter egg…

    2. I didn’t notice that… had I done so I probably would have voted for that name instead.

    3. Perhaps some subliminal advertising there. They should’ve put the M4R L80R0 as an option in that case!

    4. W (@yesyesyesandyesagain)
      15th January 2014, 15:53

      That’s because it will likely be as reliable as a Fiat.

      1. And as beatiful as the Multipla :)

        1. *beautiful*

  10. Voted for F616 because I don’t like text in a name. A letter is fine, but T already stands for transverse in the 312 series, referred to the gearbox type, so a T for turbo doesn’t sound appropriate. Also, two only digits referred to the year aren’t interesting enough to me.

  11. Shame there isn’t something like Fth 166th Turboth Italia Scuderiath

  12. Not a fan of attaching names like Maranello and Scuderia to a race car, as I already associate them with road cars. Plus it seems a little self-selving to have Scuderia in the name of a car by Ferrari Scuderia. Using something as blatant as Turbo seem a little unlike Ferrari. So on that basis I prefer F14 T and F616. Although personally I’d like to see Dino return for V6 cars.

  13. I was hoping to vote for “f1fu”

  14. If I got the choice I’d vote for 266F1.

    The F1 is obvious, but what do the numbers refer to, and why would I have chosen them?

    1. cc per piston.

      1. Well done @matt90. Just like the 275GT, and all the way up the the 456GT.

        Shame they’ve stopped, I loved that system

    2. ok…I give up…1.6 litre, V6, 4 wheels, 1 driver…what the hell is the 2 for?

    3. then I guess we should call every car on the grid the same

  15. Can’t we call it something that sounds like a hummer or L200 so we have the problem of mixing up an F1 car with a pick-up or 4×4 again?

    1. Let’s call it La Sierra and see if GM is as petty as Ford.

      1. If you hold a patent then you would understand what Ford did, also the F150 is synonymous with Ford!

        1. @rockie – ‘F150’ is a trademark, not a patent, and it’s OK to use someone else’s trademark (usually) if it won’t cause confusion. For example, I could release a pencil sharpener tomorrow called ‘F150’, and Ford can do nothing about it :)

      2. Surely that’s already contentious, as it was a Ford car before a GM one. I’d never even heard of a GM one until now.

  16. Israel Núñez
    15th January 2014, 14:45

    Just like the names… the ferrari lacks innovation in the last years, that’s why they falls

    1. what a contribution to the discussion, you just want to say something about Ferrari but you can’t to show just how false is your claim, in the names Ferrari has been always innovative unlike Mclaren MP4-x or Williams FW x or Red Bull RB x …

  17. If I had a choice, I’d name it the 126 C14, after this Ferrari, since it was their first turbocharged F1 car; also with a V6 engine.

  18. So Ferrari not launching the car on the same day as Force India?? Thats against ‘tradition’, isnt it? ;)

  19. Names are a bit boring.

    Why not have ”The Thunderbolt” or the ”The Facebreaker”

    Something cool.

    1. The Ice Truck.

  20. F14 T?
    Its Alonso’s lucky year, lucky car, lucky number.

  21. I voted F14T, I have never liked names that refer to the enigne used, but that’s personal preference.

    1. I like it in their road cars, which is why I’m more likely to think of the 348 whenever someone mentions a Ferrari 248..

  22. I don’t care what the heck they call it as long as it is fast and reliable.

  23. ‘Veto’ sounds Italian enough, doesn’t it?

  24. It’s just me or looking at the covered F1 car from the Ferrari website there is no idiotic/ugly nose like the ones in the drawings ?

  25. Was hoping for Ferrari Cornetto, in honor of Kimi. Not there though…

  26. Check out the steeped nose under that Ferrari blanket on the voting page….Brutal!!

  27. I voted the F14 T, Alonso in 2014 with the number 14 driving the F14 T ….not a bad idea at all

  28. It would be a lot more interesting if the public actually got to pick a name and not just pick from a select few from a list provided.

  29. Most of the choices sound like fighter plane names rather than an F1 car. Personally, I prefer cars to have a word as a name rather than a series of letters/numbers but that doesn’t seem to be the F1 way. The F14T is my best of a bad bunch choice, only because I like the symmetry others have pointed out.

  30. I voted for F166 TURBO.

  31. If it’s anything like the car that arrived at Melbourne 22 months ago they may be calling it ‘The Bloody Awful’…

  32. @keithcollantine they could act on Lotus’ rules and call it the “Keith”

    1. It’d be better than the uninspiring choices they thought of…..

      Ferrari LaDave Turbo K?

  33. Kimi Hakkinen (@raikkonen-hakkinen)
    16th January 2014, 4:22


  34. too bad we’re in for more stepped noses this year, and there’s a very high chance of that happening….

  35. MatthewRacing (@)
    16th January 2014, 14:13

    I’d call it something like the RB10-B for a laugh.

  36. Although McLaren are set to launch on Friday, Ferrari’s could be the first launch for a car appearing in Jerez – as the Woking team might have failed FIA crash tests…

  37. I thought I’d just cast some of my other votes (I love Ferrari’s twisted version of democracy! They’ve had special favours from the FIA for way too long) and it’s neck and neck between F14T & F166 Turbo, both on 29%. F14 Scuderia’s next with 23%.

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