Sauber C32 launch, 2013

Sauber to reveal car before first test

2014 F1 season

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Sauber C32 launch, 2013Sauber will reveal their 2014 F1 car for the first time before pre-season testing begins.

The C33 will be shown for the first time in an online launch on at 4pm on January 26th on their official website.

The Ferrari-engined car will be raced by Esteban Gutierrez and the team’s new driver Adrian Sutil this year.

The majority of F1 teams are expected to have their new cars ready for the first test of the year which begins on January 28th at Jerez. Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes and Caterham are all due to have their 2014 cars ready for the start of testing.

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2014 F1 season

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  • 28 comments on “Sauber to reveal car before first test”

    1. They should use the opportunity to announce a new driving pair as well.

      1. If only…

      2. I don’t think their line-up is that bad and to be fair the maximum they could get this season. Maybe there was a chance to retain HUL but since the Ferrari door closed for him I guess he tries the other route to get a seat at McLaren via FI.

        1. Sutil is a solid driver, and after many (including myself) wrote Gutierrez off last year, he upped his game and I feel has justified a second season.

    2. It really looks like only Lotus will miss the first test.

      1. Some websites said Mcleran failed crush test, so they might miss jerez test.

    3. Would it be possible to add the calender or test and launch dates on the sidebar as it was previous years ?
      It’s quite difficult to reach the calendar if we don’t have the link of the article … According to the url it’s in contact section but can’t reach it from there. Anyone knows the path to get it ?


      1. @jeanrien It’s on one of the first pages linked in the main menu under F1 2014 > Calendar

    4. Do I really want a driver that has his seat fitting with another team in October? No thanks. Not even Senna. Hulk, you’ve been a great driver for Sauber for 18 races but good luck. Traitors like you deserve what you have….a mediocre career. In the last 4 years….3 team changes, 1 year out and no signs of a big team.
      Is SUT better? Probably not. But you need good relationship to develop a car. Nico was developing Lotus car while driving a Sauber. He did a good job. MAL is happy with Nicos development.

      Regarding GUT I guess I will end un judging him this year. Up to now he is below average but I trust him.
      The same happened with PER. Awful first year…good second one.

      1. Perez was hardly awful first year. He even finished his first race in 7th before both Saubers were disqualified. He showed more promise than Gutierrez has so far.

        1. Perez was so awful he almost killed himself in Monaco 2011. Youtube it.
          You cannot compare the C32 with the C30. Kamui totally dominated Sergio Scoring in at least 6 or 7 more races than Sergio. Even in 2012 with the C31 Kamui scored in more races than PER.

          1. Scoring in at least 6 or 7 more races than Sergio

            Well that’s a lie. The rest of the comment isn’t worthy of a proper reply.

            1. OK you are right. Kamui scored in 9 races and Sergio in 5.
              I was just remembering. But I guess my point is valid. Comparing C30 and C31 with C32 is nonsense.
              Even more…PER has been disregarded by Ferrari and by Mc Laren. I still consider him a good driver. But saying that is much more than GUT…let me see 2014….
              I’m not a GUT fan. But I feel he can clic. He got the fastest lap in Spain. he is capable but feels like he is too afraid. You might find me coursing in August but for the time being…. I trust Sauber.

      2. Well apparently he only got paid for his outstanding services last year because of that seat fitting, perhaps if Sauber had held up their end of the bargain he wouldn’t have needed to look elsewhere. I highly doubt Sauber would have been able to pay him this year either, so why should he stay?

        1. So…its ok what he did? Come on. He got paid, unlike RAI. He was behind Lotus. Yes. HUL is good, but not good enough for Lotus, Mc Laren, Ferrari, Mercedes or RedBull. Those guys are wiser than we are. I rest my case.

          1. Well Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull all had full driver lineups for one reason or another. McLaren kept Button on to tutor Magnussen, and Lotus is in an even worse financial state than Sauber. From the way he announced his joining Force India I got the impression he had other offers and chose the team with the most financial stability (understandable considering what happened at Williams).

            1. Ferrari hired RAI instead of HUL. Mc Laren hired MAG. RB hired RIC and Lotus MAL. Nobody wanted HUL.
              And he is not earning ALO salary….it wasn’t a money desition.
              Face the music…he is good….but not great.

          2. @mumito

            Those guys are wiser than we are.

            This should be the reason why you shouldn’t try so hard convincing people why the top teams’ didn’t select Hulkenberg or why Sauber is so great. Relax. Your over the top defending of a poorly managed team is based on past glory rather than acknowledgement of their current circumstance. Sauber, like Williams, is not what it was before.

            1. Not even close. Williams has not had a decent year since 2003 with Montoya and Schumacher. OK 2007 if you want. But you are talking about a multichampion team that dominated f1 from 1985 to 2003. Sauber on the other hand has always been a midfielder. And its still rebuilding from BMW…Not comparable. Sauber is a mediocre doing mediocre, Williams a giant doing bad.

          3. Would you like to be my chauffeur? You’ll have to drive my car around, and I wont pay you a cent.

          4. Hulk was good enough for Lotus, they hired Maldonado for the cash.
            He was good enough for Ferrari, was set for the seat, until Ferrari found Raikkonen free to drive.
            McLaren and RBR/STR have invested a lot of money in their young drivers so it’s logical they don’t want to throw that away.
            And Mercedes are set with a great driver pairing.

            Hulk not getting a better drive has been mostly circumstantial. But tell me this: should he did himself in a Ferrari within three years, will you be ready to admit your case was rested a bit prematurely?

      3. @mumito:

        Do I really want a driver that has his seat fitting with another team in October? No thanks. Not even Senna. Hulk, you’ve been a great driver for Sauber for 18 races but good luck. Traitors like you deserve what you have….a mediocre career.

        Do you own a stake in Sauber? :P

        1. Only an emotional one :)

          1. COTD for me!

    5. I always look forward to Sauber’s new cars, they tend to come up with some clever ideas and innovations, unlike the other midfield teams.

    6. It really only seems like yesterday when that graphite grey C32 appeared on our screens…

    7. I wanna see that…

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