Toro Rosso to launch STR9 at Jerez test

2014 F1 season

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Toro Rosso will reveal their 2014 F1 car at Jerez on the day before the first test of the new season begins.

The STR9 will be unveiled in the pit lane at the Spanish circuit at 5:30pm local time (4:30pm in the UK) on January 27th.

The team have switched from Ferrari to Renault engines for the coming season and Daniil Kvyat has replaced Daniel Ricciardo in the driver line-up.

Jean-Eric Vergne will drive the car on the first day of the test.

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2014 F1 season

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20 comments on “Toro Rosso to launch STR9 at Jerez test”

  1. So, everyone except Lotus? :s

  2. What are the chances of Toro Rosso doing something that will surprise us? Zero?

    1. Yep, another pointless effort from the worlds most useless f1 team.

      1. So useless they gave a future 4-time champion a chance to prove himself?

        1. Somebody else would have taken him. Seeing as he’s one of only 2 (?) TR drivers to make it to another team, I’d still call them useless on balance.

        2. Didnt Vettel start at Sauber?

          1. As a test driver, yes. His first full season was at STR though.

        3. @raceprouk
          If a team gauges its success by providing another team with a 4 time WDC, then it is a failure already

          1. Not everyone shares your exacting standards of success. Since the point of Toro Rosso is to prepare drivers for Red Bull Racing, and one of the two that habve passed through is now a quadruple champion, I’d say that’s a success.

  3. Oh Eric, maybe your team will be the only one after all.. :-)

  4. Alas it appears Eric Boullier will be indeed incorrect, and Lotus will be handicapped.

    It is a crying shame they have been unable to attract funding as they are a great outfit and I really believed in 2012 it was the start of a resurgence. Although it appears a false summit, followed by a rather steep and icy slope.

    1. Boullier was convinced that they wouldn’t be only ones missing the test, stating: “I know this for a fact already”. He may still be right with it seemingly being touch-and-go for McLaren and we don’t yet know of Force India’s position (although it’s been rumoured they’ll be there). But if he is wrong then he will certainly be left with egg on his face, and it will then be hard to fully trust whatever comes out of his mouth.

    2. It’s a fact that missing a four day test session isn’t good, but if they have managed to find a loophole in the new rules maybe they won’t be so handicapped. And as far as we know they can be either hiding something or in real trouble.

  5. Well, apperently mclaren failed the crash tests, so perhaps Bouillier might be right after all.

    1. @turbof1 I imagine since they’ve confirmed their release that they will be present though – I don’t see that as being too serious an issue.

  6. So that leaves only Force India. Eric must be praying hard!

    1. I dont know what the big deal is. Brawn GP made it only to the last test of the season in 2009 and things worked out great for them

      I dont think its all that important

  7. I’m not sure anyone outside of STR cares what their new car looks like.

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